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Message From The Past

by Brianna Mota 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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Treasures You Might Find On The Beach


One day in early April while walking on the beach Brianna was gathering seashells and pretty coloured glass when she came to some rocks in the distance and saw something sparkle within the rocks. As she got closer it looked like glass that had somehow gotten wedged between some rocks. As Brianna got closer she could sense something, but she couldn’t figure it out. She got to the rocks, saw some glass sticking out of some seaweed, and she proceeded to clear it away to discover a bottle, which she carefully removed from the rocks. She thought to herself, “no telling how long it had been in the water or how long it had been stuck in the rocks.” The outside of the bottle had turned into blue sea glass, but one part of it had broken off and the glass sparkled in the sun in that area.

She cleaned all the sand off the bottle only to discover that there seemed to be something inside. The bottle had a strange seal just below where it was broken near the top of the neck of the bottle and it seemed like some kind of a hard wax seal. It took some doing but Brianna got the seal opened. Upon opening the seal, a sweet fragrance escaped the bottle, and inside there was what looked like a tiny scroll-like piece of paper, but it was a skin of some kind. She unrolled it very carefully as she got closer to flattening it out she got a strange sensation as the fragrance was still very much present as she breathed it all in. As she was breathing the fragrance in she could see visions of the past which to her seemed random as she couldn’t understand what they were.

When she finally flattened out the tiny scroll made of a skin and where there was nothing written on the scroll, as she touched the skin all of a sudden these words appeared in a beautiful handwriting:

"Más fíor-ghrá atá á lorg agat ar an Emerald Isle, caithfidh tú cuairt a thabhairt le linn aimsir Beltane. Ag meánlae ar an lá, seas laistigh de lár clocha seasaimh draíochta. De réir mar a éiríonn an ghrian i do dhiaidh, féach thall i dtreo an uisce agus labhair le go leor ciontachta, "Gheobhaidh beirt anamacha a mbealach, Ag cuardach an duine eile ag tús Beltane, Do pháirtí saoil ansin a gheobhaidh tú, Eternity le chéile uair amháin arís is thine. "

Brianna gets goosebumps as she reads the scroll. Although it’s in another language she somehow understands the meaning of the words as they seem to translate in her head. How is this possible, then she thinks could it have been the fragrance that she breathed in. Did the fragrance somehow open her senses to be able to understand this old scroll in this ancient language and as she thought more about it this was the only thing that made sense. The message read:

"If it's true love you seek on the Emerald Isle, you must visit during the time of Beltane. At high noon on the day, stand within the centre of druidic standing stones. As the sun rises behind you, look over towards the water and speak with much conviction, "Two souls once parted will find their way, Searching for the other at the start of Beltane, Your life partner then you will find, An eternity together once again is thine."

Brianna had been looking for so long for her soul mate/life partner that this was the last thing that she expected to find in the bottle, but somehow she knew that the message was true, and she couldn’t let this chance go. She felt the pull towards Ireland even stronger now than ever before. Maybe this was what she had sensed all these years and this message somehow was sent to her alone. The fact that the words only appeared to her after she touched the scroll was magical.

Brianna hurried home and started to make plans to go as soon as possible to Ireland. Within a week she was there and she looked all over the coast of Ireland that was both close enough to the ocean and had standing stones. This was rather difficult as many of these stones were on private land. She finally found an area that was close enough to the description on the little scroll which she carried with her everywhere she went.

She moved to a nearby Bed and Breakfast just a few minutes from the standing stones of Drombeg Stone Circle, near Glandore in the south of Ireland. While Brianna was in the town, she researched the history and lore of the area. Every night she would have dreams of a man that she didn’t know, but in her dreams seemed so very close to her that she had never experienced such love with a man. Both of them were dressed in clothes from the past. In her mind, all she said to herself was how could it be.

One day in her research, she read of a story about two lovers that had been separated by the Romans. He was made to serve as a slave to the Roman leader of the land and she had been taken away to the South by ship by another Roman to serve as his personal love slave. The two souls had been separated since. It said that a Druid put a spell into play, that one day would bring the two souls back together.

On the appointed day of Beltane, Brianna went to Drombeg and as the sun rose behind her she turned to the water to the South and spoke the words on the scroll. When the sun was at high noon she heard a man’s voice speak the same words. She turned around to face him and both of them looked at each other in total shock. Both of them said at the same time “you’re the one from my dreams.” This shocked both of them even more. He had an Irish accent, and she, an American accent. Both of them looked deeply into each other’s eyes and the recognition that they both saw there was incredible.

A Druid had been watching and walked up to them and spoke in the ancient tongue.

"Tá dhá anam le chéile arís faoi dheireadh. Bí sásta mar atá i ndán duit go deo …"

Both of them understood the meaning as it translated in their heads.

"Two souls are finally together again. Be happy, as forever is your destiny …"

The Druid then spoke in English. “I’m happy that you both found your way back here finally. Mysterious mischief was afoot when your souls were separated in the past and over the centuries we the Druids have done what we could to break that evil spell and bring you both back together. I’m happy to see that we have finally succeeded in making this happen.” Brianna asked the Druid, “what happened to us, and how is this possible?” The Druid answered, “Brianna and Aiden in the past you were both born to lead our people both from very strong families and your fathers managed to unite Ireland against the Romans, but the Romans had an evil sorcerer with them and they managed to capture both of you. Brianna, you were taken away by ship by one of the Romans to become his sex slave and you Aiden you were made to serve as the slave of the Roman that remained in Ireland until he was ousted. To make this happen the Sorcerer cast a very strong spell on the both of you so that you couldn’t find your way back to each other. It took us Druids centuries to find a way to break this spell and now I’m happy to see our success. Now you both have only 1 month to make sure that you wish to remain together and you must marry within that time to ensure that the spell will remain broken forever. You can find me here each day until the month is over, for here within these stones you must marry to seal your love and discard this black cloud that had been around the both of you since it was cast. Heed my warning, take too long, and you will never find each other again.”

Brianna and Aiden looked at each other for a while and they could feel the truth of what the Druid said. They somehow knew it was all real. They took a few days to get to know each other, and before the end of the month both Brianna and Aiden came once more to the standing stones and the Druid married them. They were happy and together forever.

As time went on they both couldn’t believe how happy they were. From that day forward at each re-incarnation, they found each other until the end of time ...

fact or fiction

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