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It is enough to see through his heart and save a relationship in one day.

by ditreh loietwa 2 months ago in breakups
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Break up

If your answer is no, then, girl, how can you save your relationship? if you don't know anything, even if you succeed, are you sure you won't make the same mistake again and again? do you want to save your relationship again and again?

This article will teach you how to recover your feelings quickly.

The reasons for breaking up are different, and what you do after the breakup is also different.

Generally speaking, the psychological change process of a man after a breakup can be divided into the following stages:

1. Sad

Breaking up is a matter for two people, watching their painstaking feelings come to an end, in any case, men will be a little sad at this time.

2. Relaxation

You also broke up for a while, with the passage of time, his wound gradually began to heal, and finally began to try to accept a person's loneliness.

3. Expectation

After the breakup, you are no longer in touch, you seem to live in two different worlds, each other no longer appear in each other's life, at this time he will also look forward to the emergence of a new relationship.

4. Relief

As time goes by, he has completely put you down, and when he mentions you again, he can finally be painless.

Just after the breakup, you will inevitably have some resistance to your ex. At this time, you must not rush to contact him. You want to be under his nose every day, and do not make a few phone calls a day. This time will only deepen his resistance to you. Now that you have figured out his psychology, what you need to do is to stabilize your mindset and never lose your reason and ideas, otherwise you will only get half the result with twice the effort.

You need to have your own ideas, and everything should be done with steps that you have planned in advance, so that you can adjust in time if you get off track.

At a certain time, if you still want to save this relationship, you should find out where the "root" of your breakup is, and solve it through communication. Don't think about communication so easily. It is different from chatting. Although chatting and communication are words, the essential difference is whether they are purposeful or not.

When you re-establish a relationship, you can timely express the fact that you have admitted the breakup, reduce the man's pressure and guard against you, and then show a few words about your wonderful life after the breakup. Then end the conversation gentlemanly and politely, and make an appointment for the next chat.

You were together at first because you were attracted to each other, and when you broke up, maybe it was because you had no place to attract him, or because of your appearance, he chose to break up when he met someone who was more beautiful than you. Maybe your real character made him feel repellent. When you get it back, you have to make the man realize that you are valuable and can meet his emotional needs. Can give him the life he wants, then the man will naturally reconsider whether the decision to break up is right or not. Your chances of success in recovery will be greatly improved.

If you don't know where to build attraction, what attraction to build. So you need to know that this varies from person to person, and every man wants something different. You need to really understand a man's thoughts, meet his emotional needs, and find the missing part of the value in the relationship.

The recovery of feelings is not so easy, but it is not difficult to say that it is difficult. As long as you still have feelings between you, you feel that this relationship is what you need, and the real you can also meet his needs for feelings. Then go and boldly save it. Happiness is in your own hands.


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