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My Definition of Friendship

by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read

They say that you can count the number of friends that you have on your hands. Some of us have confided in people that we considered friends and we just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we had nothing to worry about because we thought they were our friends, not knowing that these same people were the main ones telling the entire world everything that we had told them. Unfortunately, most of us learned that the hard way.

Can you keep a secret? Something that people ask someone before telling them the secret. Quite naturally, the person says yes. But the person states the secret and thinks no more about it. But, before you know it, your secret has been repeated more than a broken record. The person claims that they are going to stay quiet, but little do you know, they have told someone. They may never tell you but someone else knows, whether the person approaches you or not. This is one scenario that has happened to us all before.

But a true friend won’t do that to you. They know how much it will hurt you if they repeat what you tell them and vice versa. But it’s hard to find true friends these days but when you do find a true friend, you better hold on to them. These are the people that will have your back no matter what. They will always be there when you need them.

With certain people, you have to limit your information. You can’t tell everyone your business. When we get upset, the first thing we want to do is call someone and tell them what happened. We may or may not be thinking straight at the time about who we are telling our business to; we are just upset at that given moment. We just vent because we need to get it off our chests.

It’s a learning process. Some people claim that they are your friends and say, “you can count on me and I’m here if you need to talk.” Well, remember, it’s a learning process. The person could be testing you just to see how much information you are going to tell them. They could have a hidden agenda. In my opinion, this is the case 90% of the time.

Some people live just for the purpose of conflict. If there is not a way for them to cause conflict in somebody’s life, they aren’t happy. It’s sad that some people live for drama. If you see that a situation is full of happiness, don’t come in and tear it down. There are so many instances where great friendships and great marriages have ended because of a lie that was told by a miserable person. Misery loves company.

It’s true that you can count the number of friends on your hands. I learned that the hard way. There are people that I absolutely thought beyond the shadow of a doubt that I could trust, and I later found out that these same people were the very ones who were causing the conflict and issues in my life. But, once I realized that, I stopped trusting them, period point blank.

To end my story, I learned that you can count the number of friends you have on your hands. Limit your information because everything isn’t meant to be told. Once you know better, do better. We only get one life and a person’s perception of you is everything, so remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression.


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