Just One Dance

A short story about falling in love

Just One Dance

This is a very old story of mine, written under my writers name, Arania Hale, and you may also find it on Quotev.com because that is where I used to write all of my stories. Sorry it seems like a 12 year old written it but I was young and it is a true story. I hope you do enjoy though, here is the story!

She stood, looking at herself in her dresser mirror. The dress she wore looked horrible on her and she would've liked to have a new dress but her mom didn't have the money. Her hair, a long, wavy brown, was in candle curls in a half ponytail. Her mom had told her she looked beautiful, but she looked horrible, she told herself.

The doorbell rang and she heard her mom open it.

"Time to go," she muttered. She walked out of her bedroom and went into the living room to find her best friend standing there, looking dashing. He smiled at her, probably hoping that she would accept becoming his girlfriend. She laughed quietly at the thought of dating her best friend. After all, they were only friends.

He walked up to her and pinned the corsage to the top of her hot pink dress. Then, after many pictures and a lot of impatient waiting, they had finally got into the turquoise car to head to the dance. She was nervous as they headed to the dance because this was her first homecoming and she didn't know what to expect.

They arrived after fifteen minutes of driving and when she got inside her jaw dropped. Everything was so beautiful; it was like walking into a ballroom filled with lots of purple and white balloons. Though, the most luxurious place was the senior courtyard. Everything was redone and on the sidewalk was golden lights leading to different picnic tables which made it look romantic.

As they walked, they found their friends sitting in the middle of the courtyard. The talked and hung out for a couple hours and then a slow song came on and they all decided to go dance. It didn't bother the two friends dancing chest-to-chest together because it had felt comfortable and right. Somewhere in her heart, she knew she wanted to be with her best friend but she was afraid of leaving herself open to hurt.

After hours of thinking about accepting, she decided to say yes. Though, before she could, he looked into her green eyes, lifted her chin, and kissed her. At first she was shocked. She had never been kissed before and for her first kiss, she thought it was perfect. After he kissed her, she looked up at him and told him yes. He then kissed her again.

"What a perfect night!" She thought to herself.

They danced the rest of the night together, and when it was time to go home, she was sad to have her night end. When she saw him the next day he smiled at her and made room for her to sit next to him. They ended up sitting together and walking together every day at school.

On October 26, they broke up because he told her he didn't have feelings for her anymore. She knew this was going to happen if she accepted, but they still stayed friends and she hoped that one day he would have feelings again for her. They both tried dating other people but on May 1st, they got back together. She was glad to be with him again because she knew he was the only one she loved because after she kissed the other guys she dated, no other kiss was like her best friend's kiss.

When they walked to classes they were always late because she had broken her ankle while roller-skating, but it didn't bother her because he would always put his arm around her and carry her books to help her. When it was their 8 month anniversary, it was Christmas time. Christmas was special for her because her brother came in from serving in the army and it was special because this would be their first Christmas together.

She picked him out a West Virginia hoodie that was really expensive but she didn't care because you couldn't buy love. When they saw each other, she gave him the West Virginia hoodie, and he made her a tulip and a glass decoration of a kitty and the writing on it said "I love you". She loved her present and she put it on her TV stand in her room when she got home from that wonderful evening.

After a few weeks, he asked her to get engaged when they became seniors. Even though they still had two more years to go, he said he couldn't wait to ask, so she said yes because she loved him a lot and she wanted to stay with him.

Though, after a few weeks, things went from perfect to horrible. They were fighting and she was trying hard to keep their relationship together. She tried to always say, "It's alright" when nothing really was. They managed to stay together for a while longer until he asked her to become pregnant.

It was a complete shock to her. She thought he was going crazy so she asked why he wanted her to become pregnant at this age.

He said, "Both of our parents are getting old and by the time we get out of college, they are most likely to be dead."

He wanted her to be a stay at home mom and they fought about having kids and her being a stay at home mom.

She finally decided to be cold when he wouldn't get her reasons why it was stupid to have a child at this age and she told him, "No, I am not having a baby at this age and I will make sure of that."

He said fine, and after a few days he broke up with her. She was heartbroken and she finally decided that "never again will I accept becoming your girlfriend".

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