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Love Not Lost

by Jackson Scott 5 months ago in humanity

Locket of Love

Fire rained down overhead. Explosions were heard beyond the horizon. Uriah Thyman stumbled over another corpse as the last explosion sounded closer. It seemed the battle was nearing him or he was nearing it. Uriah continued on entrenched in sweat and ash. Clothes ragged and his boots wore out, he knew in his heart he could not stop. A driving force was pushing him, leading him, guiding him. He had felt the rush of excitement just two days before. This was journey he was waiting all his life for. And it was not for the ongoing war. He had no side or use in it. A revolution had brewed over the Global Partnership’s over reach of civil and basic human rights for decades. It had started out as a mere pact between nations. One by one it gobbled up every country and its people. The United States had been infiltrated during World War I but was the last to withstand the GP’s grasp. Finally after the Last War, the Global Partnership announced its triumph declaring peace and fairness. The only fairness is no one had anything. It first beheaded any resistor then chipped away at its citizens rights and property. Now everyone lived in factory villages. Major corporations became one under the Partnership policy an by a select few globalist. With climate change and prying of land from commoners, the entire world was owned. You could hide but starvation would soon follow. The elitists at the top enjoyed climate controlled islands and real fruits and delicate meats while factory villages deteriorated underneath the dimmed sun in a smog. Nothing grew, the lush wildlife that once roamed almost gone. If you wanted to survive you had to go to work to ensure the elitist’s lifestyle. The world was caught between survival and desperation. Many wailed for mercy and forgiveness as they believed the Partnership’s lies. Commoners blamed themselves. Generations were now born into this slavery. The only education provided was how to work a machine in insane conditions and that the Partnership was here for peace that the people could not be trusted with freedom for the generations from before had doomed us with cars and a thing called the internet to say the least. Anyone who spoke out was killed and hanged in front of their village for indefinite to be made of an example. All daughters were taken at age 9 and only some were returned once they were deemed clear by the GP years later. Then they were allowed to breed. Any child with a deformity or serious disease was terminated upon birth. Suffering had became the new normal for everyone. But a small group of resistors now dubbed the Mutineers had began a revolution, first meeting in off grid places. They had a leader Slyvestor Grandor they called him. Uriah had never met him or even laid eyes on him. Some said it was myth to draw out unloyal commoners to test the people. Mr. Grandor had apparently found a book, a book that told of all the lies the GP told the commoners. Literacy was not a common skill among villagers.

The book however did not concern Uriah nor did the revolution. His purpose had nothing to do with the world burning but only to lay eyes on Her again before it was burned completely. Looking up at the auburn sky bullets and bombs grew ever closer as Uriah dashed off the gravel road to head to a nearby creek. Uriah’s father was a traveler; the highest honor for a commoner. Travelers were to report back to the GP to map lands and potential unclaimed lands from the grounds His father always brought Uriah with him so he could teach him the lands. Uriah learned quickly how to navigate the wilderness; a crucial skill for survival. Though his father worked for the GP Uriah admired his father. He was stern but could always find a way to bring him a smile despite the worlds problem. Unfortunately it had became dangerous for Travelers like Uriah’s father due to the war. Drones only picked up so much. And once the Mutineers erupted in full force, drones were brought down and reprogrammed to fulfil Mutineer plans meaning more travelers were used. They were usually killed by the Mutineers for refusing to help or killed by the GP for helping the rebels. And on one trip, some Mutineers cornered Uriah’s father demanding he lead them to a top factory facility. After being beaten for not at first helping them, one of them had grabbed Uriah, “Take us now or I kill th’ boy.”

“Please no! I’m only doing my job. Hurt me but not my son.” Uriah’s father had stammered.

“The boy doesn’t have to die. Simply help us and he lives. Its your choice.” a man with a red collar said emerging from the group. Red collars indicated leaders or sometimes decoy leaders.

“Fine but my son does not come. He goes back with you to safety.”

“That is not possible. He is a Traveler’s son. He could escape and bring back GP forces.”

“Then I cannot help you.” Uriah’s father replied.

The guy over slammed his father’s head into the dirt and began hitting him over and over.

After a minute of Uriah staring in fear held back the sweetest voice Uriah had ever heard came from behind the men. A young girl about Uriah’s age came running up coming between his father and his aggressor. The man stopped hitting afraid to hit the girl. The man in the red collar quickly scolded her, “Neveah, get back here!”

“No daddy. Leave this man alone.”

“Daddy’s doing his job honey that's all. its to protect you and mom.”

“Mom isn’t here and he hasn’t tried to hurt me.” the brown haired girl named Neveah answered her father. Uriah just stared at her in complete amazement. She had green eyes that like an emerald and wore a locket on her neck. Uriah automatically felt for her in some strange way.

After moments of silence the man in the red collar turned away from his daughter and looked at Uriah’s father.

“Okay then, we’ll take your son.

Uriah’s father looked at him then to the man, “Then I will take you.” Uriah broke away and had ran to his father embracing him for the last time.

“Uriah you are an amazing son and young man. But don’t try to be a hero, travel see the real world, run until you reach happiness. Fighting gets us nowhere. I love you.”

Those were the last words he heard from his father as him and the Mutineers rounded the trail.

On the way back with a couple of Mutineers and Neveah, he noticed her locket was in the shape of a heart, “What is that for?”

She looked at him and answered, “Its a picture of my great grandparents before the Partnership takeover my daddy tells me. Its been in our family since. Supposed to remind us of the love that's still out here.” she serenaded. They walked awhile just talking and laughing. Somehow losing his father was so distant and everything seemed okay.

That feeling did not last long as they were found and the Mutineer taking them home was killed. Him and Neveah had got away until they were separated. He looked for her until her heard her screaming. He came up to the guardsmen holding her. The cause was all for nothing as he was subdued too.

That was almost a decade ago. She was taken away as most girls her age and Uriah was thrown into a factory to work. She had captivated him in a such way, he was determined to find her. The love in her was so great and above this world that he knew where his happiness lied. Eventually he did escape the village and spent the last several months looking for her. Every person in a factory was registered and he found out a Neveah was in a nearby village. And finally two days ago, he found her. Mutineers had raided the village and GP Guardsmen engaged in battle with them. Uriah had found her in a hut hiding. She immediately remembered him and they had embraced. Instantly that connection was realized again. Her smell and touch of her skin invigorated him. He took her in his arms and kissed her lips. The reunion wasn’t long. Guardsmen were approaching.

He tried to lead her out but Guardsmen overtook the village and he told her to hide while he drew them away. He managed to get away from them but when he came back for her , all he found was the locket.

A loud bang echoed in the distance followed by a flash; a thunderstorm was coming. Uriah stood overhead the creek bed. He had tracked the Guardsmen to this creek. Up ahead a fire glistened, a few men were huddled around a fire next to a tent. Neveah was chained next to a tree with two other women. Clenched in his fist, Uriah held the locket. He opened it and looked down at the happy couple before putting the cold metal around his neck. Love was not lost.


Jackson Scott

Full time single dad.

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Jackson Scott
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