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Mi Casa, Su Casa


By Gabriel MohrPublished 2 years ago 9 min read

The city was alive with movement as people trickled in and out of the buildings with a relaxed expression in their manner. The streets were like a well-oiled machine as the cars stopped, then continued in the middle of a brisk windstorm. The sun, orange and vibrant, was setting beyond the horizon to give its light to another part of our beloved earth.

And me? I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself for the last time before my date arrived, polishing up and adding the final touches. A 3-piece suit, some expensive cologne, hair combed properly, and a proper shave made me ready to meet her - the woman every man wanted to take home on Friday night. The woman every man wanted to have all to himself.

We had known about each other for a year, we even worked in the same building, albeit for different companies. We occasionally saw each other at the bar but I rarely went. I kept telling myself that I needed to be an upstanding influence for my employees when in reality, I just didn’t want to go. There was nothing there I really wanted.

But tonight, she was who I wanted. Confident, beautiful, her walk could attract attention from 1,000 miles. Granted, I didn’t have much experience in the dating field since I was only 24 years old, but that wasn’t going to stop me from approaching her and becoming her knight in shining armor, young personality, and all!

I looked at my watch. It was 6:00, the time we agreed upon! I knew she'd be on time because of how -

*Ding dong*

...punctual she was at her work.


Even though I didn't tell anybody, I took a special interest in my date tonight. I heard the rumors and the stories about the "surprises" he had in store for his women, and I wanted to see what he had in store for me, the one he wanted so badly. He was young for being the boss at his job, which meant he was inexperienced in the dating scene - young overachievers always are. But, I didn't mind too much, I was just hoping he'd do his best and at least try to treat me like a lady.

Up the elevator, I went. I couldn't help but bite my lip in anticipation... And also, my stomach began to growl. "Dang it! I wish I had time to eat lunch! But it was so busy at work today. This is so embarrassing!"

I found his number, 687, and I rang the expensive doorbell.


I opened the door, and the first thing she did was smile at me and let herself in. She wasn't anxious, however, she had this kind of rushed-but-pleasant energy about her. I kind of liked it.

“I’m hungry! Why don’t you make me something to eat?”

‘Wait, I just got done reading about this,' I thought to myself. 'Apparently, women tell their men what to do as a test to see if they’re confident or not. I better respond properly - not in a rude way, but in a confident way.’

“Mi casa, su casa!” I said with a confident tone of voice as I motioned my hand towards the contraption.


After he said that, I began feeling a little girly, and I couldn't help but give a giggle and a smile. Usually, my men were already well-established players in the field, but since he was inexperienced and trying the best he could, I felt a certain kind of respect for that. I don’t know why, but I got up from my chair, sighed a little, and walked towards him. I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly rocked back and forth, a gigantic smile on my face.

“So… Would you like some wine? I bought some merlot for us.” Ew. I didn’t want to think about that. Why did he phrase it like that, and why did his tone of voice suddenly become so serious? Maybe he was still a little nervous and, most likely, insecure.

I pushed away from him in a half playful, half disgusted manner. As I walked away I looked behind me and said, “Don’t worry about the wine. If you keep talking like that we won't even get to that point!" I plopped myself onto his couch, and I was surprised at how comfortable it was. He walked up behind me and started giving me a shoulder massage... I didn’t even have to say anything! Wow. Okay… Maybe what I said was a bit harsh.

“You know... There’s something I like about you. The way you manage your employees, the way you approach and treat women like me. You have the courage to face your fears. And you just started giving me a massage without having to say a word. You're doing great if you couldn't tell."

He chuckled a little bit, and I felt myself tingle from head to toe. I felt like teaching him a thing or two, and I also remembered that my stomach was going to growl if I didn't get something to eat soon!

I quickly brushed his hands off me in a playful manner, got up, and giggled all the way to the fridge. I was supposed to eat at work but I never got around to it. However, I found some steak and veggies in the freezer! Problem solved, and I knew he was going to love it!

As I got the food out I could see he was struggling, his emotions were swirling inside him as he was figuring out what to say. He was going through the possible scenarios in his head, discarding the ones he thought I wouldn’t appreciate, and nodding when he thought of something good to say. To be honest, I didn’t really care at that point. I just wanted him to say something. Anything. I wanted to respond to him. I found a pan, put the meat inside, and turned the heat on.

“So… This is our first… Date, right? Honestly, I didn’t know you went on dates.”

Cute! A little brash, but cute. “What do you think I do when I walk out of the bar with a guy every Friday night? Sit on his couch and play video games with him? I go on dates all the time, silly."

“I thought you only did… Other things with the guys you go on dates with.”

I momentarily stopped what I was doing, rolled my eyes, and sighed. “Does everything have to be about that with you guys? I seriously think you have an obsession with it sometimes.”

“Hmm… Don’t even give me that” he said in a low, seductive tone. “You walk out of that bar with a different man almost every night…” I was impressed with how playful he was, considering his nervous behavior not 5 minutes before...


‘Uh oh. Did I go too far? Maybe I shouldn’t have said it like that. Maybe I shouldn’t have progressed that quickly. Okay. How is she going to respond?’


I shot him a playful glance as the steak began frying in the pan. He raised his eyebrows… He didn’t know if he went too far or not. Again, how cute! He thought he could go too far with someone like me…

"Oh yeah? Maybe I won't give you any steak…" Of course I was going to give him some steak. I just felt like saying it.

"Well… That's okay, I already ate" he said in a soft and humorous tone.


‘Okay, okay, I've got this. I can do this. If I didn't go too far with that little comment, then I can work with this. In fact, I'm already proud of how far I've come. I won't beat myself up if I mess up.’

"Good! Then you won't mind if I have this steak allllll to myself…"

She spoke, and then I didn’t know what to do. It was almost as if she was saying, "make me share with you." Obviously, I wasn't going to make her share with me, but I had an idea.

I walked to the utensil drawer and grabbed a fork and knife. The steak was still very rare, so I knew what I had to do. I slowly walked up behind her and put my hands on her stomach. She sighed, and she seemed to like it! But since one of her hands was on the handle and the other one was on the spatula, I quickly cut the steak into two pieces before she noticed! When she saw what I just did she squealed in delight and shouted "hey!" louder than she should've at 11 at night!


No way! He did exactly what he should have done! Oh, my, god. It was so funny that I couldn't help but giggle like a little girl! And that's when he started tickling me! Laughter filled the room and I probably woke some of his neighbors. He started laughing too, and I could feel him loosening up a little bit. It was the perfect moment.

We kissed right then and there... And wow, was he a good kisser. He was a natural. I moaned a little as I moved into his lips. I could feel his anxiety coming back, so I pulled away. I didn’t want to go too quickly and make him too nervous.

He could’ve asked me to swim in the river with him and I would have done it. How did he do it? How did he become so good so quickly? I was beginning to think this was his plan all along, and that he was secretly a mastermind, even though I knew it was silly. But he was just so good…

He must have seen the look in my eyes because he smiled a devilish smile. I turned back to the pan, praying he would turn off the flame and hold me again. I wondered what he would do.


‘Wow, that felt great. I did the right thing. But she turned around again? Why? Didn't she want to laugh and play not 10 seconds ago? Hmm… Maybe I should do something else. But what? Wait, what if I just pulled her away from the stove or something? But, isn't she hungry? Hmm… I think I'll just go for it. We can always continue cooking later if she wants to.’


I felt 2 strong arms pull me away from the stove in a gentle but firm manner. "Hey," I said, and he started nibbling on my neck. Oh my gosh, he did something even better than before. I was really glad I went to his apartment that night, and I showed my appreciation by laughing once again, turning around, and kissing him as passionately as I could. He really liked that, and when we parted, we knew that tonight wasn't the only night we'd be spending together!


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Gabriel Mohr

Hey everyone, my name's Gabriel! I love writing short stories, spreading conscious knowledge, and positivity! Author of 3 books :)

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