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Long Live The Dreamers

Believing is seeing

Long Live The Dreamers

What is it about some people that they seem incapable of believing in or supporting good things?

I posted on my Twitter yesterday about a dream I had which included a man I'd been involved with intimately over the last almost three years but was not—and still am not (yet)—in a relationship with. Those of you who are like me and can not only dream in color but are able to remember your dreams will understand how real this dream felt to me.

In the dream, both him and his daughter, along with myself, went out together and were having such an amazing time. This is foreshadowing if nothing else because I've never been invited to hang out with him and I've never officially met his daughter. She and I have said 'hello' over the phone quite a while ago but that is the extent of my interactions with her. So, this dream is certainly the manifestation of a deep wish within my heart. It is something I truly hope for because I do love him through + through.

In this same dream, I was holding a two-week old baby boy that was his and he watched lovingly as I rocked the baby to sleep after breastfeeding him. I placed the baby inside of a stroller and we continued enjoying our day. This dream was the perfect replica of the type of experiences I look forward to with this man although we're not in a relationship and, with all of this positive emotion bubbling inside of me, I chose Twitter as the platform to share my feelings.

After I posted the Tweet and had moved on with my day, I noticed there was a comment on that Tweet. When I had a free moment, I checked that notification and what I saw completely shocked me.

Now, I realize that most people may not think much of this comment because society tells us that if things don't work in a certain way or if people don't behave within a specific set of parameters, that we should "wake up" and move on or let go. So, her response is something many people would not only agree with but would have also said themselves; more specifically, the ladies.

I'm not surprised that the said what she said because she is likely one of those people who has either been hurt before and is bitter or has been taught not to dream, especially if you're not getting what you want. But the good news is I am not her. I am not anyone else. I am me. I have come to learn through the teachings of Abraham Hicks that dreaming is the precursor to all creation; that thoughts become emotions and those emotions become things. That I can be, do, or have anything I want. So, therefore, I know that my dream—which evoked pure positive emotions from me—has set in motion all the cooperative components to bring me what I want: this man as my partner in a relationship.

What she doesn't know is that he and I have been discussing the prospect of a relationship and, although it's something he clearly needs time to ponder before making a decision, it's no longer something that is completely off the table for him when it comes to me. The reason I've continued to get what I want in life is because I dare to dream and, more than that, I dare to believe in my dreams enough to expect them to manifest into reality. And they always eventually do.

If you notice, I did not respond to her. That's primarily because I didn't Tweet my emotions so I could debate with other about it. I posted it so I could express myself and get what I was feeling off my chest. What other people think, feel, or develop opinions about is not my problem. So, she is welcomed to have her opinion and she's more than free to "stay awake" in her own life but as for me and my household, we are dreamers!

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Megan Wesby
Megan Wesby
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