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Legal Lies

by Habby Grac 8 months ago in lgbtq

You can never hide

Legal Lies
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I laid on the floor crying and thinking why me, what did I ever do to deserve this? Hiding my face as my body received punches and kicks. I was told to come here to see my boyfriend for our one-year anniversary.

“Stupid faggot, do you believe I actually loved you, Gross!” his words hit like a knife in my heart…

This man I have spent the past year with all the dates and kisses and after work walks in the park. He broke my heart instantly as he and his friends beat me for just being me.

“Please stop…” My cries went unheard, thinking back remembering too the day we meant.

One year ago:

September 3: This was the first day of my new job, working as a secretary at the law office where the famed Warrior Reign ‘lawyer of the year’ worked. He grew this company literally from the ground up. I was ecstatic to learn I had an interview and then even more overjoyed to get the job. I was so happy that I nearly skipped work from the bus stop. Racing into the café just next door to the building, the smell of strong coffee and donuts filled my nose. I could not help but smile, before ordering I went to the bathroom to check my appearance, I never did like that I did not tan like everyone in my family. They had nice dark skin, me, I was a damn ghost so pale, I could glow in the dark. Even though I was not Asian, I could pass for it with the haircut and color I had, I like the bowl cut look, I could style it any way I wanted. As for today, I styled it in a nice sideswipe, with a curl. Make-up on point, Yes! I am a man that wears make-up, but nothing extravagant. The office had no dress code which was great, I had a nice light green button-up shirt with dark skinny jeans and black boots. Sighing one last time, before exiting the bathroom.

“Hi, can I get two large black coffees and a cream cheese bagel,” Ordering with a smile, I looked down at my phone to make sure his order was right. This would be the first time I have meant my idol in a sense, between an ear to ear grin and wobbling knees today was good.

Walking into the elevator of my work, the building was massive, but different companies rented out office space, and for Warrior, he took three floors, floor 6-8. Secretary offices were floor six, then Pro bono lawyers on floor seven, and lastly the elite lawyers on the eighth floor. As the doors opened, I am welcomed with a nervous atmosphere, I had never been on the eighth floor only the sixth floor. From the elevator looking outward, there were three doors, each had a name on it, Mark Caine; he was on the news as the lawyer that freed three falsely imprisoned. The next door was Justices Lade; she was well known for winning the case of the parents that tried to hide dead children that their son killed. And last Warrior Reign; just his name alone said a lot, but he is mainly known for the two cold cases from nearly twenty years ago of serial rapes.

‘Knock, knock’

“Come in,” his deep but husky voice boomed through the door. Slowly opening his door finding the office is huge, my eyes nearly pop out as I looked around the room in awe. Nearly a whole wall of books on one side of the room, a nice sitting area over by the other wall, straight forward Warrior stood looking out through the glass window, the view and sun looked so beautiful.

“Sir,” I tried to hold back the nervousness, nearly failed,

“You’re the new recruit!” he did not look at me, but I could tell he seen me through the reflection.

“Yes sir,”

“Leave the order on the table then go to your desk, I have a list for you to finish today.” His glare sent a shiver down my spine. I would say he is a very handsome man, just standing in a dark blue three-piece suit. His hair slicked back, the gel made the color a bit darker, a nice dark blonde. That jawline that could cut like a knife. From pictures and news articles his deep soulless blue eyes would be hypnotizing. I rush as I sat his order down and left, the last thing I wanted was to fuck up my first day.

Sitting at my desk, most of the sixth floor was cubicles but each of us had our own pile of work to finish by the end of the day. Most of it was case notes and judgment sets, I jumped right into work.


I laid there sobbing as the rain and mud-covered my body between the torn clothes, bruises, and cuts.


“What did I do wrong?... Ah… Why me?” I whimpered and whined waiting for anything other than the pain.

It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest, the first time I ever loved, the first person I ever opened up to about who I really was. My first anniversary should be joyful and loving, I was planning on giving myself to him. I wanted to be with him forever!

Looking onward I saw drunk students walking by this dark, nasty, smelling alley, I just couldn’t move. I pushed a glass bottle to make a sound hoping they would hear it between the sounds of the rain.

“Did you hear that?” an echo in the distance, I wanted to scream for help, but I also wanted to just lay there and die.

“Dude, it’s a ghost, let’s go I’m hungry,” laughter filled the air.

“You guys go ahead; I’ll catch up later.”

“Man, what a wimp… scared of ghosts…” I watched as two of the three guys left, laughing and carrying on.

“Hello,” the voice seemed to be coming closer, I just covered my face hiding from another attack.

“Shit…” screaming as the person touched me, I unconsciously swung my arms, hoping it was not someone trying to rob me as well.

“Whoa, calm down I’m not going to hurt you,” he took out his cell phone,

“Yeah, I need an ambulance at the corner of Brak Rd and Grave Ave. Yes! I received my life alternating beating on the scary corner.

“No…” I whimpered as I grabbed his hand

“Dude, look at you, I won’t leave you, but you need a doctor!”

“I’m embarrassed,” choking on my blood, this would be considered a hate crime, but who would charge the ‘Lawyers of the year’

“How about this, I have some nursing under my belt, I’ll get some medicine and clean you up.”

“Okay, up we go,” his voice was strong and deep, I really didn’t want to bother him, but I couldn’t go to the hospital.



“Damn, you’re in bad shape dude, what happened?”

“Would you believe me?” The dim light of the street gave me a glimpse of his face, if I did not know any better, I would think it was Mark Caine or at least he looked let him. It could not possibly be him, could it?

“Dude, by the way, you look, I only hope you don’t have internal bleeding.” He shook his head as I stumbled to walk. The rain hid the smell of ax spray on his body, he is dark hair showed in the light, but what really caught my eye was those dark blue eyes.

Walking into his apartment that was only about two blocks from where I was found, good thing it had an elevator, I would not be able to handle stairs right now, everything hurt even my soul.


“Your lite and heavy at the same time, I have an aid kit give me a minute.” I kept Why is he helping me?

Staring at the ceiling not that I could see much my left eye was nearly swollen shut and the room was dark, he had turned only any light yet. I felt bad sitting on his sofa with wet clothes.

‘Hiss,’ Rushing to cover my face, as he flicked on the lights. He stood there in the light I assumed to assess the situation. I took that minute to get a good look at him, I was right he had black hair (cold black hair) his eye was blue in the light outside but now they’re a light brown matching the deep color eyebrows just about his eyes, he’s skin color was also very dark, not too much those full lips. I know the last thing I needed to think about was how attractive a guy is, especially in my state.

“Are you done checking me out!” I blushed heavily at his words, but that smile he gave me was something else. He must have changed his clothes, when he found me, he was wearing a green shirt and jeans, but now he was wearing grey jogging pants and a black t-shirt.

“So…Sorry,” I hung my head low,

“It’s ok, but you… you look like shit, while I clean you up, I would like for you to tell me what happened please,”

Before I could respond he came over with a large kit, sitting on the table, I nice the fireplace with a tv on the wall above.

“Oh, by the way, what’s your name?” He asked while setting up the table and kneeling in front of me.

“Uh… Erza Reknee and you?”

“Alexei Kuznetsov… I’ll take off your shoes first.”

First, he started with cleaning the gash on my forehead, two or three stitches, time seemed to slow down the more he cleaned and bandaged my wounds, ointment on my cheek and eyes lid, then my lip.

“Take off your shirt,”

“Huh?” I said dumbfound.

“I need to check of internal bleeding, down want to do all this work and you on me.” He grinned, I struggled, hissing at the pain on my sides, both felt worse than my face.

He helped me after a minute of struggling. I did not want to look, and I honestly did not want to know how bad my mid-section looked.

Glancing down following his hands, check my ribs, the black and blue with a hint of purple and yellow colors cover a good bit of my chest and stomach. His face came so close he stared intently; his eyes glowed with the light.

“You haven’t told what happened?” Again, I dropped my head, stifling

“You make ask me to leave after I tell you,” I wiped my nose, only to be shocked when he cupped my face. Shocked by the words he spoke next.

“Why would someone hurt such a cute man?”


“If you need you can stay here until you get better, don’t worry about telling me, taking your time.” That smile, I should be affected by him this way. He saved me, the last thing I needed was to end up like this again.

“There is a set of clothes in the bathroom, just through that door, go shower, I’ll set up the guest room.” I did not get to protest, he immediately stood leaving me sitting there.

Sighing as I walked into the bathroom, I did not notice before that I thought was a closet door, the bathroom was spacing. Marble tiles and counters, both a tub and shower in one, on the counter was filled with colognes and body spray with shaving equipment. Looking in the mirror gasping at the person looking back at me. What did I ever do to deserve this? Dropping to the floor sobbing, pulling my feet into my chest. Rocking back and forth, Why Warrior did you do this to me?

One year ago:

“Hi, Ezra this file needs updating by tomorrow, can you stay late for me?” Nodding hiding the excitement to stay late for the first time with Warrior, he is such a great role model. Sitting at his desk as he sat on his couch reading over more files.

“Uh… Warrior, how you want me to phase this section?” he walked over smiling intently, not bothering to tell me to move, he just leaned down so close to his face. I stared at him silently hoping he will not turn my directing and catch me checking him out.

“You look sexy staring like that,” I instantly turn my head in the opposite direction blushing so hard. Before I jump to my feet, he cupped my face staring to my eyes leaning closer and closer until our lips touched, the tenderness of his lips. At first, I was shocked but then it hit I was kissing him, Warrior Reign.


I exit the bathroom after my good cry and shower, I took this minute to look around the living room, the couch I sat on was an ugly puke yellow, the black glass coffee table with matching side tables, and with magazines and books on the one table had a beige lap, with a red shade, there was a wall that broke off to a hallway, off to the side of the room was a small kitchen area, just a stove, microwave, sink, and refrigerator, plus cabinets.

“Ezra!” I had to suck in the gasped of fear, turning to see it was Alexei.

“Are you hungry?”

“Can I some water?” he nods walking to the fridge fetching water,

“Can I watch Tv?”

“Sure, knock your self out,” I huffed as sat on that nasty color couch, I have no idea how a guy so cute can have such an ugly apartment. Shanking my head, I turned on something anything to take my mind off Warrior.

“Is this show any good?” He asked handing me the water,

“Yeah, it’s great, I love the how well they scripted it around the books.” I smiled, he got lost in the show for a good hour, but I was sleeping and did not know it I should leave or not.

“Hey, Ezra come on,” I lazily looked at him as he took my hand almost dragging me into a room, I didn’t bother looking around I just flopped down on the bed sighing as sleep took over.

Grunting to the sound of music waking me from a deep sleep. My eyes were so sore not to mention the banging headache, just to more hurt. Laying in the bed staring at the ceiling trying hurt no to cry everything seemed to be going so well. Now I am out of a job, an apartment, even my boyfriend.

“You’re awake, I made so cream of wheat, come eat. Nothing heavily yet.” Forgetting all about Alexei, who saved me. I need to repay him, when I get back on my feet, I will repay him. Sitting up on the bed yawning staring around the room, this room was very white. White walls and white curtains on the windows. The bed is a good size maybe a double with a tan color bed set, a chair in the corner with a small book table. The room seemed to be a good size about as big as my bedroom at my apartment, a standard size.

Sighing as I walked out into the kitchen, stopping for a minute to look at the flower painting on the hall wall.

“I painted that two years ago,”

“Wow! It’s amazing” I said in awe, he just smiled and walked back into the kitchen.

“Can I ask you something?” he looked a bit tensed as he spoke,

“Sure!” I said as I added sugar to my cream of wheat,

“Who did that to you?” literally dropping the spoon on the counter.

“I would like to know who did this to you, you need to go to the police about it,”

“Please Alexei, don’t force me to tell you, and the police won’t help a faggot such as myself.”

“Don’t EVER SAY THAT!” my eyes nearly jumped as much as my body, his boomed deeply through the walls.

“You’re human, sexual orientation has nothing to do with it, and the police can’t hold that against.”

I just dropped my head low, sniffling as I tried to form the words.

“My boyfriend, it was our one-year anniversary and… and he and his friends ambushed me.”

“Name? Ezra give me a name…” his tone seemed to be both demanding and forceful.

“Wa…War…Warrior R…eign,” I covered my face with my hands sobbing, jumping slightly when I felt him wrap his arms around me.

“I will help you as much as I can.” He said rocking me side to side as I sobbed.

Alexei left Ezra at his apartment after they ate breakfast, he gave him instructions not to leave the apartment for a few days to recover and that Warrior could be looking for him. Alexei pulled up to his bar growling as he tried to contain the flame in his body for seeing Ezra in such bad shape. One thing that Ezra didn’t know was Alexei and Mark Caine are brothers and Alexei saw that Warrior and Ezra were together but tried watching closely Warrior is a crudity lawyer, Ezra was in danger.

“Jude, find me everything on Warrior Reign, anything under the belt.” Alexei snarled throwing the file on his desk, he gave a shocked and understanding look. Jumping onto his computer, as he walked into his office slamming the door.

Alexei wanted so much to just go to his office and beat Warrior to death, but he needed to follow the law at least for now.

“I regret leaving you unattended even for one hour,” Alexei sighed looking at the photo of Ezra on his desk.

Alexei spent most of his day fishing through files of Warrior’s best cases, looking for loopholes and the is discovery Warrior had three secretaries's in the course of four years, all of which resigned at or near the one year mark of landing the job.

“So, no one as picked up on this before.” He hummed rubbing his chin,

There are something people just need to pay close attention to and someone as squeaky clean as Warrior’s recorder, Alexei knew he was hiding something.

“Time to catch this nasty rat.”

Ezra spent most of his day sleeping and watching tv, taking a chance to really admire the apartment.

“I wonder why he has so many 70s things here, is he a collector?” I smiled, walking around the open space, I respected his privacy not going near his room. No, that he told not to go in there but if it was the other way around, I would expect him to respect my room too.

After I cleaned the apartment feeling it was my duty so that I could be useful, my head started hurting making me lay on the couch watching Tv. Staring at the ceiling tilting my head to the side, I never noticed the door hack about the couch. The door matched the ceiling color every well if I didn’t know any better, I’d say there was something hiding. Hunching my shoulders relaxing back on the couch, he didn’t explain it, it every wasn’t my business I’m thankful he saved me.

I must have dozed off, when I woke up it was just sunsetting and my stomach was yelling for food, (Feed me!) it screamed. Looking through the cabinets setting out all the ingredients for potatoes, carrots, and meatloaf. Making him a thank you dinner, and it would be nice to come home from work to have food already finished. At least that’s how I was with Warrior, if though I worked long hours when he got home I had dinner ready.

One year ago,

“Would you be willing to fix me dinner at my house?” Warrior smiled watching my squirm, it was always his thing, he would flirt in front of co-workers, hold me a certain way or make sit on his lap in his office.

“Sure, I’m off at 6 pm tonight, see there.” I bounced off his lap, walking out the door smiling heading my way back to my desk.

He makes me so happy, smiling as I stat at my desk waiting for 6 pm to hurry up.

At Warrior’s apartment, a very luxurious top-notch suit. Fancy furniture and high-priced window and room décor. We had been dating for a little over two months, he gave me the code to his door and even had the maid set up and closet for me. I felt a bit weird that he pushed for me to be here more often. But because it was my first relationship I didn’t really question it much, most of my co-workers said he was a great guy, but the way they would never be alone with him looked a bit weird to me as well.

Making his favorite dish, Steak and gravy with white rice, dancing to the music-loving every second of this life.

“Something smells good dear,” Warrior said as his hands snaked around my waist sway side to side, his lips brushed against my neck, making my body sensitive and hot.

“Yup, your favorite,” I smiled breaking away from him only to be caged in by his arms,

“I’m being very patient, but I don’t know how much longer I can wait to have you,” his eyes turned hungry as he licked his lips seductively, I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“I told you, we barely know one other let’s take it slow,” I was doing my best to reason with him,

“Would you at least use your mouth…” he snapped holding my shoulder tightly as he slightly pushed me to my knees. Right there in the kitchen while the food cooked, he gave his way, it was then that I knew it wasn’t something I wanted anymore.


“Ezra, Ezra…” blinking wildly focuses on the stove, spotting Alexei standing on the other side of the counter with a concerning look on his face.

“Are you okay? Why are you crying?”

“Uh… hmm, nothing just thinking, I made dinner do you want some?” brushing off the memories

“Sure, I’ll set the table and gave a few beers.” He said, I just had to pretend I was okay for now.

We sat in silence eating but seemed to be bothering him. I wanted to know but didn’t at the same time.

“Ezra do you want to stay here for a while?” that was another thing I didn’t think about, I didn’t even have my apartment anymore, I had nowhere to live and I’m sure I don’t have a job now either.

“I don’t want to impose…” I bit my lip in between bites, this conversation was definitely something worth having.

“Just clean and fix dinner until you get on your feet,” his alternative helped me a lot,

“I can do that after I’m fulling healed, I’ll look for a job.”

“That works,” he stays nonchalant for the rest of the meal, while I cleaned the kitchen, he took a shower. I wanted to let me guard down just for a bit, but Warrior destroyed ever once of trust I’ll ever have for someone.

“Ezra,” filching then turning to the sound on my name, dropping the dish on the floor. Holy Abs!

“Are you okay?” he didn’t even seem bothered than he was currently standing the bathroom doorway with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

“I…I…I’m fine!” No, I wasn’t, Alexei’s body was nothing compared to Warrior’s shaking off the remote idea.

“Di…Did you need something?” I need to handle my emotions that’s what got me in this mess.

“Can you hand me a cup?” Walking over to him with the cup, keeping my head low, the closer I got the better his body filled out in my head.

Rushing back to clean up the broken dish, silently happy that he didn’t get mad about it. Why did he have to come out of the bathroom like that? Sitting on the couch thinking maybe it would be better if I gave him his living room back, I’ve been sitting here all day maybe he wanted to relax.

Nodding my head as I stood to the room, he set up for me,

“You don’t need to leave, what you are watching?” he flopped down on the couch patting the seat for me to sit next to him.

“Um… it’s not English you might not like it, you see I’…I’m gay…” he didn’t move, I told that Warrior was my boyfriend so that gave it away, but I wanted it to be clear.

“Ezra, look at me, you’re not contagious, you’re human just like everyone else, Warrior did you dirty, but just learn from it. I helped you because it was the right thing to do. Your sexual orientation is not ever a bad thing,” his speech gave me a healing feeling,

“Come here,” he pulled me into another hug, smelling his sweet wood body wash, as I slowly wrapped my arms around him as a thank you.

“Let me have a look at your wounds,” he pulled away looking at my forehead first, check the stitches, then my cheek and lip.

“Lift your shirt,” I was still very shy about that, but not as I was yesterday.

Looking to see the bruises changed colors again, deep purple with a greenish-yellow. Hissing and sucking in a breath as he touched the most tender spot.

“Very good, I want to take a few pictures, same as I did yesterday,” nodding in responses, I could see his demeanor changed as if he was holding back anger or temptation.

“Let’s watch this show you have set up, what’s it called” he laughed setting down the camera, telling me he was relaxing a bit.

“Um… it’s called Love By Chance,” he clicked the play button.

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