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by Gabriel Estrada about a month ago in love
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What is it?

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

What is love? How can anyone even attempt to fathom the most 100 percent correct answer, they can’t can they? But I like to break it down into a couple different categories that are all very different and long lasting as opposed to those that can and most likely are temporary. There is love relationships between family, friends, and lovers. There is always some kind of love that is always around us at any given moment and is forever changing for good or for bad, but it just depends on what we are dealing with in the moment or the time in our life that can all have a very different affect. We all strive to find the piece of love that can really bring us to peace between the three, but the complexity of it makes that difficult.

The easiest, true, and most unconditional kind of love that will be forever lasting, no matter the arguments, the fights, and the hate in moments. All problems will overcome because there is a deeper true love that you have within your family. I know the arguments tend to last a while because of the hardheadness of each person, but there is something that you will need down the road and if asked that argument will seem like an ant compared to the situation. Siblings will have that fight and make up all throughout their lives I feel like it will never change there will be small things that are going to forever piss someone of and be mad for a while, but that normal. All families go through that, and at the top to deal with it all is the parents. They hear every augment, fight, loud word shouted. Yet there love unconditional will still feel like sides have been taken, even though they just want to keep the peace to see success. No matter what happens it all ends in a loving bond that CAN NOT be broken. Because in the flip of an instant they will have your back when you need it. That is just what family does.

From the ones we have as kids to the ones who make it throughout our entire lives, carrying on and on year after year. What I’m referring to is the friendships that we have as we grow. So innocent to begin we have no fear, no regret, so free to make friends anywhere we went and was just so happy to see them play with them, get in trouble . That is when we don’t even know but we had a sense of love for that person even though that isn’t what we called it. We would say our BFF or something like that at some point and that was to show the love of a friendship. As we get older these do tend to break and are more superficial. A temporary kind of love that is never really complete, because you never know what is going to happen between two friends a fight that breaks things off indefinitely a move that take one away and in building other good friendships there is loses a part of what you guys had. Something along the lines that break the bond you once had to make it a false type of love. Never a terrible thing because this is the kind that as you grow will forever change and grow for better.

A deep and passionate development of that one true bond between two souls, or something like that that sounds good in a card, is something that we all look and strive for in life. A lot of temporary once and some that aren’t but if not yet found you will bounce from love to love until the day that love stops becoming a feeling and becomes what you do in spite of what you feel. You want to be able to have complete everything in this one person that you are evidentially going to spend the rest of your life with. People in relationships use the word love so freely, and yes you can feel it in moments but then two months down the road when you can’t stand that person and break things off; what does you saying that word mean then if but a feeling in the moment and not an absolute. I believe that you can’t have the good with out the bad, and that it is how you push through it to make it last for better. If not then why have something that is going to be temporary. Like is your goal to see how many bad relationships you can have in your life? No, at least it shouldn’t be you should feel people out and really see if they deserve that feeling of pushing past that to drop and do whatever for that person in spite of that fight you guys just had or someone not communicating finding the right way to solve those problems and make them better. I saw one of the greatest thing in my recent international travels where a couple that was well over there 60s still holding each other’s hands and embracing each other so sweetly calling each other sweet names. So loving and caring for so many years. I like many are not in this race to many lover, but a race of to find that special one in the end. It may not be instant and there will be those that you think are the ones but something always happens. As you push past you start to realize faster so not to waste any ones time in a false feeling in the moment.

So love is a very difficult thing that we all have and show in different ways to different people some absolute and some false or not lasting. The goal is to get them in sync and have peace of love that you can be happy with the rest of your life.


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Gabriel Estrada

I do not to write those cookie cutter stories. I want to write about something that will make you think and want to explore on those ideas.

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