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by bols 11 months ago in love

What Is It?

Because I've had enough. Seriously, the definitions are endless.

They say the Universe is made of the stuff.

I think what 'they' meant was: mama and papa felt nice feelings when they made you, especially papa. It's true! Who knows that mama felt these days. Plus we've got a whole new generation of babies born out of sexlock.

So who knows?

I do.

Love is found.

It is noticed.

I think - maybe - like a glimmer of light. Like when the sun finds you unexpectedly.

We talk about love sometimes like the intimate relationship is the only version of it.

Love between animals? Does it exist? Sorry.. I'm so convinced a dog is actually looking to eat your face everytime it licks you.

I divulge, love between animals; love between dogs, let's say, is apparent. According to our definition of love.

You know what I hate? When you try telling me that you were in love and then that it wasn't love just because it's ended and you found out just what a douchebag looks like.

I'm tired of it. Hindsight. I want someone with a sniper to find Hindsight. Because He, or She...

Anyway. Love.

It is Sung about. Mainly by those who have been stung, by it. I haven't. At least I don't think I have, which begs the question: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN IT'S LOVE?


I think falling into Definitions may help sometimes but generally, on a day-to-day basis, when you're alone and facing the harsh reality of the swipe left swipe right conundrum, you find that you can't really predict what it will appear to be. Because yes, love is camouflage.

I wish not to lead you on.

But is that also within the realms of love? The ruddy games we play?

Oh stop talking to me you're so annoying but continue really I need your touch?

Just so we can sing after, of the heartbreak that made us so real? Made life ...poignant? Oh my Godness, I need help from this Love.

I need it either miles away or not.

The middle ground is probably killing us all.

The middle ground is probably fear.

What could happen if?

Because, love is innocent. I'm so sure of it. When we want something, that's when it stops being so 'love' and instead becomes HowcanIuseyouformygain? Someone invent the word. Post-haste.


Love is light, I've heard that.

Weightless? Transient - Meaning; Beyond it All? Through it All - Love?

When a family member is on your nerves - the last nerve - do you fall out of love? I reckon finding that soulmate is finding someone you can fall out of like with but not out of love, because they just end up being symbiotically attached to you in ways you didn't expect and in ways you probably don't want but the rules of society say you can't really be caught hanging outside on the balcony looking in to some new life they have with apparent kids and spouse.

Anyway. Lust? Another word; definitely another word for another day.

I think Love encompasses All. Hate included. Jealousy and rage; probably, possibly. Anxiety, fear, hope. Respect. Probably.

Disrespect? Would you go so far as to disrespect in love?

Would you?


Would you go so far as to disrespect yourself?

Well, sometimes you do so without meaning it; meaning to.

I just scrolled up to see if I'd written a lot; Apparently not.



The bloody subject.

A Mother's Love or a lack of it.

The Years of building oneself from those definitions of love and finding your own, still based in some large, grander, patriarchal idea?idon'tknowI'mjustwritingstuff.

Who's to say what love is?

I Am.

Love is.

Love is what you know.

It's probably the in-between lines that find you. That doesn't make any sense to me either.


Am I attracted to You?

Is that Love? The beginnings of such? I don't think so.

Because Beauty is taught and it is everywhere.

Unless Beauty is naturalborn.


I doubt it. It's taught.

We were told; "That's nice", "wow what a beautiful girl you are, boy you are." Then at school the other kids definitely agree on whose parents were lying and whose weren't. Because, boy.


Love Is.

I won't say it ignites you because it's a Larger word than what I think it is.

Are you tired of love/in love? Is love tiring you?

Is it love that's tiring? Are we forcing relationships? Forcing habits.

A wedding. A marriage. Sex. A double-bed we must both be on. Everytime we sleep.

Who knows?

Forrest Gump; probably.


Maybe movies did a lot to Glamourise Love. Maybe.


Moving on. Love is waiting. Knowing it won't come. Because. it. is already. there? and. the. love. you. seek. is. attracted. to. you? I don't know. Maybe.

Love doesn't solve the problem of not having an intimate relationship RIGHT NOW.

By definition.

A definition we won't have right now, as long as we will live. It will escape us

A full stop.

A full stop. Searching

A full stop. Knowing

A full stop. Believing

A full stop. Quieting yourself

A full stop. Exhausting yourself

You can't do that. Because love is coming.

Love isn't.

It is. And it isn't because it won't



never forget.

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