Married, Widowed and Divorced Sugar Daddies (Or Mama)

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Married, Widowed and Divorced Sugar Daddies (Or Mama)

I want to start this off by saying all married, widowed or divorced daddies are different. Also not all married daddies are cheaters. I want you to give widowed, divorced and married daddies a chance. So here is the truth and some advice about how to deal with these types of daddies. This advice can be applied to sugar mamas who are married, I will just use the word daddy to keep it simple. I will use the word wife because a lot of sugar daddies are straight but this advice will go for all sugar daddies and mamas.

I will say this before we getting into the married daddy section, some babies don't care if the spouse knows or not. It is your personal choice whether you want the wife to know or not. I don't judge, I just would prefer the wife knows.

A third of all sugar daddies are married. Now some of their wives or spouses do know which is good. Some view the wives not knowing as cheating and you're basically the paid mistress. The married daddies are more likely to be more attentive to their sugar babies. I hate to say this but babies are like a break in the married sugar daddy's life. You can also be a therapist to them. The arrangement between a married sugar daddy and their babies is more no strings attached than a normal relationship or arrangement. You do have to be cautious with a married daddy though. If you develop feelings for a married daddy, you need to take a step back. If you agreed to no strings attached then there's a chance that you can get hurt. Be honest with him and tell him how you feel. Honesty is the base of the relationship.

It is fine if you are not ok with your sugar daddy being married whether or not his wife knows. There is difference between a home wrecker and a sugar baby. A sugar baby is trying to add to their daddy's life just as he will add to your life. A home wrecker is trying to replace the wife. He will not leave his wife for you and if he does then what will stop him from leaving you for anyone else?

There is some downsides to having a married daddy. Even if his wife knows there is a chance he will want to keep his relationship with you a secret from other people in his life. He may also want you to keep him a secret from people. The reason for you being a secret from people other than his wife is he wants the reputation of you, him and his wife to be protected. Even if his wife does know we don't want this to be thrown into her face. So if you wear perfume keep it light or where perfumed lotions instead. Also be careful not to leave makeup behind (such as lipstick on his face) and be careful not to scratch. He may do all things with cash whether or not his wife knows.

A married daddy may also have less time for you then other sugar daddies, especially if he has kids. You will have to respect that and be patient. If you don't respect him and his time, he will end things with you. This is supposed to be fun and if it's not he will end it. Don't bad mouth the wife.

An arrangement with a married sugar daddy will not lead to a happily ever after, it will be short term and more like a friendship than a real relationship. He may expect kissing and maybe sex but sex should not be what he pays for. There is a chance for a long term relationship even if it doesn't lead to marriage. There can be deep connection between you and any sugar daddy, even a married daddy.

With all daddies try to keep it light and simple but even more so with married, divorced and widowed daddies. Their lives already are so full. With any daddy you don't want to come off as desperate. If you are desperate or come off as such you will chase sugar daddies away. Also don't rush anything especially intimacy.

So on to divorced daddies, there's a little less to talk about with them. Some divorced daddies will have baggage especially if there are kids involved. There may be the bitter sugar daddies and the advice with them may just to not be involved with them. With divorced daddies the arrangement can be either a search for something real or just a casual fling. Make sure he is coping with the divorce in a healthy way. If you see him drinking heavily or using drugs then it maybe time to talk to him about it and walk away. Don't bad mouth the ex.

Widowed sugar daddy will need time to heal. Be attentive to him, also have empathy and understanding. He may not be looking to get married again. It maybe a short lived. He will grieve for a while and just have patience.

I hope you enjoy this. If you have questions email me at [email protected]

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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