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Love Or Codependency

by Honeybee Articles about a year ago in dating

Chapter 2: The Meet Up

Love Or Codependency
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You never been one for going out to bars, actually you never been to a bar before. All of this is new to you, but your excited to see where it goes. Eric had given you the name of the bar to meet him at and while driving you realize it has been a bar you have driven past many of times. You just never had a reason to go in until now.

It taken of all of 10 minutes to get to the bar, you pull up in a parking space and put your car in park. You check your makeup once more, not leaving anything to chance. In your stomach you can feel butterflies and in all honesty your nerves are shot. You decide that after all a bar isn't that bad of a choice for a first date.

Wait first date?

Would this even be considered a date?

No of course not, you're meeting him and his friend, a date would just be the both of you alone. Suddenly, this meet up doesn't seem so exciting as it once did, but who knows, maybe after tonight he'll ask you out on a real date.

Gathering your belongings you get out of your car, shut the door and hit the alarm. You walk towards the entrance of the bar excited and nervous on what the night will bring.

For the lack of cars in the parking lot the bar was packed, you stand in the entrance looking around for Eric. You scan the bar a couple of times, and don't see him, reaching for your phone to give him a call you suddenly hear your name being yelled over the loud music and laughter in the room.


You hear your name a couple more times and try to follow where it is coming from. There, in the back of the room in the right corner Eric is smiling and waving to you to come over. Next to him is another man, his back is turned to you so you can't see his face, but he looks like he's busy doing something.

You smile and walk over, adjusting your purse on your shoulder.

Hey you made it! Eric says to you, standing up and giving you a hug.

You can tell he's been here a while as you look at the table with a finished pizza and empty bottles.

Yeah- you begin to say but he cuts you off.

This is my buddy RJ, RJ this is Trish the girl I was telling you about earlier. Eric says.

You completely dismiss that he cut you off, Eric was talking about you. To his friend. You wonder what kind of things he could have been saying, hopefully all good things of course. Well,why wouldn't they be? He invited you out remember?

You blush thinking about what they could have been talking about as RJ reaches out to shake your hand, he offers you a seat and you sit down with them.

Eric offers you a drink and you accept, he leaves to get you one and after a few moments you notice his friend isn't that big of a talker. Across the table he's glued to his phone, only taking a break to take a sip of his beer then going right back to what he was doing.

Eric comes back and sets your drink in front of you, you suddenly feel a hand on the small of your back, it's his. His hand isn't too heavy, it's just right and you feel comfort and butterflies knowing that this could actually be serious. You take a sip of your drink, as Eric stands next to you, hand on your back making conversation by whispering in your ear over the loudness of the music.

After hours go by, and multiple drinks you realize Eric holds his alcohol very well. He was the same guy you first met, talkative, funny, and gentlemen like only now that has amplified. You feel bad for getting upset earlier, how could you when all this time he has been nothing but nice to you. Being so into him you realize RJ has already left, you don't remember him leaving, how long has he been gone?

You quickly forget about it as time keeps going by, you and Eric talking about everything, life, relationships, hobbies etc. Reaching for your phone to check what time it is, you see it is 2am, how did time fly so fast? You look around the room and see the bar is almost empty, workers cleaning up ready to go home after a long night.

Eric puts away his phone and asks if your ready to go.

You nod and you both get up and head for the exit, the cold night air slaps you awake as you step outside onto the sidewalk. Your vision is a little blurry, you try to remember how much you had to drink but can't seem to remember nor what you had. You never asked what Eric was getting you. You shame yourself for being so dumb. But there was just something about this guy that made you feel so relaxed and at ease.

Are you okay? Eric asks you, you turn to see him standing next to you. He's leaning against the railing that bordered the sidewalk heading into the bar. How long have you been standing there?

Yeah, i'm good. The night air feels great.

He nods

Thank you for tonight, I had a lot of fun.

He nods again.

You wonder what happened. Inside he was so talkative and funny, now he was completely silent. You shrug it off, he's probably tired, after all it has been a long night. You decide to head for your car, the night starting to catch up with you as well.

Where you going? He asks

You smile and turn around, I'm going home, what are you doing?

Just thinking about how much I enjoyed the night and don't want to go home.

Your smile stays and grows even stronger. You don't have to go home.

Yeah I do, he says looking at the ground. Let me know when you make it home, drive safe.

You stand there a little confused, happy and stunned as he walks off towards his car leaving you in the middle of the parking lot. You walk to your car wishing the night would have ended better, confused by why he didn't want to go home but, decide if he wanted to tell you he would. Your sadness gets replaced by joy as you replay the night over in your head. The way he whispered in your ear, held his hand on your lower back and was a complete gentlemen the whole night. Not once trying anything funny.

You get in your car, turn on the engine and drive home. Happiness floods your body, you race home knowing the first thing you'll do is text him and let him know that you made it safe like he asked. You smile just thinking how sweet it is that he cares about your safety.


Honeybee Articles

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