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My Dream In A Story (Part 6)

by Katherine M. 11 months ago in love

Things are going to heat up soon.

It was 9:55 when Skylar had gotten to Times Square. It was being quiet and not really crowded for it still being early. She walked over to the Toys r’ us and saw the Derek was already there, looking through his phone as he was waiting for her.

“Hey!” she said waving at him.

Derek looked at her and smiled, “Hey!” he stood up straight and threw up his arms toward Skylar for a hug.

Skylar laughed and walked into his arms and for some reason, it made her cry. Throwing herself into Derek’s arms made her remember of when she used to do that to Shane.

Derek heard her weep and broke the hug to look at her, “Baby, it is going to be alright?” he brought his face closer to hers, “Shane will feel better soon so there is nothing to worry about.” Although he was telling her that, he was lying. He didn’t want Shane to feel better, he wanted Shane to feel worse.

Skylar nodded her head, “I hope so, it just hurts so much that right now he is in the hospital looking so lifeless and there is nothing I can do to help him.”

“Yes but he is strong baby, he will make it.” He laid his forehead on hers, “Don’t worry, everything will be ok.”

“Yea, you’re right,” she sighed, trying to wipe the tears away, “He will be alright, I just have to believe.”

Derek smiled, “Of course, you just have to believe and everything will be alright.” He still felt heart-broken that he had to tell that to her that, even though he didn’t want to and he couldn’t tell her that he was the one who shot Shane, then she would never love him.

He pulled her back into him, “It’ll be alright baby. It’ll be alright.”

Skylar hugged him tight, “Ok, it’ll be alright. I’ll try to stay as strong as I can.”

Derek kissed her forehead, “And no matter Sky, I will always be here for you.”

She looked right into his eyes, “You are truly a good friend to me, thank you!” she smiled.

Derek smiled back, “You’re welcome!” broke the hug and turned her around, leaving one arm on her shoulder, “Now let’s go on the Ferris Wheel.”

Skylar and Derek had yet another great day together as usual and then, they had said their goodbyes as Derek went home and Skylar went to the hospital to Shane.

As Derek got to his house, he saw Jolie sitting on his stoop. He really didn’t want to see her at the moment since all his thoughts were on Skylar but he didn’t want to be mean since he had ditched her today. So he put on a fake smile for her.

“Hey Jolie!” he said, opening the gate and going up the stoop.

“Hey!” she got up so he can pass through.

“What’s going on?” he asked, being curious of why she was there.

“Well, I wanted to ask you something.” She sighed, rubbing her arms and shivering.

“Alright,” he opened the door and let her in, him going in after, “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to know how you feel about me?” she turned around to look at him.

Derek was confused, “Wait, what you mean ‘how I feel about you?’ In what way?”

“I mean that do you care about me or anything?”

“Of course I care about you, I’ve always had.” Derek looked at her like she was crazy. “Why would you even ask me that question Jolie?”

“Because,” Jolie sighed, “I want to know since you haven’t been hanging out with me lately. I want you in my life and it is so hard when you don’t want to be around me anymore.”

“Jolie,” he looked into her eyes, “I like having you around, you are very fun and cute.”

“And what about Skylar?”

“What you mean?”

“I mean why is it that you are always hanging out with her? What do you see in her that you don’t see in me?”

Derek snickered, “Jolie, c’mon, really?” he rolled his eyes and went inside his apartment, “What are you thinking that you are asking me all of these questions?”

“I am asking because you are always with her.” Jolie snapped, “You are with her all the time ever since you guys started working together at VNS. Every time I wanted to make plans with you, you were always making plans with her.”

“Jo, Sky is my best friend and I just like hanging out with her. There is nothing going on between me and her and with what happened to Shane, I want to be there for her more than ever.”

“Yea, but what about what I want?” Jolie was yelling.

“Well, what do you want?” Derek asked, yelling back.

“I want you,” Jolie yelled, “I want to be with you but obviously you don’t want to be with me since you are always with Skylar. That’s not fair.”

“What do you mean that it isn’t fair?” Derek was getting annoyed that they were having this conversation, “It isn’t fair that the one you love doesn’t love you back. It isn’t fair that the one you love won’t leave her boyfriend for you because you love her. It isn’t…” He trailed off, realizing what he had just said.

“Oh my G-d,” Jolie put her hand to her mouth, “You love Skylar, don’t you?”

Derek looked down to the floor, he didn’t want to say anything, he had already said too much. He didn’t want out of all people, his girlfriend Jolie to know that he was in love someone else.

When he didn’t respond, Jolie got upset, “Oh of course you do Derek.” She started walking to the door, “I mean, I don’t know how I didn’t stick with that instinct cause I had a feeling that you had felt something for Sky and of course I was right.”

“Wait,” Derek took Jolie by the arm to stop her, “I’m sorry but since you know now, yes. Yes, I am in love Sky and I would love to be with her but she doesn’t want to be with me because of Shane and with what had just happened, now she will be more attached to him than ever before.”

“That’s because she loves him Derek,” Jolie was more calm now, “She loves him more than anyone and every time me and you had went out with them, you could see how truly happy they are together. You can’t break a love like that.”

“I know, but I am hoping that I would be the one that she ends up falling in love with in case Shane is gone.”

Jolie squinted her eyes, “You are taking an advantage of this aren’t you? Now that Shane is in the hospital you are trying to get even closer to her.”

Derek took a deep breath, “Yes I am,” he leaned against the door, “I am trying so hard to make sure that she will at least try to fall in love with me cause I know that I will take very good care of her and always be there for her when she needs me.”

“Yea, but you are doing that right now for her as her best friend,” she shook her head, “Why do you have to start a relationship with her?”

“Because I want to be able to hold her, to feel her in my arms forever.” He looked at he screen lock picture that he had made of her, “Whenever I feel her hugs and when she kisses my cheeks or nose so sweetly, I feel like that is something that I want to feel all the time, and not just on every part of my face, but the most important part, my lips.”

Jolie sighed, “Well, maybe one day that can happen for you, although I can hardly doubt that it would ever happen since she doesn’t see you anymore than just a friend.”

“Yea, well we are just going to have to see about that.” Derek seems so determined to get Skylar and nothing is going to stop him from getting what he wants.


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Katherine M.

I love to write, I have many stories that are in progress, even though I haven't really finished anything of them yet.

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