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It's not easy for literary girls to make love

Three Fish is an old leftover girl,

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

For this was not less parents to go on a blind date, but every time three fish feel each other shortcomings. Cows do not drink water can not be forced to press the head, parents only dry anxious share.

West wood is the boudoir of three fish, to relax, two people meet to visit Suzhou. When they arrived in Suzhou, it was dark and they took a rest in a small hotel near the river.

Just entered the room, West wood said to the three fish: "How do I feel the room is chilly, Yin full." Sanyu comforted Saiki and said, "Maybe it's the proximity to the river." Sleep in the middle of the night, west wood suddenly shouted, woke up three fish. Three fish pushed Saiki and asked her what was wrong? After a long time, West wood just said: "Just now I dream of a man wearing a black shirt directly toward you, the black man found I see him, said to me, he and your fate is coming. I saw he was going to kiss you, and I couldn't move my arms or legs, so I cried out and woke up. ' Listen TO WEST WOOD SO SAY, THREE FISH LAUGH A WAY: "YOU ARE NOT TO SEE HANDSOME BOY COVET TO ME, YOU ENVY AND ENVY, JUST FRIGHTEN SOMEBODY ELSE OF?" The two romped for a while, and the atmosphere softened, and they fell into a quiet sleep again.

The garden that Sanyu and Saiki are going to visit is near the inn. Above a wooden floating corridor, Miyu posed repeatedly for Nishiki to take her picture. Is playing to rise, three fish accidentally bumped into a person, she hurriedly said "sorry". Walked A good FAR, THREE FISH JUST SAY TO WEST WOOD: "JUST THAT PERSON GOOD HANDSOME, I FEEL WAS ELECTRIC ARRIVED." Saimu said mysteriously, "Don't you see he's wearing a black shirt?" Three fish think of last night west wood dream, and then toward the black shirt man to leave the direction of the other side has disappeared.Continue to go forward, is an arch bridge with a very unique name, called Magpie bridge. West wood said to three fish: "It is said that two people who do not know each other can walk on it and get out of the fate. Maybe you'll meet someone you like."

Although three fish do not believe West wood's words, but still slowly walked over. A boat passed under the bridge, and the three fish saw at a glance that the man in the black shirt was standing on the boat. At this moment, the black shirt man is also looking at a long dress, leaning against the fence and three fish. In the boat from under the bridge through that moment, three fish feel a burst of heartache, is it really predestined to have no points?

After a while, the clear sky suddenly began to rain heavily. The two ran to the pavilion for shelter, and the man in the black shirt also ran to the pavilion for shelter. The heart of three fish suddenly plop plop to jump. West WOOD SMALL VOICE ENCOURAGE THREE FISH: "TAKE THE INITIATIVE A BIT BAI, DOZEN HELLO." Three fish shake head: "Too brusque."

The rain stopped gradually and the man in the black shirt went first. West wood in one side to tease three fish: "Deserve to be single." Three fish say: "TRUE predestination will miss?" West wood impatient, "you this is not to miss, you this is not active. Well, can't say you, I don't accompany you to go, early should wear a flat shoes out, wear high heels is really suffering." Said, west wood took off the high heels, sitting on the pavilion chair, dead or alive.

The air suddenly became fresh after the rain, three fish looking at the house not far away, suddenly came to the interest. She told Saiki not to wander, and she wandered for a while. Look AT THREE FISH WALK AWAY GRADUALLY, WEST WOOD PATTED ONCE BALUSTRADE, SECRETLY SMILE WAY: "SMALL SAMPLE SON, SEE HOW YOU ESCAPE MY PALM OF THE HEART!"

As the three fish approached the house, rain was dripping from the porch. Moss was growing on the SLATE and ivy was all over the gable. Walked to a small alley, next to a big stone, written above two words: fate. Before coming here, Three fish had heard that there was a road in this garden, and it was said that the people they met on that road might be the people they were waiting for all their lives.

Channel twists and turns, potholes on the road surface, wall off covered with moss. In the middle of the aisle, Three Fish meets the man in the black shirt. The passage was narrow and they stood opposite each other. It was a long time before the man in the black shirt said two words: "Hello!"

A year later, Three Fish and the man in the black shirt will get married. While the bride went to the bathroom, the groom said to West wood: "Thank you cousin." West wood place wave hand, SAY: "DON'T BETRAY, GIVE LITERARY AND ARTISTIC female youth blind date REALLY not easy, tired old Niang."


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