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Loving and Being Loved

by 哦豁 4 months ago in love
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Loving and Being Loved

Loving and Being Loved

We all want to love, we all need to love, so what is the essence of love?

The essence of love is to give, not to receive. The measure of a person's true love is whether he can give everything he has to the object of his love selflessly.

Love, when not given, is absolutely not obtained, so that life without understanding and without love is ten thousand times more fatiguing.

The source of love comes from a similarity of temperament, not from throwing in the towel. A person who loves another person should fall in love with his characteristics, not with his conformity to certain standards.

Love is inexhaustible at its source. Therefore, one should be extra conscious of developing common interests, because love cannot be simple. The essence of loving each other is to improve yourself while helping the other person to improve, and to keep making love to a higher level.

What is love? Love is a happy giving, a happy giving. The basis of love is the experience of happiness that both loving and loved parties have together, which is the feeling of love.

Creating happiness for each other is the pursuit of the act of love. To maintain the happiness of love for a long time, you must take into account the feelings of the other person and take care of them; and these protective words and actions must be characterized by your own giving.

True love does not need commitment, you let him go he can not leave; only afraid of each other go, only let others commitment, that is a kind of compulsion.

And men are most afraid of this kind of commitment against their will, because the words, to be responsible.

What is love? Love is from the other psychological spontaneous generation of an urgent request, call, not what you want him to promise; should be he can not control himself, can not help but want to do what.

What does love require? Love is two hearts that call to each other and need to give to each other.

Sincere love does not easily remain a little selfish, so give up, because the love is too deep.

What is love? Love is a kind of abundance, an expansion of good feelings, which can also be described as expansion and aggression.

Of course, selfishness is also love, that is, only love themselves, only love and their own interests have a direct link to the things, and other will not care.

In fact, everything in the world is more or less related to ourselves. As long as we understand this truth, we will cherish love, and we will know the true meaning of love.

There are all kinds of love in the world, but only love is forever. There are many complexes in our hearts, but only love will not change.

True love, beyond personal selfish possession, always keep each other's dignity and freedom; any coercion, rebellion, suffering from loss, are the taint of love, even if lucky to love each other, it is difficult to guarantee the end.

Sincere love, even if we break up, friendship will always remain in our hearts.

What is love? Love is tolerance, infinite tolerance for the beloved and the world.

The heart has its own heart path; love has its own feelings.

Nobility does not lie in unchanging assurance, but in remaining respectful when breaking up.

Love has a different home; home has a different construction.

Do not blame the anger, no need to resent.

What is love? Love is wanting the other person to be happy, not just to get and have.

Love requires our most glorious creative giving, for love is a sublime art.

There is a difference between great love and small love. Great love is endurance and love for the people; small love only loves loved ones, so it is tight and deep, which inevitably leads to resentment due to too much concentration of love.

Since we have to love, we have to be the master of love, never the subordinate of love; since we turn our life into a warm fire to wrap our beloved, there is no need to go through the life of love in a cold way that lacks the response of love.

Because love is active and passionate.

The most important thing in living in the world itself is to have the ability to love people, not to be loved; because it is impossible to be loved without knowing how to love people. Without knowing the joy of loving people, you will not know the true meaning of life.

To love and to be loved is a blessing. You offer love to others, and they return it to you. It is happiness to receive love from others, but it is even more happiness to give love to others.

What a person loves, even its mistakes feel beautiful; so, people who love flaws are really in love with each other, so called love house.

If you love blindly, you will neglect all the meaning of other people's lives. If you love deeply, you will have eyes that often contain tears.

Ignorance will not love deeply, not love can only see it lost.

Love has depth, and the depth of love should be sensible.

Love is an autonomous art, intelligence, talent, wisdom, the source of joy, health and happiness.

One who has love will not be lonely or lost.

The highest level of one's love is to love others, to love the public. The word love embraces everything and envelops everything.

If human nature is sublimated in the cycle of love, then the world will be in human nature, in the bath of supreme love and truth in a virtuous cycle into a happy village.

If there is an eternal melody in the world, it is - let the world be filled with love!


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