My Best friend And I Are Growing Apart, Should I Try Harder or Let it Go

A friend in need is a friend indeed

My Best friend And I Are Growing Apart, Should I Try Harder or Let it Go

Best Friend. What is the definition of a best friend? Someone, who knows you inside out? Someone who you can confide with when you're having problems or someone that you can trust? Some on who you share your happiness and also sadness? Someone who can lend their shoulder for you to lean on or someone that will love you unconditionally.

Simple. Your best friend is your person. That is what the best friends should be.

Some people are lucky to have a lifetime best friend while some are not. Just like any good movie, it must come to an end. There is a best friend that grows apart hence making you wondering whether you should try harder or simply moving on and let it go.

And here goes some list that will help you with that decision;

What makes you grow apart, does something happen?

Before jumping into the conclusion, why don't you stay calm and think back? Is there any occasion that makes you and your best friend fall apart? Sometime we may not know if we offended the other party. Each human has a different feeling. Some things that look common to us might mean something else to another person.

So, think back, if something you did could be the reason why your friend growing apart from you. It can your word that hurt them or even your body language. It is vital for you to think about the cause so that you can treat the problem easier right.

However, in a relationship, it goes both ways. It might not be you who offended your best friend but the other way rounds. Maybe, just maybe you feel jealous of your friend because they seem to be happy without you or when you really needed someone, they weren't there.

For old time sake, try to reconnect with your best friend

Human has its own ego. It is just a matter of how big or how small they are. So yeah, ask yourself, are you willing to throw away a beautiful friendship just because of your ego? Yes, maybe it is not your fault so the other part must do the apologizing thing right?

But, how long you willing to not talking to your best friend? Are you rather being alone and not without your best friend that just utter the word 'I'm sorry'?

It is okay for you to initiate the first move even when you are not wrong. Why don't you lower your ego so that you can have your best friend back? Some people have an ego as big as Mount Everest so, do we really need to be that person or you want to be a better person?

Recreate your moment together

Every best friend has their moment together. Like me and my best friend always hanging out together at a diner or a café and just talk, having fun and sometimes reminiscing our memories together. It's kind of our thing. We even have our spot at someplace.

Therefore, if your friend has some weird vibe, why don't you recreate those moments back? For old time's sake?

Heart to heart conversation

If you and your best friend are some kinds of emotional people, why don't you sit down to have a heart to heart conversation? Communication is the key to any relationship.

So instead of just bottling up feeling and end up feeling miserable with yourself, wondering what could ever go wrong between you and your best friend, talk!

However, in doing so, you have to embrace yourself with whatever answer that you will receive. It might be a positive one or the other. So, expect the best but prepared for the worse, and please choose your word wisely.

Sometimes, the people are meant to stay during that time and that time only

Well, like other relationships there must come to an end. It might be the same for friendship. Some people are meant to be your friend during that time and at that time only. Have you ever heard of the phrase 'best friend forever' and 'best friend for now'. Looks similar but hold two different meaning.

So, if a beautiful friendship comes to an end, don't cry over it but smile because it happens, because it teaches you something and also because you've all the beautiful people that once color your life.

And that is what friendship is all about.

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