Jack Winston's Party

by Ashton Nathaniel about a year ago in lgbtq

A Love Story with No Labels

I'm not much of a party-person, but this party invitation read the one name that gave my heart this sort of rush that made me receive the need to go. "Jack Winston's Summer Party 2018"—my eyes skimmed across the invitation. Jack is known to throw some insane parties, and I've gotten the invitations over the years because he invites our whole grade level.

But my need to go came upon me after I officially met Jack on the first day of school this year; he sat next to me in my English class and I didn't really think anything of it until he started talking to me. He leaned over saying, "Hey, I'm Jack. I've seen you around and you seem cool," he had such softness in his voice. He was a confident guy, I could tell by him straight up offering a friendship. He's so soft, everything about him is soft. His voice, his eyes, his heart. I didn't know that just yet on the first day, but boy, oh boy, I would soon end up learning that. I remember being so shy talking to him, he was Jack and I was just me. I managed to crack a genuine smile and leak out a "hello" to him, but oh, man, my heart was pounding. I had heard some great things about him from other people, he's a good person from what I picked up.

My fingers ran along the invitation as a smirk grew on my face at the thought of going to a party hosted by Jack Winston. I never knew a boy could be so dreamy, and never did I think I'd end up falling for one as great as him. The paper read that the party started 7:00 PM, June 1, it's only an hour away. I threw on a black shirt with pink flowers on it, going for a "Hawaiian-floral" look. I put on some white shorts and made my way to the bathroom to freshen up, applying deodorant and brushing my teeth. I felt a sudden rush of nervousness shoot through my body, again, I'm not a party-person. Who knew what would end up happening at Jack's party?

Luckily, he happens to live right down the road from me. I walked down the sunset-lit path, a street lamp flickered above me right when I eyed his house. I felt more anxious than ever, I don't know if it's from the fact that I don't really like parties or because it's a fact that I'll see Jack there. Sitting next to him in class wasn't just being among a fellow classmate or anything, it was memorable.

He would pass me notes during class, making conversation as the teacher taught her lesson. One time, we suddenly got into a deep conversation about love. It was funny to have that kind of conversation through a piece of paper rather than in person, but things suddenly happen.

"I don't think that anyone would ever truly love me. What's there to even like about someone like me? I'm such a loser."

"I don't get why you think that. You're an amazing person."

He ended that note of his with a heart, which that usually doesn't happen with someone like me. Trust me, I overthought it so hard. What does the heart mean? I'd always catch his crystal blue eyes looking in my direction, I don't know if he had a goat-stare or it actually meant something. Maybe it's just the overthinking doing its part.

When I walked through the front door, there were already people turning the house upside down. Early-2000s music blasted through some large black speakers that rested center of his living room. That's a thing that I like about Jack; he has a good taste in music. He knows how to get people pumped, even if it isn't the latest and greatest music out there, that goes to show why his parties are so popular.

I stood there in front of the door for a moment, feeling awkward. I was lucky that my friend, Autumn, just so happened to walk in right behind me. She smiled and hooked her arm through mine, leading me to the couch.

"How did you end up here? I thought you didn't like parties," she laughed over the music.

"I asked myself the same question," I joked. I really did know why I ended up here, that's when I saw him walk down from upstairs and lock his eyes with mine. The living room was a sea of people by this time, but he never took his eyes off of me. He sort of towered over everyone, making his way towards me.

"I didn't think that you'd make it this year!" Jack said with a surprising tone. Everyone's so surprised to see me, the social outcast, at a party. I guess I don't blame them for being shocked, I am, too.

I smiled at his precious face, "I didn't think I'd make it either." He ran his hands through his chestnut-colored hair as the crease marks from his smile grew.

"Do you want to grab a drink? I know you're not all for alcohol, so I got some soft drinks."

"Sure," I told him while getting up. Autumn had started talking to another group of people, so she gave me the eye of consent to leave her behind. As we walked towards the kitchen, an unbelievable thing happened; Jack Winston turned around, looked me in the eyes with a soft grin, and grabbed my hand. Fingers intertwined and everything. My heart bursted right then and there, this boy made me feel so many things.

He handed me my drink; a can of 7-Up. I loved that he knew it was my favorite. "It's crazy how quick this year went by. I wish that it didn't go by so fast, I loved English class because of you and I feel like I didn't get enough of it."

My heart was beating fast. "It is crazy, I really loved having class with you." I felt stuck at words, like a startled cat. I'm not good when it comes to conversations, especially Jack being someone I deeply liked.

"Hey, do you want to head upstairs and talk? It's pretty noisy down here."

I nodded my head as he grabbed my hand once again and led me up the stairs.

It was much quieter upstairs, the music was muffled through the floor. I watched the back of his neck as he led me to his bedroom. His tan skin was beautiful, it reminded me of a warm fire on Christmas. When we got into his room, he let go of my hand and he gently shut the door behind us.

"No offense, but I never thought that in a million years, you would end up at a party. My party to be exact," he chuckled.

"I like to surprise myself, I guess."

"Well, you not only surprised yourself but you surprised me, too. I'm glad you came." He smiled. God, that smile.

I wanted nothing more in that moment to feel his lips on mine, and it was like he read my mind because before I knew it, he cupped his hands onto my face, pulled me in, and pressed his rose-pink lips onto mine.

He pulled away slowly, "The day you told me that you didn't know if you'd ever find someone that would love you, I knew that it was my chance to show you who truly loves you."

He let out a small, cute laugh, "I love you, Tyler Knight."

The way he said my name was crazy, like rain falling up. I could feel my bones become weak as every heart beat felt stronger. "I love you, Jack Winston."

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