Lonely Boy

by Jamie L 3 years ago in love

She loves me, I know it.

Lonely Boy

I'm homeless, I'm alone and homeless. My name is John Kennedy, I'm only 19 and I was thrown out of my home by my mother. She loved me, I know she did, but she was tired of my act of drinking while underage. I'm a teenager, what can you expect from me?

My brother took me in the first time I became homeless, but he kicked me out due to the lies my mother told about me being abusive towards her. She loved me, I knew it.

So, my brother fearing for his life kicked me out as well, so the only place I could turn to was a nearby homeless shelter for teenagers. I was only there a couple months before my loving girlfriend Susan Joe and her family took me in.

I loved them for opening their home to me, but of course, my first night didn't go down as planned. I got drunk and of course getting drunk means I do things I don't remember. I arrived to my new home drunk off my ass to see Susan waiting for me.

"Where have you been?" She whispered yelled at me. Of course, she wasn't in my shoes, she didn't know the pain I was going through.

"I gotta pee," slurring my words and she instantly knew I was drunk. Not processing what was happening, I opened the front door, whipped out my manhood and began pissing outside. All I could hear was Susan yelling softly.

"John! What are you doing?!" She continues to whisper, trying not to wake her parents.

"Pissing" was all I could say as I accidentally pissed on my girlfriend's mother's car. "Whoops," I thought to myself. Didn't mean to aim it there. I finished and readjusted myself before closing the door and turning to see my girlfriend fuming.

"My parents are gonna kill you, John," she continued to be mad at me and all I could do was lay down and close my eyes. My mother loved me, I know she did, this was just tough love, and I was ready to deal with this head-on.

I drifted to sleep not really knowing what was going to happen the next morning due to me being drunk.

The next morning killed my head, I was groaning from the pain and when my eyes opened, I squinted instantly. I didn't like the sun right about now, frankly, I hated the sun when I knew I had a hangover from the night before. It was all kind of a blur, I don't even remember coming home but apparently, I did. Susan looked at me when I finally took notice that she was staring.

"What?" I asked groggily.

"You don't remember last night do you?"

"No" but then my mind went to the worse. "What did I do?"

"Well, you got piss drunk that you came home. Then you went to the bathroom" she started off by saying to me. I didn't see the big deal in me having to take a piss. Normally people drunk do piss a lot.

"Not understanding the problem here, Sue," I waited for her to continue.

"You opened the front door and pissed on my parents' car" she whispered loud enough for only me to hear. My eyes looked to the window and then back at her.

"It's an ugly color anyway, " I said seriously, it looked like shit. Literall, the car was a shit brown color. Like ew, that's gross.

"Are you kidding me right now?"

"No why?" All she did was roll her eyes and glare at me. Then we heard her mother coming down the stairs. She greeted them with a smile.


"Morning" Sue and I replied simultaneously.

"Did you guys hear the door open last night?" She asked. Oh no.

"No why?" Susan lied but her mother didn't notice it.

"I swear I heard it, but apparently I'm just hearing things. I shall make breakfast" with that being said she disappeared into the kitchen. Susan took one look at me and glared before getting up and going upstairs.

"Well then" I mumbled before just staring at the ceiling.

Jamie L
Jamie L
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