Losing a High School Best Friend

by Autumn Razz about a year ago in friendship

The Hurt, the Loss, and the Aftermath

Losing a High School Best Friend

One of the hardest things imaginable is losing someone you thought you'd never have to say goodbye to. This is even harder to handle when you don't know where everything went wrong. You have tried to stay positive when you graduated high school and have said that you will stay in contact with all of your friends no matter how far away they go to college. But no matter how hard you try, life gets busy.

You can try to talk to someone as much as you possibly can. You can wish them a happy birthday, merry Christmas, and happy New Years, but if they don't bother to message you back then there's not much more to do. They may have been your best friend for years and you did everything together but that all changes for some people when they go to college. Some people forget who was there for them throughout the scariest, hardest, and happiest times of their lives. Some people forget who would never do them wrong. Some people get so wrapped up in where they are going that they completely forget everything they once were.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have the time either to be messaging everyone I knew in high school. But, I feel like there's a common courtesy to at least acknowledge the fact that you two are drifting apart. It's not fair to someone to keep them dangling on the edge of not knowing. At some point, you should just accept the fact that you two are never going to be that close ever again. Your friend is not your friend anymore, she's just someone you went to high school with.

After two years of college and maybe ten messages sent between the two of us, I had accepted that we weren't friends anymore. But then life throws a curveball at me and I see her family member on the news for a crime. I reached out to her to let her know that I would always be here if she ever needed anything. She says she misses me and wants to hang out when she gets back from school for the summer. I got my hopes up. And I get let down yet again. And this time I decided was the final time. She didn't message me when she got home even though I had messaged her asking when she would be free or what she wanted to do. I see that she is out doing things with people she once said she didn't like. My heart felt like it was ripped from my chest when I felt as if I was nothing to her anymore.

Losing a best friend is worse than any breakup. Losing the person you talked to for hours on end about anything and everything hurts more than a punch in the face. Losing your best friend leaves you wondering what you did wrong or what you could have done differently to save the friendship. It makes you feel like nothing you could ever do in the future will ever be enough. It makes you question where true friends may be.

The fact is that life happens. Sometimes things weren't meant to be the way they are in movies like where everyone stays friends for their whole lives. It's easier to let go of a person who doesn't care for you any more than to let them drown you without even noticing. You'll find more friends as you get older and hopefully, the new ones will always be there for you. Life goes on, even if a small piece of you will always care for your friend that you'd do anything to have back.

Autumn Razz
Autumn Razz
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