My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 2

by Jordan Payne 2 years ago in lgbtq

Fall 2013 Through New Years

My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 2

Let me start by apologizing for taking so long with writing Part 2! I have been so busy with the wedding planning.

Okay, so where did I leave off? I believe that it was with me bringing home my baby boy, Dodger. So Dodger came home with me right before Thanksgiving of 2013. My fiancee surprised me by bringing him to my cheer gym after practice. That first night home with him was...let's say, tough! He stayed up almost the entire night. He had never been away from his litter so he was having a hard time adjusting to sleeping on his own. My fiancee slept through the night like a baby while I was waking up every time he started crying to cuddle him to make him comfortable.

Let's skip to Thanksgiving because our first Thanksgiving together was a crazy one. So remember that on again, off again relationship that she was in? Well her ex was CRAZY! Beyond crazy! Anyways, we bounced between my family and her family that day. At some point in the day, her ex managed to find us and vandalize her car (she put sugar in the tank). Insane right?

Over $700 later, the engine was flushed and the car was fixed and things were back to normal. We were doing great, going on dates and adjusting to life with a puppy. The time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas was really boring actually. Not for us as a couple but nothing out of the ordinary happened. I was cheering so I had competitions every weekend and she was there supporting like the amazing woman she is.

Now let's fast forward to Christmas. Our first Christmas together was even worse than our first Thanksgiving. We spent Christmas Eve with her dad and his family. They are Mexican, so they celebrate on the 24th. We went to church then came home and opened presents. After that, I fell asleep (I worked that day) but my fiancee got to hang out with her family for a few hours.

We made it home probably around four AM on Christmas morning. This is when the chaos happens. So obviously, we park the car and go inside to sleep. On Christmas morning, we opened presents with my family. We were up around seven AM or eight AM. We were getting ready to leave the house to go up to the cemetery to spend some time with my sister when we realized that her tires were slashed. ALL FOUR. I was trying to drive off but there was so much resistance that it was almost impossible. It wasn't until I was in the middle of the street that we realized it.

Her poor car was a sitting duck for Christmas and we both know exactly who did it. Can you guess who? If you guessed the crazy ex girlfriend, then you are correct! At this point, my fiancee was furious and finally called her to confront her. That went nowhere because she obviously denied it but we got her four new tires and went on with our lives.

Now onto our first New Years! This was a fun one. We spent it at her step mom's sisters' house and Dodger got to spend it with us too. It was so much fun hanging out with the family and friends. They had drinks, food, snacks, a DJ, you name it. I had my first New Year's kiss that night. We had a good night but it ended quickly when the crazy lady texted to tell her Happy New Year. This obviously upset me because why was she even thinking about my fiancee at this point?

Going to end this here. There is so much juicy drama in Pt. 2 and I want to save some suspense for Pt. 3.

Jordan Payne
Jordan Payne
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