My Crazy Ex

by Gabrielle Amos 2 years ago in dating

Just a Little, Short Tale About This Guy I Dated for Most of My High School Career. We all have at least one.

My Crazy Ex

So everyone has that one story about either a person they went on a date with or even dated. You know, where that person is super awkward or odd. There’s just something off about them that you can’t put your finger on. Well that’s how I felt when I first met, let’s call him, Al. He was cute, in a quirky weird kind of way, but I was attracted to that. We first met in high school, freshman year. Al was pretty popular, while I, on the other kept to a much smaller group of friends. So how he even noticed me is beyond my understanding. So we met, became friends, and eventually started dating. A normal progression right? I remember thinking during our friendship phase how good of a boyfriend he would be.

So yeah, we began dating and it was perfect. Looking back on it knowing what I know now, I can’t help but want to completely pummel myself for my ignorance. So about three months into our whole dating thing, I started noticing strange things about Al. He would sometimes get up and leave the room when his phone would ring. Or he would disappear at the most random of times whenever we went out. Also we were limited in the places we went. It was all just very strange. But I was in love, and looking through rose-colored glasses. I ignored all of this. So this relationship went on for most of my high school years up until junior year.

In my junior year of high school we got this new transfer student. I went to a charter high school, one of the first in my area, so we were a relatively small school. Obviously the new girl was closely scrutinized. Her name was Stephanie. She was a kind girl, if not a bit of an airhead. She and I became good friends relatively quickly. And that’s where it all went down hill. I remember coming to a class I had with her, and she just looked very upset and angry. Right when I sat down next her, she jumped down my throat asking me all these questions like, “Are you and Al dating?” “How long?” and “When did you start dating?” I could tell with each answer I gave her she was visibly getting more and more upset. When she finished, she abruptly stood, completely seething and ranting about some “no good, two-timing cheater.” I stopped and asked who she was talking about to which she replied Al. My Al, the person I’d been with for over three years. Naturally we went to confront him. His response was something I’d never imagined.

When we approached him, and he saw both of us he was actually very calm. No look of panic or even remorse crossed his features. The first thing he said was, “So you guys have met, huh?” That incited even more rage at him, and we yelled and screamed at him, me especially, about “how could you do this,” and “I thought I meant something to you.” After we had calmed down enough to let him speak, he proceeds to completely blow my mind.

As it turns out, Al actually had three more girlfriends, all from different schools. Some he had been dating even longer than me. Suddenly all the weird things he did snapped together. The phone calls, the random disappearances, and the places we only went to. He actually had us all on a very organized schedule, each with different places he would take us. He then tell us that we are to be a part of his harem after we graduate high school. Like in a completely and totally serious way. He truly believed it was his right to have as many wives as he desired. He even tried to convince me that I should feel flattered that he had chosen me! So obviously I dumped him right then and there, and never looked back.

And that’s how I almost inadvertently became a part of a harem. Oh, and Stephanie and I are still really good friends and talk almost every day. We really bonded over the experience.

Gabrielle Amos
Gabrielle Amos
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