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by C.M. 7 months ago in humanity

People can see color yet still be blind

I am always the girl that stays quiet, secretly afraid.

But I’m sick of pretending and keeping up this charade.

People don’t know me, they just like to assume.

But I’m done hiding, ready to exhume.

It all started back in 03.

I was happy, goofing off, typical dumb, ignorant as can be.

That all changed as I've grown, don’t know how don’t know exactly when.

All I know is I started looking at things differently which started this misery I’m living in.

I'm glad, due to my new perspective now I am a better person.

But that's not the only thing that changed. My social anxiety... It did worsen.

People used to love to bully me, I was different from the majority.

The abnormality, feeling of inferiority hard sticking to conformity.

The thing is, back then I didn't mind.

I was bullied, but oddly happy, and happiness is hard to find.

Now, because I'm afraid to speak I have no enemies, but also have not one friend.

It seems I can never win. When will this depression end?

Before, I spoke my mind, though I had trouble socializing and connecting with people.

Now I don't, due to fear of rejection and judgment. People may think of me as being weak and feeble.

Because it takes every ounce of strength in me to just approach someone and say one word.

But if they just listened, if they had just heard.

Then they would see how much courage it took.

To you, some things may be easy, but for others, it’s not. Open your eyes, and look.

We are all people. It’s time to accept the truth.

Be kind to one another, preach it to the old, the youth.

People aren’t born to hate they were taught this way.

It shouldn’t matter whether your straight, bisexual, transgender or gay.

Stop hating on someone because of the color of their skin.

Or because they practice a different religion.

Whether your fat, thin, old, or young.

How many words need to be said or lyrics spat and sung.

Start giving, caring, and emancipating.

Stop the hate, dividing, and discriminating.

Put your differences aside.

Lives have been lost, people have died.

When will this hate stop when will it end?

Because of shootings Parents afraid to take their kids to school and have them attend.

How Do you think little black girls feel?

When they walk into a toy shop with no African American dolls or black princesses in their happy kid meal.

Or what about a parent who disowns their daughter for liking girls

How can they do that, where is their decency, their morals?

Why does a black man go to prison for 5 years for stealing to support their kid and spouse?

When a white man can walk free after rape and go back to their rich life and luxurious house.

Yeah, life’s unfair what can you do?

I’ll tell you what. Start acting how you would want others to treat you.

And I'm sorry, I don’t mean to pry.

But you have the power to help people and make the world a better place if you are willing to try.

You don’t even have to do anything big or go out of the way.

Just a simple compliment, kind gesture, or smile could make someone’s day.

We are all the human race, we were all created equal.

Treat each other with kindness not hatred, for hate is what makes us lethal.

People judged me for my disability.

But they overlooked my ability.

I hope to inspire people because that’s the type of mark I want to leave when I die.

What legacy do you want to leave when you go? What will people remember you by?

It’s up to you to pick.

Just do one thing. Don't be a dick.



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