"Love in the time of Corona"

by Emily 9 days ago in love

In the time of pandemic, how do we keep loving?!

"Love in the time of Corona"
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Well... we are still struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic and many of us still spend a ton of time at home to make sure we don't get it, nor spread it. I hope we all are enough selfish to keep the germs for ourselves. :)

Some of you might have got the pun from my title, because that pun is definitely intended. :) There is a romantic classical novel titled, Love in the time of Cholera. I believe they made even a movie out of it a while ago, that I really really wanted to see, but it never happened. Whatever... The story is about a couple who falls in love but they can't be together... They can't be together for 5 decades... 50 YEARS!!!!

Let's just hope this virus won't last that long, but it makes me feel like these characters. We have to keep ourselves away from each other, but we still trying to show and spread some love. Let's just say it isn't that easy, but not impossible. We can't hug anyone, if anyone knows a way how to give tight hugs to people from 6 feet (2 meters) away, let me know. I could use some. :)

But really, I feel like all of my social life got limited to social media and video chat. It's great that we have these, but it still makes me feel that we are worlds apart. Every story, every conversation feels like a story from a book about people who got separated because of some reason. Who knows if we are writing a new novel with these stories?! This time it's not a LOVE STORY, more like a love story that shows love and friendship means more and is stronger than any virus or any obstacle that comes into our way. Maybe one day we will tell these stories to our kids making sure they know it too.

Every pandemic story is unique, we handle it and getting through it differently, but what are we going to tell the next generation about these times?! Let`s just think about it a little, what do we want them to know, how do we want them to see this?! Because this will definitely go down in history… 2020 had more events, mostly bad, than we could take.

Well… I`m pretty sure, I would tell them about the struggle of keeping relationships and friendships alive in this time. I want them to see, that it isn`t always that easy to do it. I want them to appreciate what they got. I really hope, they don`t have to face with the same struggles we have to right now. I would want them to know, that how much love was underrated in most people`s life until we couldn`t have it anymore. I would tell them my experiences of going on a date before the quarantine, but then virus hit and it took a different direction… meaning, fast forward 8 months and I`m still single. I would want them to cherish the moment and the small things, to hug just a little longer and just a little tighter. To make every good thing a little longer and to not to take anything for guaranteed.

For me all those memories are the ones that keep me moving on the days when things are pretty gloomy and it doesn`t seem like to get better.

It`s October and we are all waiting for the virus to pass and be able to get back to our usual routine, interacting with people without being afraid of catching or giving the virus. It`s been almost 1 year and we are already want it to go away, I can`t imagine how did that couple feel during that 50 years. Hopefully, we don`t have to experience that…

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