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Multiple Partners

by Tanisha Dagger 4 years ago in dating
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What It Is Really Like

This is my take on having "multiple" partners and what it is really like. This involves both non-sexual partners and sexual partners.

So, let's start from the beginning where I talk about the non-sexual partners. For a girl it can usually be important at a point in her life where she starts to experience what relationships are like. For myself, it was important to see what they were like before "progressing" to the sexual side of relationships. During my first relationship, we were both 12. The relationship itself lasted around 12 months. We would spend most of our school day together but also go to his house after school. We would usually just stay in his bedroom just talking; we progressed to kissing but that was as exciting as it got. The relationship was more best friend to best friend rather than boyfriend/girlfriend.

For me, it wasn't really what I thought it would be. My next relationship was about a year and a half later with a boy who was the year above me. At this point in my life, I think he either wasn't ready for the relationship or truly didn't have a single clue what we were both getting ourselves into. It would mostly be one-sided towards me, where he would send me images of what he was doing either to himself or just generally what he was doing. For me, I wasn't ready for this and I couldn't take the amount of attention that he wanted. So, guessing it was my fault, I decided to end the relationship with not doing anything.

My next relationship was about a year later where I was either 14 or 15. Both myself and the boy had both been looking at each other, taking notice of each other but never really taking the chance to ask either one out. I can't really remember how it happened but it just kind of happened. This relationship was my first "real" relationship but it was his "second" relationship. However, he wasn't very confident on anything to do with relationships. This relationship lasted between 14 – 18 months. The relationship started to take the turn to the sexual side of things which I loved, and so did he. We would play video games together and almost spend every minute of every day together. We first had sex in his house whilst we were staying there and his family were on holiday. It wasn't what I expected; then again, I didn't really know what to expect. We did it countless times during the relationship, experimenting on different styles and different ways. We both enjoyed the relationship but we were growing apart during the end. This was good for both of us because we ended on a good note.

My next relationship wasn't the best. He was a couple of years older than me (I think 5 or 6 years older). This "relationship" lasted about 3 years on and off. At the beginning I loved the thrill of what we were doing and where we were doing it. But it began to take a turn to the worse where he became more controlling and more aggressive towards me. I loved the sex and everything that we did because I believed he truly loved me; however, this wasn't true. Towards the end of the relationship, it turned to me not enjoying anything but believing he would change so I would continue what we were doing. However, I finally realized that I had no reason to stay and found myself a man who takes good care of me.

My final relationship I am writing about is my current relationship. At the moment it has been about 8 months in the relationship, but about a year since we both told each other about our feelings. He is 27 years older than me, but we both act as if he is my age and I am his age sometimes, which is why I think we work. We both haven't had much sexual experience, so we try to work out the kinks that we may face. We both love being around each other and having sex together. This is because we can take charge of each other but also experiment with what we can do together.

I guess the purpose of the "article" would be to say you can't wish for all of your relationships to be the same. This is because you are a single person but also your partners will be their own individual person who will like different things as well. For relationships, just go slow and take them as they come; sometimes they don’t work out for whatever reason, but sometimes you can find your soul mate. However, you have to remember to communicate to each other. Also, don't let others become in charge of your relationship, because that is what can destroy your personal meaning, but also it can destroy your relationship.

Just remember to love each other.


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