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Just Another Story

by Jayson Rich 5 years ago in love
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Guy & Girl Story

The Guy is walking again with Girl, holding hands and laughing as the Guy tells another one of his famous stories that she loves.

She asks in between laughs, “Will you always tell me stories?” stopping and looking at him with wide eyes for effect with a smile he can’t say no to.

So, of course, he responds to her, “My love, I will tell you all the stories I have, and then…” He pauses seeming stumped.

“Aaaaaaaand then?” She repeats back grinning even wider now, teasing him on.

“Well darling and then… and then I will tell you the stories that OTHER people have!” He boasts, tugging her along to continue their walk on their frequented path home.

After another block or two Guy feels Girl beginning to slow down and eventually stopping dead in her tracks again. He looks back to see her, arm outstretched, Girl’s hand still gripping his. Most importantly such a quizzical confused look that he can’t help letting quickly flash a giant smirk, then shifting it to a frown but not before she could glance it.

“What’s wrong love?” He asks.

“Well then tell me one. A story. Someone else’s I mean,” Girl demands jumping forward, slinging her arms around his neck and looking deeply into Guy’s eyes.

Guy steals a peck of a kiss on her lips quickly before Girl could move.

“Hmm, for you, my dear anything. Where on Earth though do I start?!” He says.

Girl jumps saying, “Anywhere! About anything! Or everywhere! About everything! Oh! Oh! What about right here?! Right now?!” Giddy with excitement now.

The Guy looks around pretending to think about it making an audible, Hmmmm, scratching his chin. Suddenly Girl snatches his hand away, holding onto it and spinning along his arm until she has it wrapped around her waist with her back against him.

Looking up at Guy, Girl whines, “Come on big troublemaker, let’s hear it,” stomping her foot teasingly for emphasis.

Guy pulls Girl even closer and nervously says “Well duh…,” mockingly wiping sweat away from his brow.

Before Girl could fuss about it, Guy kisses her cheek and laughs, plopping down on the nearest bench, pulling Girl with him, letting her collapse into his lap, with them both looking out over the city.

The Guy starts with, “I once read in Greek mythology that Zeus at the beginning of it all created man in a way that we wouldn’t recognize if we saw them today. Insane things they were said to be, almost monstrous.”

He nudges Girl to make sure she’s still listening by teasing her with, “Nothing as bad as your mother.”

Girl chuckles and tells Guy, “You should start getting used to it now because that’s your future.”

Guy snorts thinking to himself that he knows Girl can never be anything other than flawlessly beautiful in this world.

He goes on, “Well these beings Zeus created, they were ten feet tall hulking over you or me, about as tall as a bus, love.”

Guy begins waving his arms and legs to emphasize and help paint the picture for her. Girl begins giggling but nodding.

“Stronger than ever imaginable, four long spindly arms and 20 fingers! Four even longer legs to the one body that carried them around! At the top of everything stood two attached heads from the neck up.” Girl’s attention is glued to Guy as he tells the story.

Her eyes wide and mouth open as she eagerly awaits more, so Guy does as she pleases. “Now for the sake of it all, regardless of everything else, it is said that these creatures, the first humans that they were, had only one heart beating in their mighty chest. Their hearts though were the original ones, the ones that we have so many candies and trinkets and pictures shaped after.” He says, tapping her chest then his own right where they’re own heart lay beating for each other.

Guy continues with, “One day though Zeus split these beings straight down the middle of where the necks of their two huge heads met. Leaving each new human as we know them to be with two arms, two legs, and one head, but most important of all…” At this Guy pauses.

Here he shifts slightly so that while Girl still sits on his lap they are no longer looking out at the city in all its awe at night, instead, they are facing each other. He keeps one arm firmly and tightly around her waist so she stays balanced and safe in his embrace to reach up slowly with the other hand. Again he touches his chest then hers, letting his hand linger above Girl’s heart.

“…half a heart to each. So that, as the legends would have it, that each of us is destined to find our other half, to be rejoined with the person carrying that matching part our hearts to fall in love and be together again.” The guy finishes with such calm sentiment in his voice.

The girl remains deep on the thought a moment longer then smiles.

She comments, “Definitely gives the whole ‘my other half’ thing a new meaning huh? I wonder how crazy the Greeks had to be in order be certain of something so insane?!”

Still facing each other, Guy breaks the silence with, “They couldn’t have been much crazier than I am. Maybe it was just a story at first, something you can just laugh off because it seems implausible. Now though, I’m not really so sure that I can dismiss it.”

Guy wraps both arms around Girl's waist again and squeezes her tight.

“When I have someone here with me as important as life itself. With someone this special and my feelings this strong for them, EVERYTHING out there,” he says with insane passion.

Guy shifts again facing Girl and himself out towards the city again, contently resting his chin on her shoulder.

“I mean this entire planet could never mean as much as you alone do to me,” he whispers in her ear.

The Girl asks now, “Are you telling me you believe in Zeus and Olympus and the Gods and Monsters? Or are you saying that you think you’re in love with little old me?” Fluttering her eyelashes for emphasis.

Guy remembers in this moment that Girl is just as quick on her feet as he is. Maybe even quicker, and he can’t help but love her.

He tells her, “What I’m saying to you, my precious, is to look out in front us, to think about it all that’s out there. I want for you to know that no matter what is out there not just right now, but including everything that has been or ever will be. Not just in this town, state, country or planet. Hell, not even just that but in alternate universes, separate dimensions, or even different timelines. In all of these things. There will never be another like you. I could never love anything or anyone as I do you, because here and now I know I found the other part of me Zeus tore away all those years ago.”


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Jayson Rich

People have always loved to read what I write, and I've always loved to write what people want to read. From research to romance...

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