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Life Is a Deception

No Matter Who You Are

By Patrick M. OhanaPublished 3 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - September 2023
Life Is a Deception
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Everything is clearer when you’re in love. John Lennon

Perhaps it is true. But do I need to fall in love again to see things more clearly?

Life is a deception, no matter who you are; a president or a pauper, newly born or insincere. Death is not, while constantly present, only awaiting to remind us of what we are losing, but also of what we will finally stop to endure. Given life (Life), death (Death) cannot be anything but advantageous. Nonexistence has rarely elicited or garnered a good point of view. Even uneven religion has distorted nonexistence into a different state of being, negating it to an absurd altitude.

Nonetheless, many (most?) of us perceive life as a catered reception, when one is undeniably not always welcomed, and depending on whom one is born to, one can start life by losing a small piece of one’s body, or even worse, by losing it during one’s famed adolescence, and it does not matter whether one is male or female, since the little part being excised had been commanded from above — from below if such magic had really existed — although many could bet that it had been regimented by utter witlessness. It is one of the only activities, when not utilised for reproduction, that may render life marginally worthwhile, and there are those that found and those that still find sex for the sake of pleasure to be sinful or at least suspect. We are dying uninterruptedly until we are dead and thus, we may as well — if we can — embrace the little joys that we may have. If not, and if life becomes unbearable, suicide may be the best ticket out. However, we should at least remember that “Suicide does not mean that there was no killer” (Anonymous), since two murderers were always in the background to soften or harden the blow.

Can one miss someone excessively? Compared to what? Is missing someone slightly or even moderately any saner? I would have made a deal with the devil to see my wife again, but, of course, there was no devil, and no art (or heart) of the deal could be used without a rival. Couples who really love each other could die together, especially if they have no dependents. I should have died in 2014, but it would have been much better — immensely so — had I not been born at all. Sadly, these murderers are everywhere; to our left and to our right, in front of us and behind us, often even above us and below us; they are endemic. Only the incredibly lucky never see the light, but also only the incredibly lucky never see the dark, that is until love reappears with all its naked renown, whether real or fictitious. I love you, my Anthi.


My Anthoula - Another Song for My Anthi

O my goddess beauty one, beauty one

You are the only one for me, Anthoula

O you turn my neurones on, my neurones on

Firing to the Sun and Kronos, Anthoula

Never want to run, live it down

Such a loving kind, always live it down for your kiss

The beautiful type, my my my Greek stipe

M M M My Anthoula


O my loving Athens nymph, Athens nymph

You are closer now than then, Anthoula

Living with you is so unreal, so unreal

Walking up my spine to my mind, Anthoula

Never want to run, live it down,

Such a loving kind, always live it down for your bliss

The beautiful place, my my my Greek face

M M M My Anthoula

M M M My Anthoula


O my soul’s administrator, and curator

You are all that I want or need, Anthoula

Loving you all the time, all the time

I never want to be without you, Anthoula

Never want to run, live it down

Such a loving kind, always live it down for your wits

The beautiful site, my my my Greek light

My my my Greek light

M M M My Anthoula

M M M My Anthoula

M M M My Anthoula

M M M My Anthoula


O My Anthoula

O My Anthoula

O My Anthoula

Please note that you can sing this song with my lyrics. It works well enough : )


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Patrick M. Ohana

A medical writer who reads and writes fiction and some nonfiction, although the latter may appear at times like the former.

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