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Love ❤️ Is a Battlefield: Are You Friend or Foe?

We are one, we can pull through this together.

By Tracie SperlingPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

You refuse to look ahead. At this point, we are defined by what we are against. If we were in this together, both of us would see the shoreline beyond the rough waters. Andrew, I feel as though you are filled by an empty promise. Our future should not rest in fear. The differences between us could be resolved peacefully, instead of living in an ideal dream. We will pursue positive engagement that builds a new opportunity that you would see. Never let a good thing pass down the road; open up your eyes, and face reality. I do not want to be strung through an unnecessary trudge, I need someone who’s down to earth. Why turn your back on me now? Consequences will come your way, even though I know you can’t stay forever. Right now, being around you does not feel quite right. I do not understand what happened; we used to be tight. The distant presence tears at me each day. I have trouble finding my way. Why hide your feelings, because Andrew, you are needed by my side. Although, I would hate to see you give in due to obligation; this would only lead to frustration. Instead, follow your heart and I promise I will do my part. I am determined, rest assured, and we’ll be able to move past this one step at a time. Please do not live in a lie out of fear because a resolution is coming near.

I pour my energy out through this passage due to how I suffer from your emotional baggage. There is only so much I can tolerate, as you can see harm and violent words only lead to dispute. You are my beau, please come around soon. If you do not, you will be out my door, CAN’T TAKE THIS NO MORE.

I get tired of life’s confusion

tired of the pain.

I'm tired of the emptiness from hearts I've parted from.

Tired of wishing for more but not knowing which way to turn 

and sometimes too scared to look back.

To let go completely of yesterday, 

and grasp a hold on the hope of tomorrow.

A hope that if tomorrow gets here, it won't be like yesterday.

Yesterday's holding on to the hope of a lost love 

yesterday's disappointments of the same ol' routine 

yesterday's wishing bills didn't exist 

so there wouldn't be any living from check to check.

Yesterday's empty dreams of a fairy tail ending,

Wanting an end to all my struggling.

OH... holding onto the hope of tomorrow...


A tomorrow filled with pure happiness

knowing that this direction on the path is the one and only way...


A tomorrow filled with the reassurance that you're headed for better days.

A tomorrow with a love that was sent to you from the heaven above that will only grow deeper and deeper as time goes by to last forever. 

A tomorrow that will complete and fulfill yesterdays wants and dreams.

A tomorrow that will conquer all my hardships and troubles.

I grasp the thought of what wonderfulness tomorrow could bring.

© Martha Turner

Look deep inside and question yourself if this is what you really want. Wake up, don’t make hasty decisions. I hate to be a last-minute thought, and the battle has been fought enough. There is no control over the outcome; I will let things take their natural course even though I haven’t been happy with the flow of letting you go.

Though if you ever come back, I want to know that you are serious. That we would break the old patterns of insecurity and despair. Instead, open expression must take place in our relationship where everything will be acknowledged. Currently, there is failure towards an unwavering commitment.

Harm will be restrained and constructive willingness would take over to accept each other’s weaknesses where peace is established.

Goal: I want you to understand my perspective better because right now both of our worlds are colliding.


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