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My Ex Boyfriend Said He Is Happy Without Me (He Said His Life Is Better Without Me)

by Henry Joseph 5 months ago in breakups
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Are you worried about your relationship, saying to yourself my ex boyfriend said he is happy without me? As much as you struggle with accepting the end of your connection with him you still find yourself wondering what's going on. Learn how to keep your composure when he said his life is better without me.

If you have been in love with a guy for some period of time and suddenly the relationship ended, it would make you go crazy. Break up causes a lot of pain and agony. May be he was the man of your dreams or else the man with you have been so intimate, such that now you are not able to forget him. You want him back. Here are the 5 easy tips to get your ex boyfriend back.

These tips may seem controversial to what your common sense says, but this is what works. How do I know? These are the secrets shared with my by over 100 people who got back with their ex.

Tip #1: Forget it

Yes, you should forget all about your break up for now. You should erase all the agonies and pain you have been facing from your break up (I know you are thinking "how in the hell can I do that?") But, you can. All the limitations we face in our life are set by ourselves. Start focusing your attention on some other useful things like your career, education, hobbies etc. Hang out with your friends (not in the same place your ex boyfriend hangs out though) If you feel like crying, cry when you are alone. In fact you should cry to dissolve your pain in your tears.

Tip #2: Avoid Contact

Don't call up your ex now and start saying "I love you very much, I miss you. I can't live with out you" etc etc etc. You may be saying that from your heart. May be these same words would have been appreciated much by your boyfriend when you were together, but remember he is your ex boyfriend now. All those words have entirely different meaning after you have broken up. It will only mean that you are not self confident and you can't afford to let him go. This will only make the process of getting him back tougher.

Tip #3: Don't appear desperate

If you are desperate now to just get a chance to talk with him or see him. That's it, be ready to lose him forever. Don't appear desperate. Be confident, stay cool and strong. Start believing that you can be happy without him (the fact is you CAN) But, even if you want him back, you should let him go for now and start living your own life happily.

Tip #4: Become the NEW you

Start improving yourself both physically and mentally. Identify all those that went wrong in your relationship. If any of those things was because of you and if you honestly feel that you should change that habit. Change it NOW. Can you guess how much more impressed your boyfriend will be when he sees that you have changed on something which he previously disliked. Now, what do you think... Which will impress him more?

Is it calling him up and promising him that "you change this time for good"


Showing him that you have changed already.

Tip #5: Meeting him finally

Now you call him up, after making sure two things

1. You have changed to a better person completely

2. You are no more desperate for him

When you are no more desperate for him, why would you want him? Were you thinking like that hmm. The sole purpose I asked you to wait and lose all your desperateness is to have a self check on yourself. If it is love that you are having on him and if he is a good guy, you will want him for sure even after you have learned to be happy without him. Whenever we lose something in life, we become desperate to get it back, irrespective of its usefulness. So, you may have taken the wrong decision if you decided upon getting him back very soon after break up.

As time passes by, only the truth stands. If your love is true, you can get him back.

Now, back to the tips. When you call him, just call him up as some old buddy calling for some coffee. Don't start talking about break up or your relationship so soon. Just be friendly. Make him comfortable by only talking about general things. Build your friendship and reputation again. Now you will have much more time to get him back. After seeing all the changes in you, he himself will want you back if he still loves you. That's the ideal condition too.

Text Your Ex Boyfriend Back With These Incredibly Easy Yet Effective Tips

If you are wondering if it is possible to text your ex boyfriend back, then you should know that it is - provided you don't confront him out of nowhere or ruin whatever relationship you currently have with him because of stupid mistakes, that is.

No, in all honesty: if you want to text your ex boyfriend back, then all you have to do is send him sweet messages. That's right. Men won't admit it, but they are romantic, too. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to send him incredibly cheesy texts or anything; just be sincere and subtly sweet and getting him back through text shouldn't be any trouble whatsoever.

However, if you still think you need some help in texting your ex back, here are some easy yet effective tips to help you out:

1. Time your texts perfectly.

Believe it or not, timing plays a huge part in texting your ex back. If you only broke up recently, then you probably have unanswered questions and intense emotions that you will still have to deal with before you can ever get him back. So, before texting your ex over and over again right now, make sure you think about what you are saying first and then choose the right time to text him.

If your breakup was an extraordinarily bad one, for example, you might want to wait a while and make sure that your ex has had enough breathing room away from you before you text him. However, if you only broke up because of something petty and relatively insignificant, then you can text him sooner. Either way, make sure that your ex has calmed down before you text him, though; otherwise, he might just send you an angry text back or delete your text without even reading it.

2. Keep your texts short.

The last thing your ex wants right now is to read emotional texts for you. This is harsh, but true. So, always stay straight to the point if you want to text your ex boyfriend back and avoid beating around the bush. If you have something you want to say, say it straight, so he doesn't misinterpret it. Remember: simplicity is the key when texting an ex after a breakup to win them back.

As you can see, it is completely possible to text your ex boyfriend back if you know how and when to send your texts. Above all things, though: be patient.

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