Loving a Woman

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Loving a Woman
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Loving is Beyond Wanting

There are few things greater in a man’s life, than loving a woman. Sure, being in a relationship with a woman comes with its hard times and even its draw backs. However; none of those small hurdles could ever undo the magic and the strength that a man draws from truly loving a woman. When you love her, you want her. You want her every second of every day.

Being in love with a woman, brings the “wanting” to a new and higher plain. We men may want the woman we see walking down the beach. We feel that physical attraction and the pull of physical wanting. Women feel it with men too, in these types of scenarios. Moments like those, will never be able to hold a candle to looking across a room at the woman you love, and wanting to melt into her. The physical pull is intense, almost to a point that there is no need even trying to resist it. Taking her in your arms, itself, becomes a form of foreplay and every movement after that only adds to the fire. You are beyond the wanting of her, you crave her, you need her, you hunger for her. You understand the meanings of, “you’re mine” and “I’m yours.”

Transcendent Love Making

Loving a woman teaches you the depth and the feeling of true, “love making.” You fully understand the difference between sex and love making. You know the value of intimacy with a real, “partner” and not just a lover. Suddenly, being “inside her” means a lot more than it ever did before. You know that it isn’t just a physical state of being, and that you are into her emotionally, mentally, as well as physically.

You want to please her more than you have ever pleased any other woman. You want her to feel the longing, appreciation, and the pure claiming of her. It isn’t really a possessive claiming; it is more of a vow that you will protect her in every way. You will do all within your power to help her to be happy and fulfilled. You don’t want her surrender; you want her passion. You want to give her all of your passion in return. Every movement, no matter how slow or fast, seems overdue. Love making with her seems like an escape. You never want to stop and sometimes it feels as though you’re lost in each moment, yet feeling as though you could never be truly lost again.

Loving a Woman, the Right Woman

Of course, this intense and euphoric feeling only really applies if you love the right woman. If a man falls into an abusive relationship or his love is given to a woman who doesn’t return it as he does, then it can take dark turn. We have all been there and felt that. Perhaps, that is why when we find the right woman, loving a woman becomes so much more. It becomes more a part of us and a part of our life, than perhaps anything else of meaning.

Many of us spent years searching for the right one, and being either abused or ignored by the wrong ones. When you finally find the right woman, it feels like all of the things you’ve heard and the descriptions of love, finally all make sense. Even fighting or arguing can be an almost erotic experience, when you are with the right one. You find that in the middle of a fight, you look at her and suddenly, you just want to the fight to be over so that you can have her in your arms again. This may be why some men lose so many arguments with their wives or long-term girlfriends; we are pulled from the issue and cast into a moment of wanting her and just wanting to be intimate again. The argument doesn’t even seem important anymore.

Closing Thoughts

Loving a woman, when it’s right, is probably one of the greatest gifts that life will ever give a man. Learning the true meaning of having a partner as well as a lover, is capable of propelling a man into greater happiness as well as successfulness. There is nothing else in a man’s life that is the same as when he is loving the right woman, and she is loving him back in equal measure. If you are a man and reading this, acknowledge this and then never take it for granted. If you are a woman and you are reading this, know that your man likely feels these things, even though we often aren’t the best at coming out and saying it. Loving a woman is a gift. So, go unwrap yours.

Timothy A Rowland
Timothy A Rowland
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