Make Me a Sandwich

by Jon Lambo 8 months ago in love

A memoir on how I met my wife.

Make Me a Sandwich

Living the life of an introvert is rough. You miss out on a lot of things. Most of the time by choice, sometimes because you are overlooked. He never really was looking for love. He was perfectly content with living out his life alone. He just wanted to run away from the world and pretend he was all alone. The plans he had in mind were simple: buy a cottage out in the middle of nowhere and fish all day long. He told himself, “There is nothing in this world that is worth me coming out of my shell for.” Little did he know something was about to change his mindset and put him on a path to true love.

“Hi, welcome to Subway! What can I get you?” The Sandwich Artist spoke softly to him.

“Yeah, just a sec.” He muttered as he flipped through his wallet making sure he had enough money to cover the bill.

“Okay. I’ll have—” Stopped dead in his tracks, for he wasn’t sure how to respond to an angel. As she stood there, he scanned her looking for a name tag. He had to know her name! He was too distracted by her long bouncy soft curls, to even notice that her name tag was on her hat. He only noticed because he traced her flawless hair back to her face. That was when he finally noticed her name tag. “H-A-N-N-A-H. Hannah, but what is her last name?! Would it be weird if I asked what her last name was? Should I ask her out on a date? Look at that smile!” All these questions started to flood his brain, but then he realized she was still waiting on him to answer her question.

“Sir, would you like a sandwich?” Hannah calmly asked again.

“Yes! I would like you to make me a sandwich and make sure you put a little ranch and chipotle on that, please.” He kindly replied while kicking himself for that butchered unintelligent answer.

After paying for his meal, he took it home and set down in his chair still in a daze. He opened the sandwich and began to eat it. After the first bite he found himself reaching for his drink because she had put too much chipotle on the thing! He knew right then and there, while running around with his mouth on fire like a cartoon character, that this was going to be a beautiful love story one day. He went back the next day for another 'sandwich.'

She told him about a year after they had wed that she purposely put extra chipotle on his sandwich in hopes that he would come back with a complaint so she could talk with him some more. They still joke about it to this day.

They have been married for almost four years now. Looking back, he would’ve only change one thing: He should’ve met her sooner. She is his one true soulmate. There are nights where he would just roll over and watch her sleep. It is then the thought runs through his head, “If I would’ve kept to myself, I would’ve missed out on all of this.” Hannah taught him that there are things worth coming out of your shell for, for if you don’t you could be missing out on the one thing that could truly complete you. The strangest thing of it all was he had given up on love. He had given up on looking for his 'soulmate.' He often even found himself pondering if there even was someone out there for him. Even after all of this he is happy and with a woman that can make one hell of a sandwich, but now he tells her to hold the chipotle.

Jon Lambo
Jon Lambo
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