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What Is Love?


I am a 26 year old sub-urban 'kid' from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. I haven't had a lot relationships growing up. A lot of my 'firsts' have been in my 20s, including: having a close group of friends, a sudden loss of friendships, that unspoken moment of growth when reality hits you in your teens (that also happened in my mid 20s).

However I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out. Great company is hard to find, and although I waited longer than I wanted to, this group of friends I have now truly do care for me, and still make big sacrifices for me—the kind you'd write memes about.

As I improved in character and relatability towards other people, I began to see what love was really like. I should give you a fair note of discretion that I am a Christian so this is a hugely biased piece of writing. Regardless of that, if you are not a Christian I would be thrilled to know that you read my writing. I would appreciate any form of feedback!

As I, and as Christians widely believe (though they may word it differently), "Love is an active sequence of conscious and subconscious decisions that build up the Father's Kingdom." This is how I've chosen to define Love in words. I'll focus on the words 'Love', 'active', 'sequence', 'conscious', 'subconscious', and for those who are unaware of what 'Father's Kingdom' means I will break that down as well.


I think 'Love' could be a person, a place, a thing, a verb, and so many others that I cannot come up with right now. But ultimately it comes from living things and those living things, especially humans can become what Love is to us.


Love is active because it is alive and breathing, and constantly evolving in respect to the Object (the person being loved).


Love is a sequence because it is not a one time thing. It is constant, and in some sense patterned, because it understands the Object's desires and needs. When it is both 'active' and 'sequential' it is steady because it doesn't depend on feeling, and its motive comes from within.


Love is conscious because it requires the Subject (the person doing the loving) to make intentional efforts to act in kindness, grace, and justice. Love is a choice, and this is especially proven when things get tough on the Subject and the Object. Love gets tested through trials.


I believe Love is subconscious, because eventually certain things in a relationship become habitual. Somethings don't need you—or the Subject—to think twice about doing or saying something.

Father's Kingdom

I will end it with this. If I believe that a Loving God created the earth and everything in it, and if that God declares Himself to be a father to us and the King of all things, then I can only see that everything I see is under His authority and dominion.

If I believe that the God I chose to serve existed first, my primary definition of Love must come from Him, as Himself. And if I choose to Love you, my neighbour, then in Loving you it is my belief that I am therefore in unison with the tune of the universe—since my faith dictates that if a Loving God created it (and claimed to be the primary source of Love and its definition), Love must be its greatest driving force.

This is what I believe and of course you are entitled to your opinions but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway!

Thank you.

Marvin Monitros
Marvin Monitros
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