My First Day

What would you do in a world all your own?

My First Day

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. Beneath me I felt something soft, warm and smooth. My body felt heavy but satisfied. Above me I found myself staring at the overhead canopy of a bed. The design was fancy, intricate with red and gold threading and patterns. I moved my arms and legs over the surface beneath me and smiled. This was my dream bed. I could feel it welcome my entire body with it’s memory foam interior. I rolled over on my right side and grabbed my glasses off the nightstand. Once I put them on I laid back and stared at the canopy above me. The design in the center was magical. It depicted two lovers locked in a naked embrace, their brown skin, glowing amidst the outer reds and golds of the fabric. It was beautiful and as I stared at it they seemed to move as if they were alive. Slowing shifting limbs here and there, pulling each other closer, their kiss growing more passionate with every second. A surge of excitement swelled within me and I threw a little happy fit on the bed. I was here. This was my world.

I sat up and looked around the room. Everything was arranging itself still. I could feel it in my head, the indecisiveness about how I wanted the room to look. My eyebrows furrowed as I tried to focus. Something simple would have to do for now. A small wooden dresser settled against the wall across from the bed and wallpaper that matched the bed rolled down behind it. For now that’s pretty much all I needed. I swung my legs over the left side of the bed and let my feet press into the freshly grown carpet that had just spread across the floor. Perfect. Just as I began to think of what else I could do with the room I heard a voice. I turned to see a young girl sitting on her knees in front of the door. She wore a simple, cream white gown and nothing else. Her hair was done in tiny little twists that ran down to her shoulders. A pair of big brown eyes peered at me through slick black glasses that rested upon her nose. A small mass of freckles dotted her cheeks and around her eyes. Her chocolate brown skin glowed almost like gold against her gown.

“Master?” she said.

“I suppose I am,” I responded, “But you don’t have to call me that.”

“Then why did I?” she asked.

Suddenly her head dropped and she looked genuinely confused. She pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows as if in deep thought. I let out a slight chuckle at her sudden cuteness.

“I suppose I’d like if you called me that but I’m still indecisive on the matter,” I said, “Call me...Set.”

She smiled at the mention of my name and said, “Set. Who am I?.”

I hadn’t thought of her name. She was clearly modeled after someone specific but to use their name? I laughed and decided to anyway. I could do whatever I wanted. She tipped her head slightly to the side in confusion at my laugh.

“Sorry,” I said, “Your name is Nerava. And you are perfect.”

Her face lit up, “I am perfect. I am yours.”

I nodded, “Yes you are. Let’s get you out of those clothes. We have work to do.”

On cue she stood up and held her arms above her head. I smirked and pointed my finger at her gown and flung it upward. The gown flew off and over her head, disappearing in a flurry of stars. Her cheeks went red as she stood before me completely naked. Immediately I knew what I would be doing later. For now I’d have to put her in something. Then it hit me. No I didn’t. I stripped my own clothes off and walked over to her.

“For our first day,” I said, “We shall be naked.”

She dropped her arms and let out a sigh of relief, “I was afraid you’d have me put a bra on.”

“That bad?” I asked.

“Not all,” she answered, “But you don’t know much about bras and I’d hate to be stuck wearing a wired one.”

I laughed, “what if I put you in that green bra thing? The one that just holds your girls.”

She threw her arms around my neck and pressed her skin and breasts against me, “Do you really want to put anything other than you on me?”

“Not at all,” I said.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my lips against hers. In that instance I felt like the lovers on the canopy above my bed. The real world made love difficult and hard for me to understand. This world, it could be simple. No complications and no heartbreak. Eternal and unwavering as I wish it to be.

Here...I am King.

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