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Maxine sneed : A biography of Ex-wife of Tommy Chong

Career, family, personal life and facts

By zulmai khanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Maxine sneed : A biography of Ex-wife of Tommy Chong
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Who is Maxine Snead?

Maxine Snead is the former editor of Black Radio Magazine, best known as the ex-wife of renowned Canadian-American actor, director, musician, writer, comedian and cannabis rights activist Tommy Chong. Maxine found herself in the spotlight more because of her connection to Chong than because of her professional endeavors. She rose to fame after marrying a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. They have two daughters, Rae Dawn Chong and Robbie Chong, both of whom have grown to become fine actors. Reports suggest that Rae was born as a result of Tommy's illicit relationship with an underage woman named Gail Toolson, and that Tommy later won a legal battle for child custody in Maxine's favor. Maxine again attracted media attention during her divorce. Several prominent sources cite Tommy's infidelity as the reason for the couple's breakup. While Tommy has moved on and married actor-producer Shelby Fiddis, Maxine is reportedly single. After the divorce, Maxine led a personal life away from the media. Not much is known about her current personal and professional life.


Maxine Sneed worked as an editor for Black Radio Magazine. However, the exact period of her association with the magazine is unknown. Not much is known about her professional life other than her work at Black Radio Magazine. Some sources mention that she was associated with a corporate house as an editor, while as per other sources, Maxine has worked with some big corporate houses as an editor. corrector. She rose to fame after marrying prominent Canadian-American entertainment figure and cannabis rights activist Tommy Chong in Canada in 1960. According to sources, the couple's first daughter, Rae Dawn Chong, was the result of Tommy's extramarital affair with an underage woman named Gail Toolson. Tommy later fought for custody of the child and won the case, after which he and Maxine raised the child. Rae, born February 28, 1961, did not know about her biological mother until she was 12 years old. Rae, however, did not let the controversy surrounding her birth and parenting affect her, and always thanked Tommy and Maxine for raising her and her little sister Robbie so well. Rae followed in her father's footsteps in her acting career and is known for her performances in films such as Chasing Fire, The Time Runner, Commando, The Color Purple and Beat Street. daughter Tommy and her only biological child, Robbie Lynn Chong, was born on May 28, 1965. Robbie is an actor and former model. Maxine and Tommy separated in 1970. Sources hint that Tommy's infidelity was the reason for the divorce. It is reported that after the divorce, Maxine remained single and prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye. Tommy married American comedian, actor and producer Shelby Fiddis in Los Angeles in 1975. He has three biological children with Shelby, sons Paris and Gilbran and daughter Precious. He also has an adopted son named Marcus Chong.

Family and Personal Life

Although some sources claim that Maxine was born on September 23, there is no specific information about her exact date of birth. Not much is known about her parents, siblings, early life and education, except for the fact that she is of Black Canadian and Cherokee ancestry. Some sources mention that she holds both Canadian and American citizenship. She has a grandson named Morgan with Ray. Maxine is not active on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After the divorce, she did not communicate with the media.

Facts about Maxine Sneed

Full name: Maxine Snead

Floor: Female

A country: America

Husband Former Tommy Chong

Divorce Tommy Chong (1970)

Eye color Black

Hair color Black

Status Lonely

Nationality American-Canadian

Mother Ray Don

Children Ray Dawn Chong and Robbie Chong


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