My Dream in a Story (Part Four)

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Starting to Get Intense

My Dream in a Story (Part Four)

Going back, before it happened, Shane had already kissed Skylar goodnight and let her go onto the bus to go home. He waved at her one last time as it took off and he started walking home. On his way home, he bumped into his brother William who was coming from the Queens library.

“Hey, what up, Will?” Shane said as they started walking side-by-side.

“Nothing, Shane.” William smiled. “Just coming from the library, doing some more studying, which is what you should be doing instead of going out with Sky.”

Shane laughed. “Well she is my fiancée so I gotta spend as much time as I can as we are planning the wedding.”

“Yea,” William sighed. “I can’t believe that you guys are going to get married and I am still single.”

“Yea.” Shane smiled. “I can’t believe it either. I am going to be the luckiest guy alive.”

William smiled. “I am really happy for you Shane.” He patted Shane on the back. “You must really love her.”

Shane’s smiled got even bigger. “Yea.” He was thinking about Skylar. “I really do love her and I can’t wait until I get to be with her for the rest of my life.”

“Well, you will be with her forever soon.”

“Yes, yes I will.”

Shane and William kept talking and laughing as they were getting closer to home.

Shane smiled to himself, thinking about Skylar. “She is everything to me and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy, no matter what.”

“I know, Shane, I know.” William patted him on the back.

Shane then started thinking about Derek. “It’s just that now ever since she has been hanging out with that stupid asshole Derek, I just sometimes think that she will leave me.”

William raised an eyebrow. “Shane, do you really think that Sky would leave you for a guy like him?” he asked. “Sky is completely nuts about you and I don’t believe that she would ever leave you for someone who isn’t even half of who you are.”

“Yea, I guess that you are right.” Shane smiled to himself. “It’s just when I-”

That’s all Shane says before he feels something plunge into his shoulder. Then as he falls onto the floor, everything for him turns black and all he hears is William crying out his name and then he just goes completely out.

But before that, when Shane and Skylar was still together on their date,Derek had already planned on how he was going to kill Shane. Everything was already mapped out and he knew the right time for when he should do it.

Derek was going to wait until Shane was on his way home from being with Skylar. He wanted Shane to wait until Shane was closer to home so that way someone in his family would be able to find him. He didn’t really want anyone to really see it happen. Derek didn’t want people to see that gun in his hands and pull the trigger—that way he can get out and he won’t get caught.

While hanging out around his house, just walking, it was already dark outside, so there weren't that many people lingering around in the streets. He saw Shane walking around with some guy, just joking and laughing. So Derek hid by one of the stores and was hiding his face so that way Shane wouldn’t see him as he walked by. To Derek’s luck, Shane didn’t see him and walked right by him without noticing a thing. But the problem was that with the guy that Derek didn’t know who it was walking right next to Shane, which made the plan a little harder to accomplish.

Derek started following both Shane and the other guy toward Shane’s house. As he was following them, he was hearing the conversation and was curious as he heard Shane and the stranger talking about him.

“It’s just that now ever since she has been hanging out with that stupid asshole Derek, I just sometimes think that she will leave me,” he heard Shane say, which had made him smile to think of the fact that Shane thought the same thing as he did, thinking that Skylar would leave Shane for him.

But he got upset when he had heard what the other guy had said in reply to Shane’s statement. “Shane, do you really think that Sky would leave you for a guy like him? Sky is completely nuts about you and I don’t believe that she would ever leave you for someone who isn’t even half of who you are.”

Then what made him angry was when he heard Shane say, “Yea, I guess that you are right.” It got Derek angry to the point that now he didn’t care. He pointed the gun right in Shane’s direction and as he heard Shane start to say something else, he pulled the trigger and saw Shane fall right to the floor as the other guy was calling out his name.


Once he had seen Shane on the floor bleeding out and the other guy on the floor, crying out his name and other people coming out of wherever they were and trying to help, Derek walked away, not anyone seeing him at all.

Derek went home and took off the clothes that he was wearing and gun that he had used and put them all in a duffle bag. He then left and drove out to the Hudson river. He opened the bag a little and tossed it in the river. Derek watched as the water started going into the bag and it started sinking into the river. As he watched it go down the river, he felt a little guilty of what he had done but then the feeling of him actually being able to be with Skylar made him so happy. He knew that it was going to be a while since she was going to be mourning over the loss of Shane, but he was willing to wait knowing that he is always there for her. Then she will eventually be with him and then they can be together for what he called for “eternity.”

As he was on his way home, he gets a call and he sees that it is Skylar that is calling him. It brings a smile on his face and picks up the phone.

“Hey, Sky,” he said, smiling to himself. “What’s up?”

“Hey, Derek!” he heard Skylar say through the phone. Her voice was all shaky, it worried him.

“Hey, baby what’s wrong?” he asked, not realizing what he had just called her.

“It’s Shane!” she said, crying louder, not hearing that name that he had called her either. “He is at the hospital, he was shot.”

“Oh, my god!” Derek said, trying to sound shocked. “What happened? When did it happen?”

“It happened when he was on his way home from being with me when we had went out for our date,” Skylar answered. “He was walking with his brother William and when they were right by the house, someone just shot him and no one didn’t even see anything.”

“Oh god!” Derek was pretending everything, and now knowing who the other guy was that was walking with Shane when he had shot him earlier. “Who would just shoot someone out of nowhere? Who would want to even kill someone as good as Shane?” He was lying, he hated Shane, but had to act it all out so that way Skylar would believe that he had any sympathy for what had just happened, even though he knew exactly what happened since it was him who had shot Shane.

Then being curious of any news, he asked, “Is Shane going to be ok?”

He was really hoping that she was going to say that Shane had died. All the planning and actually shooting him was a bust if he was still alive.

“Umm, that’s why I decided to call you.” Skylar cried,.“I needed someone to talk to and I just thought of you since you have been practically my best friend for the past few months and I needed to tell someone this and tell me that it will be ok and-”

“Baby,” Derek said calmly, purposely saying it this time. “It’s ok, alright? I am here for you no matter what, right?”


“Ok.” Derek smiled. “So what happened to Shane? Is it fatal? Did he make it?”

Skylar sobbed, “Shane fell into a coma. They don’t know how long he will be like that and whether or not he will ever wake up.”

Derek started to fume a little bit. He wanted Shane to be dead, not in a coma. It made his whole plan backfire since he didn’t get the result that he wanted.

But as much as he was a little heated, he wanted to be there for Skylar. So he took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Sky! Is there anything that I can do for you? You know, help cope with all of this.”

“Well, not tonight,” Skylar answered. “But maybe tomorrow, we can hang out so that way you can comfort me. I really need it right now.”

Derek smiled. “Of course, anything for you.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow!” Derek hung up and threw the phone on the seat next to him. Then started feeling angry again that his plan backfired so he started pounding his fist into the steering wheel. He couldn’t believe that Shane did not die. He wanted Shane to die. Derek wanted it to happen so bad, he couldn’t see his life without Skylar and was willing to do anything to get her love.

But as angry as he was, Derek wasn’t going to kill him now. Since Shane is in a coma because of the shot wound that he had caused. Derek had decided that he will wait and just let Shane slowly die out while in a coma. He hopes that Shane will not recover from it and just die on his own. Even though he knows that it will hurt Skylar a lot of Shane leaving her, Derek knew that eventually she will love him the way that she loves Shane, even if it takes the rest of his life.

Katherine M.
Katherine M.
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