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Jessica Williams

One Tree Hill is a show that quite literally changed the game for me. I started applying every line to every aspect of my life. I found a piece of myself in every character, every story line. There are days where I’ll finish the series and start it all over again.

Peyton Sawyer was one of my favorites. She was the perfect blend of happy, beautiful, and tragic. She completely understood my want and need for people. She relied on them to feel safe. Peyton latched on to her friends, hoping to get any type of love from them that she could. I was under the impression that Peyton was just a character, a vision of something you wanted, but couldn’t have. That was until I met Jessica Williams.

Jess is Peyton, whether she knows it or not, whether she likes it or not. From the beauty to the tragedy, she conquers it all. She is bold and strong. She understands and copes with pain better than anyone I have ever met.

"Peyton Sawyer isn't human. She's an angel." Jessica is The Valley's angel: delicate, precious, and fleeting. She is an individual work of art, with gold-blonde hair and bright blue eyes that see the world in every vibrant color it offers.

Peyton lost the people closest to her, and yet she found the strength to keep living her life, trying as hard as she could to get her smile back. I've watched Jess do the same. Strength and power aren't the easiest things to come by. You have to be in the right place at the right time and the right moment has to present itself. You have no use for your strength if you're caught in a moment where the world doesn't need you to be strong. You can't use your power if someone is asking you to be weak.

Sometimes, life sucks. It's just something that each and every one of us has to deal with. As sad at it is, that's the way it works. But the majority of the time, this life is a beautiful thing. We experience amazing things and meet extraordinary people. I met Jessica at one of the best points in my life. I found happiness more often than I used to, the music sounded better, and daylight lasted longer. At that point, everything was okay. And honestly she just made everything better. Jess is my angel. She is what heaven gave to me when I felt broken and weak and childish. She's been my angel when I felt like I couldn't move on from the things that hurt me the most. She's my angel when I need someone to spend three and a half hours on the phone with. She's my angel when I've been through hell.

Storms don't come often, but when they do, they're wild, untamed, and continue to blow through our lives, tearing everything apart. And sometimes, when the biggest storms roll in, we honestly think it's over. We believe that everything will fall apart and there's no fixing it. I have absolutely no idea when my storms are coming, but Jess always seems to be there when they do. She is my shelter through my thunderstorms, my high ground through my hurricanes. When I can physically feel my heart breaking, I always want to hear her voice. No matter what pain I'm feeling, she knows exactly what I'm going through, and exactly how to get me out.

Sometimes I feel like Jess and I have a world of our own. Whether we connect through art or music, she seems to be the one that always gets it. I told her once that she was all I ever needed. I will never stop believing in that.

Peyton Sawyer carried people. Without her, so many things seemed to fall apart. If you gave me thirty seconds, I'd be able to list about a million things that would never be the same if Jessica Williams hadn't decided that The Valley needed an angel.

So thanks, Jess, for giving your wings a break and stepping down from heaven to show us something not every eye gets to see. The Valley loves you. Always has, always will.

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