Messages from Becky

Finally, after a year of wondering, I get my answers.

Messages from Becky

If you're still with me after that long story from last week, this is the conclusion to that story.

I was on a business retreat this past October. It was all women and it was so much fun. I made new friends, created a stronger bond with my old friends. We were in a beautiful cabin on a lake. (screenshot from Facebook event page)

We all expected to cry on this trip because we were told we were supposed to open up and talk about what we feel we can and can't do for our business and basically tell everyone our deep-seeded issues. What I didn't expect is to get messages from Becky.

No one knew about Becky at this retreat. It wasn't something I wanted to talk about here. A couple of the girls stayed in the main house in the picture above, others stayed in the house behind this house. We would all meet in the main house and talk and do our retreat stuff. After words; when we were all just hanging out and talking some of the girls were talking about how one of the girls, Cassandra, reads tarot cards and shes been reading cards to some of the girls in the second house. I was always interested in getting my cards read to me so I thought if I have the chance I'll ask her to read mine. About an hour later, I'm on my way to my bunk to go to bed and I see Cassandra, reading peoples cards. I thought; Well that's ironic...So as soon as she was done with this person she's reading I'll ask.

When I sat down with Cassandra she had about 20 boxes of cards. She told me she has this necklace with a crystal pendant and she lets the crystal pick the deck. she would hang the crystal over each deck and if is swung in a circle she'd put that one in a different pile and from that pile pick a deck with the crystal. The first one she read to me didn't make any sense to me. Each deck had a topic and the one that was picked was Women's Bodies. Basically all it told me was to listen to my body, three of the four cards I picked from that deck told me to listen to my body and she said to just basically watch my health. I've always been pretty healthy so I was confused. She noticed this and asked, "Did you get the message you came for?" and I said no. She sat back for a second and asked if I have anyone on the other side that would want to talk to me and I said, "Ya, I have a lot unfortunately.." She grabbed a deck that read Messages From Heaven. She had me shuffle the cards and pick three. At this point I'm thinking; I hope it's Becky, but maybe it's grandpa, or one of my aunts or uncles; a distant relative or something. I flip over the first card and it read, I Had To Leave That Way. Instantly I knew it was Becky. I started crying uncontrollably. Cassandra was reading a little booklet that came with the deck and it just described what that card meant, but she was telling me things Becky was saying to her at the same time. I honestly don't remember what she told me Becky said for the first card because I was so shocked.

As I was turning over the second card, I felt this person watching me over my left shoulder, I thought it was one of the girls watching my reading or something, but no one was there. I turned the second card over and it read "I'm Always With You." Crazy, right? I can't explain the feeling, but as Cassandra was reading, she told me, "This person is always with you, they will be with you during your most important moments in life." No one knew this yet, but while I'm planning my wedding this coming June I wanted to have a big chalk board that says We know you'd be here today, if Heaven weren't so far away. With Becky's picture, and many of the family member my fiancé and I had lost over the years. The other day, I was thinking, all I want is Becky at my wedding. The thought hurt me so badly I felt a hole in my heart. But now I know, she will be there front row for my wedding day.

The third and last card was something along the lines of "I Try To Get Your Attention." For as long as my fiancé and I have lived together, we have felt like our house is haunted. Our stuff moves, blankets being tugged on, our dog barking at a dark corner in the bedroom. It's always felt so creepy around here. I actually thought I saw someone in our house once. It was the night before I found out Becky had passed away. I was alone in my bedroom and I was looking at my phone and I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and as soon as I did this shadow moved and it looked like a woman because her pony tail flipped as she turned and Becky's name popped up in my head. At this point I hadn't thought of Becky for a while so I didn't understand and chalked it up to my phone screen was messing with my eyes. I didn't put two-and-two together until now. After Cassandra read the little booklet entry, she stopped and said, "Do you get scared easily?" I said yes and she told me, "Don't be afraid if you notice things moving or blankets being tugged on. It's this person trying to get your attention and just reminding you that this person is still around." I've never told anyone except my fiancé about the blanket thing. I thought people might think I was crazy. Cassandra sat back again and a moment later said, "Is there something on a dresser or nightstand that moves?" I thought of this candy cane broach that my great grandma gave me after she passed away. it does move. It slowly spins in a circle. One day it'll be pointing towards the bedroom door and the next morning it'll be pointing at my bed and when I go to bed it'll be facing the wall behind my bed. I told her yes and she said, "That's this person that is coming through right now, just telling you they are there watching over you. It's not to scare you. This person wants to do more but is afraid of scaring you, so don't be afraid. Think of it as a new inside joke between the two of you." I thanked Cassandra I think a thousand times before we left the retreat. I haven't gone to bed in such peace in a long time before that night.

I see the candy cane broach move from time to time now and just smile, or when I feel a tug on my blanket and no one is around, I laugh. Some people may not believe in this stuff but it's helped me immensely. I still miss Becky and I cry from time to time; but I know she's with me and I know she will be there at my wedding in June.

Katie Gregoire
Katie Gregoire
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