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Love and Loss

by Lyza Giroux 4 years ago in love
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The earth and moon.

Love and loss go hand-in-hand.

Even ask the Earth, for she has fallen in love with the moon, yet never gets to be remotely close to him. She watches him as he awakens to take over the sky, while she waits for dawn to peek through. Life and Death have been in love for as long as the world has been intact. Life sacrifices so much for Death. Everything in her possession is handed over to Death at some point, and she has no say in when they’re to be given up. But he cherishes her bearings, keeping every single last one of the lives she’s given him. Life and Death however, will never truly be one.

Romeo and Juliet, all they wanted was to live happily too. But of course, that was too much to ask. They’d die for one another simply because without one, the other couldn’t breathe a single breath more of air. What part of love ever led to brutal bloodshed? Was it even love in the first place? It was one of Life’s first gifts to Death, in his honor. She was headstrong, a bit too sophisticated at times but he was her one true weakness. She vowed to give him everything he could ever want.

For the first few days of creation, Earth was independent. She didn’t need anyone, not one companion. Since she was granted with the responsibility of hosting all life with her, she was one of the most powerful aspects in the universe. The Moon then showed up the second night after creation. He was made to serve her, watch over her at all times. Although Earth refused his company for a century and a half, she soon grew fond of his presence.

Life just wouldn’t stop. She’d go to any measure to get Death’s attention. Death was dark, mysterious. Everything about him made Life curious. She however, was the complete opposite. She was everything that was bright and beautiful. Anyone would’ve fallen for her beauty.

Earth grew more vulnerable by the days. The Moon protected her, made her feel safe when she wasn’t sure if she really was. She hated showing weakness, especially for another. But every time the weight of her responsibility was too much for her to carry at once, the Moon was there to help lift her.

Life’s every breathing moment was spent on Death. She rebelled, caused herself pain by ending the existence of the innocent people she watched over. All of them wanting nothing more than a happy, fulfilling timeline. She created depression, sadness, anger, all of the emotions that most are afraid of consuming. She forced the innocent people within her to fear the slightest things. Through her actions she got what she wanted; Death’s undivided attention.

The Earth grew tired from time to time. She got more crippled, frail. There was only so much she could take. The Moon was right by her side, promising to take away any pain that she felt. She let it all out. Everything she kept inside. Her darkest secrets, her most troubling memories, everything. She could no longer claim herself as independent, because to her demise the Moon became everything she depended on.

Life was broken, tattered. She was barely clinging on to reality, yet she pushed away all the warning signs. Death had promised to meet her today, they were to go out and just enjoy each other’s company. Life got ready in her most delicate of attire. In the mirror, she saw her own brightness reflecting on the image shown to her. She saw a woman, no longer a girl. Everyone would tell her how beautiful she was, but they only ever saw the surface. Underneath the convincing beauty and wide eyes, there was a soul who was scared out of her mind about who she was. The things she’s done. The piercing screams. The innocent who cried every night without another by their side. She took all of her guilty emotions and threw them to the side. For once, she could say she was taking a trip to the dark side. She was doing what no one expected of her.

Earth and Moon had it easy, I guess you could say. Although they never truly are able to be close enough, they push through the obstacles that restrain them from behind. That’s what love is. Love is sacrifice in the name of happiness for both people. Love is what shines in the darkest of times. Without it, loss is the only thing we’d know. However, Life and Death have something a bit different. A love based purely on hate and destruction. Death takes what he wants and doesn’t even stop to think for a moment that what he’s doing is destroying. Life fails to love herself, therefore loving Death is all she has left. That, is not love. That is loss. And loss is one of the most emptiest emotions you can feel. So when you fall, don’t let love and loss go hand-in-hand.


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