Let’s Get Real

by Jade Colp 6 months ago in love

Relationships and the love we share!

Let’s Get Real

Let’s Get Real😘😘

Let’s hit on relationships today ❤️❤️!

Do you ever catch yourself talking bad or even worse thinking bad about your significant other? We all do this in some shape or form, so relax you're only human. The question is, do you want it to change?

Like, that jerk doesn’t do this, he makes me feel this way, it’s because of him I feel this way. If only he would do this?

Or all that women does is nag me, try to control me, tells me what to do all the time! It’s so exhausting.

Have you noticed the pattern yet? Have you noticed what kind of power your thoughts and words have?

Wanna know a secret.....


You might be shaking your head saying screw you Jade, it’s that jerk's fault, it’s my parent's fault, it’s my past experience that have made me the way I am!! It’s everyone’s fault.



When you finally embody this and swallow that pill, you have the power to create everything you want! That is so delicious. Start owning what you bring to the table, start owning how you contribute.

Take control of yourself, your emotions, your mind frame, your body and soul, IT IS ALL YOU!! Wether you want to hear this or not, NOBODY can make you feel anyway. Not without you giving your power to them. Like here are my emotions, you just do what you think is best with my emotions. Sounds kinda dumb doesn’t it? But yet we do that daily!

We create our world we live in, nobody does this for us. Nobody comes in and shakes a magic wand and says ok you get a good life and you sir get a crap life! Whoever owns that wand is gonna get beat up!! Winner, you own that damn wand.

Here’s an example of your power of thought!

My husband is a jerk bag and doesn’t care how I feel.


THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, a husband who doesn’t give two shits and acts like a jerk bag in your eyes.

When you shut your eyes and tell yourself that, you're closing yourself off and your husband from seeing what actually might be going on.

Example 2 - My wife is so beautiful and caring, I love how she takes care of us all.

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, a loving beautiful caring wife! With your eyes wide open and gratitude in your heart, I promise you will receive nothing but that!

So which one would you choose?

I hope you would choose to open your eyes and see that you control how you view your significant other. You can change your perspective, but only you can do that.

So if your mind frame is "I get crapped on," well then you get crapped on.

Take your own power back, realize everything you get is your fault, good or bad. Own your stuff, own your emotions, own your mind frame and, ladies and gents, the game changes!

Consciously choosing thoughts and feelings that make you happy or bring you joy are all on you, nobody else has that power unless you have given it to them!

My hopes for this world is people start to open their eyes, take there power back, realize how powerful you are and strive for nothing but happiness, joy and love. Just a gift I received that I love to spread!

Jade Colp
Jade Colp
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