LGBTQ Based Research Paper

by Ira Calvin 8 months ago in lgbtq

Surveys for a Research Paper

LGBTQ Based Research Paper

I am conducting a research report on the LGBTQ community, in which I identify. I am conducting research about how different factors affect how the world perceives us. The factors that I have identified to be the most influential in the treatment of LGBTQ members: college, sports, and religion, generation, race, and gender roles. Additionally, if anyone reading this felt as if there were other factors that affected our perception, please feel free to contact me.

I believe this survey will help improve the treatment of the LGBTQ community. The way it would do this is by explicating to people, who believe that people who are a part of the LGBTQ community have everything handed to them, that we suffer a great deal. While laws have thankfully made it punishable to kill someone of the LGBTQ community, it still occurs and even when we are not being killed we have to go through so much mental stress about things that affect us that it makes it troublesome to live life. In order to take these surveys, you have to be 18 and up. This is not because it’s inappropriate, but because of the IRB board that would require me to meet up with the people who are underage and get permission from your parents using the parental consent form.

Coming Out Survey

This survey is basically going to ask some questions about your experiences when it came to coming out. The questions will ask things about your experience like your age when you came out and how your family felt about it when you told them. It also asks for you to describe your experience in detail. Do not describe it word for word, but just give a brief description. This information will be used to create an opening about how LGBTQ members do not get to just live in their truth. Instead, we have to come out like we are criminals and this is just because of how the world looks at us. This survey is completely anonymous and I will not even know who has or has not taken the survey.

Extra Information Survey

This survey is just extra information that I could use in the research paper. This survey will help a lot as it will give me more details and information to work with. I will be able to use this information to make the research paper more complete. I will, as stated above, have more information to work with and that will benefit me and this paper greatly. It would also benefit the LGBTQ community greatly. This survey basically asks you about how religion affected you, about sports and being LGBTQ, and also about your educational and work environment. This one, just like the other survey above, is confidential and I will not know who has or has not taken it. This will give you complete anonymity.

In the Closet LGBTQ Survey

This survey is for the individuals who are a part of the LGBTQ and in the closet with their sexuality or gender identity. This survey will just ask how you feel about being in the closet and some factors that affect your decision. The reason for this survey is because LGBTQ members who are in the closet are a big part of this research study. Since the way LGBTQ members are perceived affects people who are in the closet more than it does with people who are open with their sexuality/gender identity. In addition, it affects their willingness to come out. People who are in the closet with their sexuality or gender identity, only take this survey.

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