My Dream in a Story (Part Five)

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A Little Calm for the Moment

My Dream in a Story (Part Five)

Going back, after waiting for so long for the news about Shane, the doctor finally came out from the operating room where they were doing surgery on Shane to take the bullet out of him.

“Ok, the family of Shane Sanchez,” the doctor called out.

Everyone that came stood up. Shane’s best friends Isaac and Malena also came when Skylar had called them and told them the news.

Shane’s mother Gloria went up.

“I’m his mother!” she said. “Is Shane ok?”

“Hello, Ms. Sanchez. I’m Dr. Stanton and I have some good news and some bad news.” The doctor’s face was serious.

“Alright,” Skylar said, standing right next to Gloria. “What’s the good news?”

“The good news is that we had taken the bullet out and sealed up the wound.”

“And what’s the bad news?” Skylar asked, feeling worried.

Dr. Stanton sighed. “Well, the bad news is that he had lost a lot of blood from where the bullet had been. It had hit him by his left atrium by his heart which caused the blood loss and with that, it wasn’t bringing blood to the brain and the brain had gone on a temporary shutdown.”

“So what does that mean?” Gloria asked.

“It means that Shane is in a coma right now. He slipped into it and we don’t know how long he will be like that,” Stanton answered.

“But will he ever get better?” Skylar asked, feeling scared of what he might say.

“I’m afraid that we are not really sure,” Stanton sadly said.

This made Skylar break down again. Now she wouldn’t really be able to spend much time with him anymore. Well, yes she will be able to see him but he wouldn’t be able to see her. He wouldn’t be able to touch her face because he would just be so lifeless.

Malena came down to Skylar, bringing her into a hug. “It’ll be ok, Sky, he will make it. I know he will.”

“I hope so,” Skylar sobbed. “I don’t want to be without him and I need him to get better or I won’t be anything.”

“Shh, don’t say that Sky.” Malena was also crying. “You will make it through this. If I know anyone else other than Shane that is strong, it’s you.”

Skylar started wiping the tears away from her eyes. “Thank you, Malena.” She smiled. “You truly are a good friend and I am so glad that Shane has you as a best friend because I don’t know how he wouldn’t went on without you.”

Malena laughed. “Well, he was always a good friend to me and I am glad to have met him and I am so happy to know you.”

Skylar laughed and laid her head onto Malena’s shoulder, closing her eyes a little and trying to relax.

Then the doctor told them that they were able to see her and Skylar had wasted no time getting up from the floor and going straight to Shane’s room. Once he saw him lying there, tears started to come out of her eyes again, but she tried to keep a smile on her face just in case he could feel her presence in the room.

She walked over to the bed.

“Hey, Shane.” She sat down next to him. “It’s me Sky!” She put her hand on his. “I just wanted to see if you are ok. The doctor had told me but I just really wanted to see how you were feeling.” She started wiping the tears on her face. “I really hope that you get better. You mean more to me than anything else in this entire world and I don’t want to go another day without you. I love you so much and I always want you to know that.” More tears started to pour out. “I am really trying so hard to stay strong. It just feels so hard. Everyone is here, your family, my family, your best friends Isaac and Malena, and me, of course.” She slightly laughed. “We are all here for you and making sure that you come back to us, especially me.” Skylar touched Shane’s face. “Just try to fight, ok? I need you to fight for me, I need you to come back ok? Come back for me.” She went down to him and kissed his lips gently. “I love you, Shane, always and forever.” She got up and walked back so that way Shane’s family can be around him. Even though she could stay next to him for hours, she knew that she couldn’t keep hogging him away from everyone else who cares so much about him.

After looking at Shane’s family stand by him and all be close to him, Skylar had walked out the room for some air. Malena and Isaac and her family were waiting outside the room.

“How does he look?” Isaac asked curiously.

“He looks so peaceful,” Skylar said, still wiping tears from her eyes.

“Can we see him?” Malena asked.

“Yeah,” Skylar answered. “His family is in there but I guess that you can go in there and still see him. I am sure that he will like it very much.” She smiled.

“Alright.” Malena smiled. “We will see him now.”

As they both had went in, Skylar’s family came down.

“Hey, sweetie.” Her mom smiled. “How is he?”

“Shane looks alright.” Skylar sniffled. “Just looks so peaceful.”

Her mom hugged her. “Don’t worry, Sky. Shane will get better and soon you two will be getting married and spending the rest of your lives together like you have already planned.”

“Yea, I hope so.” Skylar tried not to cry again.

Both her parents had gone into the room to go see Shane while Skylar’s little sister Shelby stood outside with her.

“You are not going to see Shane?” Skylar asked Shelby, sitting right next to her in the waiting room.

“No,” Shelby answered. “I don’t want to. It is already sad as it is and seeing him would just makes things worse.”

“I know.” Skylar sighed. “Seeing him lying there in that bed with no motion at all just looks so sad. He is just there so lifeless and peaceful, just makes me want to break down again.” A tear falls down from Skylar’s cheek. “But I am going to try to stay strong and try to think positive, like he is going to get better, that he is going to come back to me.”

“Well, I guess that is the best thing for you to do right now.” Shelby shrugged. “I don’t really know how to deal with a situation like this so it would be hard for me.”

“I know. I have never been a situation like this either.” Skylar sighed. “I'm just going to do what I believe is best for this right now.” She got up. “Has anyone told Serena?” she asked Shelby.

“Yea, mom told her when we were on our way here.” Shelby looked down at her iPod. “Surprisingly she had picked up her phone at work.”

Serena is their older sister, making it three girls, and Skylar is the middle child. Just like Shane, with him being in the middle with his older brother William and his little sister Sydney.

“Alright.” Skylar smiled. “I am going to go to bathroom, so if Mom and Dad ask, I’m there.”

“Ok!” Shelby said and looked back down at her iPod.

Skylar walked over to the bathroom and as she got inside, she went straight to the mirror, looking at herself. She started seeing herself as ugly and unwanted. That’s how she had felt for most of her life and when she was with Shane, he made her feel beautiful and wanted. But now that he was in the hospital bed in a coma, she felt the same way as she had always felt before Shane.

Skylar couldn’t help cry again for about the millionth time. She just was heart-broken that Shane was so lifeless right now and she couldn’t anything to help. She just wished that she was there with him when it had happened. Maybe she could’ve see the guy who had shot him. Skylar hated when things were just happen with no explanation and that there was no solution. She wanted to know what had happened and she wanted to know now.

When Skylar had gotten out of the bathroom, she saw two detectives, one male, one female that were outside of Shane’s room, talking to his parents.

She went up to them and asked, “Do you know who did this?”

Both detectives looked at her. “Hello, I am Detective Keller and this is Detective Dixon, we are the ones that are working on the case.” The male detective said, “And you are?”

“Hello, my name is Skylar Ortega. I’m Shane’s girlfriend,” she introduced herself.

“Hello,” the female detective Dixon said, “Now how long have you known Shane, Skylar?”

“Practically almost my whole life,” Skylar answered. “We had gone to elementary school together, then he moved to Virginia for three years and then moved back here in time for high school. That’s when I saw him again.”

“And how long have to been dating?” The detective asked

“We’ve been together since we were 14.” She started thinking about when he had first asked her out, making her want to cry again but was trying to hold back the tears.

“Wow,” the detective said. “That’s quite a long time, five years right?”

“Yea, almost five years.”

“And do you know anyone in high school that has ever had any issues with Shane?” Detective Keller asked, “Does he have issues with anyone right now?”

“No,” Skylar answered. “Everyone loved Shane. He always knew how to light up a room, bring a smile on everyone’s faces.”

“He seems like a really great person,” Detective Dixon said.

“Yeah.” She caught the tears that were about to fall. “He is a great person and I love him so much.” She got closer to them. “I want to know the person who did this to Shane and I want to know why.”

“And that is why we are here,” Detective Keller said. “We are trying to come up with leads on who might have done this, who would want to hurt Shane.”

Skylar shook her head. “I don’t know. No one that I know would ever want to hurt him. Everyone loves him.”

“That may be so,” Keller said. “But there might be someone who actually was never fond of Shane that you might know or someone that you might not even know at all. Does Shane know anybody that you haven’t met before?”

“As far as I know, classmates from school but he wouldn’t talk to them outside of the classroom and co-workers from the summer camp that he had worked with during the summer but he didn’t really keep in touch with any of them.” Skylar started thinking about all the people that she could think of that was outside the basic people Shane had associated with in his life.

“Alright.” Dixon sighed. “Thank you for your time and we will let you know if we find anything that will help.”

“Ok, thank you!” Skylar smiled, glad that they were taking her case seriously and she was hoping that they would soon find out who the shooter is and make him suffer the consequences for his actions.

It was early Saturday morning and Skylar barely had slept last night. She just kept thinking about Shane. She looked at the time and it was only six o’clock in the morning, she must’ve only slept for a few hours. Skylar got up and went to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and she looked like a mess. Her face looked like she hadn’t slept in weeks, which was what it had felt like.

She went downstairs and laid down on the couch, looking right at the ceiling fan that was somehow on for some reason, even though it was already almost October and it was cold in the house. Skylar watched it as it was spinning around and after a while it was making her dizzy, so she just closed her eyes and tried to relax them. When she had opened her eyes, it was seven o’clock.

“Damn,” she said to herself and decided to turn the TV on and see what they were giving. To her luck, they had Law and Order on, so she decided to watch that until her dad came downstairs.

“Sky,” he said. “What are you doing up this early?” he asked.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she answered, “so I decided to come down here and watch TV.”

“Oh, alright,” her dad sighed. “Do you want any breakfast?”

Skylar laughed. “Dad, it’s like way too early for breakfast. I don’t want anything right now.”

“Alright, just asking,” He sighed and sat on the other couch. “Which episode is this?” he asked about the show.

“It’s the one where this like genius girl name Elsa is found in the Hudson river and they find out that it was her roommate Jennifer who had killed her when she wanted to talk and they were on the ferry going to New Jersey since Elsa was going to visit a friend and Jennifer had jabbed Elsa with a pen and knocked her head on the railing. Then they find out that Jennifer was popping pills for school so that way it helped her study for exams and stuff but it was making her crazy since it would keep her awake for days,” Skylar had said as she kept her eyes on the screen.

“Wow.” Her dad was amazed. “You got that all from watching like 15 minutes of the episode? Did that all happen already?”

“Well no, but I had seen this episode a bunch of times so I know.” She smiled. “And there was a lot more in the beginning, like her father was torturing Elsa and her sister as a technique to make them geniuses.”

Her dad laughed. “Well, that isn’t surprising that you have seen this episode before—you watch it all the time.”

“That’s cause this is like my favorite show ever.” She laughed. “That and NCIS. I love Gibbs.”

“Of course you do. So you have any plans today or are you just going to stay home?” he asked.

“I am going to go hang out with Derek for a little bit so that way I can just try to relax for a little while and then I am going to go see Shane at the hospital.”

“Oh and who is Derek again?”

“Derek is the one that Shane and I used to go to school with and then he worked with me in VNS.”

“Oh, ok.” Her dad sighed. “Just make sure that you are not out too late and let me know how Shane is doing.”

“Alright, I will.” Skylar smiled and got up from the couch and went upstairs to her room.

Once she got to her room, she picked her phone and called Derek.

It rang twice. “Hey, baby, what’s up?” Derek said over the phone, voice sounding sleepy.

“Hey, Derek.” Skylar smiled. “Did I wake you?”

Derek laughed. “No, you didn’t wake me. I was already slowly waking up so it’s fine.”

She smiled bigger. “Alright, I was just calling to see what time are we going to be hanging out today?”

“Umm, well, whatever time you want, I don’t mind,” Derek said.

She laughed. “Alright, I guess the earlier the better. I really need to get my mind off of everything for a little while.”

“Ok.” Derek laughed. “Well then we can hang out around 10.”

“That sounds great.” Skylar smiled. “Where are we meeting up at?”

“In the city,” Derek replied. “I wanted to take you on the big ferris wheel in Toys r’ Us.”

“Oh really? That’s fine, see you then.” Skylar hung up and started getting ready.

“See you then.” Derek hung up and threw his phone on the bed, getting up to go to the bathroom.

He had washed up and started getting ready to go to the city and meet up with Skylar. He was so excited to see her and he couldn’t wait until he saw her beautiful face that would make his day.

While he was looking for clothes, his phone rang, he checked and saw that it was his girlfriend Jolie calling him.

“Hey Jolie, what’s up?” He held the phone on his shoulder as he was still picking out something to wear.

“Hey babe,” Jolie’s voice sounded so squeaky, always annoying Derek when she would talk like that. “I was wondering if me and you can have some alone time together. My parents are going out for the day and won’t come back until late so it would the perfect time to get things done, if you know what I mean.” She laughed.

“Sorry but I can’t,” Derek said as he took out the nicest shirt that he found and threw it on.

“But why not?” Jolie’s voice cracked. “I thought that maybe we can have like a very romantic lunch and then have sex and then continue with a very romantic dinner, just the two of us.”

Derek sighed. “That sounds nice but I have other plans, Jolie.”

“What other plans?” Jolie asked, pissed. “Is it with Skylar?” she huffed. “I swear, Derek, you hang out with her more than you hang out with me and I’m your girlfriend.”

“I know but I have to be there for her. Shane got shot and she said that she needed someone to talk to and I promised her that I would be there for her.”

“Oh my goodness, Shane was shot?” she asked, shocked.

“Yea, he was,” Derek huffed, still being mad for Shane not dying after Derek had shot him. “He was shot last night and now he is in the hospital in a coma.”

“Oh goodness, will he ever recover?”

“I don’t know, maybe, but Sky told me that the doctor isn’t sure on how long he will be in a coma for so I guess that we are just going to have to wait until whether or not he ever wakes up.”

“Alright,” Jolie sighed. “Tell her that I am sorry for what has happened.”

“Ok, I will,” Derek said, feeling relieved that Jolie didn’t decide that she would go with him to see Skylar. He hung and finished getting dressed and left the house on his way to Skylar.

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Katherine M.
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