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LIGHT and Darkness

My debut novel comes out on 25.10 - my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this happen

By A.M.RadulescuPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
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A Raging War, a Hidden World. And a Reluctant Heroine

Light and Darkness: A Spiritual Urban Fantasy

Workaholic Ana, alongside her loving boyfriend Andru and their fluffy companion Ron, spends her days striving for perfection. With the help of Light Bringer she’s working to overcome her anxiety, attempting to feel as calm as everyone thinks she is. All while navigating the demanding restructuring of her department and putting out the figurative fires that come with it.


No omens, not even a foreboding dream.…The alarm bells go off. The Shadows finally broke their luminous chains and escaped. And they are surrounding humankind at a rapid pace. The time has come.


Forcing the prominent and wise Albus Greenwood to open her eyes and reveal the hidden dimension that dictates everything in our reality. It’s time for Ana to learn its ways…

Ana finds herself on a quest to explore the unseen spiritual world and find a cure to vanquishing the shadows. But the clock is ticking…

Can one person change the course of the world?


Behind the scenes

Now that the official blurb is out of the way, let me just say that this novel was a long time coming. You might remember the story.

Covid broke out, and with it, the initial lockdown in the spring of 2020, which in my country was extremely strict. Being an adevertising professional, my livelihood depended on the wellbeing and stability of my clients. Like everyone else in those initial stages, they also needed time to regroup, which gifted me with a rare opportunity: time. So, I pulled out an old essay and started transforming it into a novel. Crafting it with all my experience, all the revelations from 7+ years of therapy and then spiritual healing, all that I had absorbed until then in my 29 years on Earth. It was the push I needed from the Universe to finally listen to the siren’s call and dabble in creating and sharing brave new worlds. Work resumed its normal pace after a while but I managed to find time for my long stifled passion.

Slowly but surely, by the end of 2020, I finished the first draft in my native tongue and then translated it roughly to English by 31st December on the dot, thus keeping the promise I made to myself. Then came the endurance campaign of editing, while balancing a full-time job and other personal projects. It was a handful, can’t lie, but I was finally doing something towards my goal in life. Being a creator not only in my mind but on paper as well. My thoughts were at last shaping my reality.

In order to hone my craft and also to build an audience prior to the book release, I joined Vocal Media and then Medium in March-April, writing until now a little over 30 articles and short stories on spiritual awakening, love, self-acceptance and growth, relationships, pets, fiction. Even quite a few poems. Prompted by different challenges encountered on these two platforms, I truly stepped out of my comfort zone and grew immensely as a writer and as a human being. The added benefit was connecting to many amazing creators, people who inspire me every day to be more, to be better. My literary tribe.

Now, a year and a half have passed since that first moment. 18 months full of additional revelations, hard-won lessons, joy, gratitude, and a lot of work. Every article, every poem, every discussion on the various Vocal Facebook groups like Vocal Social Society, The Vocal Creators Support Group, or the The Vocal Creators Lounge inspired me to be better and to keep tweaking. And boy, I could have probably edited the novel till the end of time, but enough is enough. Like the blurb says, the time has come. The time to release it into the world with all my hopes and dreams, with all my well wishes and blessings to everyone and anyone who chooses to take this journey with Ana.

Without further ado, click on the link below and safe travels!


Thank you again to everyone who made this momentous occasion a reality. Your comments uplifted me and your work inspired me. Whenever doubt started creeping it, your encouragement, spirit, and kindness shone with the brightness of a star. May you find joy and laughter every day of your lives.

A.M. Radulescu


About the Creator


Certified bookworm, published author, hopeful dreamer, passionate traveller, cat lover, life enthusiast. Writing about life and self-growth. Get my debut novel at

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