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Is Your Relationship Karmic, Soulmate, or Twin Flame?

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 27 days ago in dating

Telltale signs to help identify your relationship

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Have you found your soulmate? Or are you stuck in a karmic relationship? The soul chooses varying relationships to help with growth, learning, evolving. No relationship is “bad” as far as the soul is concerned. While we may all want to find “the one” the truth is, even karmic relationships can feel like the one at the time because we need to learn the lessons they bring us.

In my work as an intuitive reader, I started noticing a pattern, romantic relationships fall into certain categories. Here are the three most common categories I see:

Karmic- These relationships can feel very intense. The attraction will usually be strong, because of that it can really feel like it is a soulmate or twin union. This is why it’s so important to go slow when you are first together with someone. Get to know them before investing yourself emotionally.

The thing that makes karmic relationships different is that they are usually not very healthy, this can range from minor things like having a lot of differences, not being on the same page, or simply being a bad match with someone. To something more severe like controlling and manipulative behavior.

Uncertainty is characteristic of a karmic union.

This type of union will have lots of highs and lows, you will never quite know where you stand. Internally you will often feel very confused, should I stay or go? Is this a good relationship like it feels sometimes, or a bad one?

Karmic unions occur because there is some past karmic business from a different lifetime that you two are meant to heal. Karma is essentially memories of events that took place in different lifetimes. There is unfinished business that usually has to do with healing. It might be something like in the past, this person controlled you, so in this lifetime you are meant to learn the lesson of freedom, in order for you to do what you couldn’t in that lifetime, leave.

Karmic relationships can last a long time if we aren’t learning the lessons we are meant to, so if you believe you may be in one, take some time reflecting on what the union has taught you, what you have learned from it. Likely once you let that lesson click, you will be ready to move on.

Soulmate- This relationship is much more harmonious than a karmic one. You will feel a sense of familiarity, shared purpose, and feel as if you’ve come home. Soulmates are more common than twin flames and most people will end up with a soulmate over a twin. They are a calmer union than twin flames typically so that’s not a bad thing.

Harmony is characteristic of a soulmate union.

Soulmates unions have an ease about them, even in the beginning it’s like you’ve been together for lifetimes, and you likely have. Soulmates share a bond through many lifetimes. Their work together will usually involve partnership, family, support, communication. There can be healing involved depending on what happened in past lifetimes as well. The typical soul goals for the union will be to build on the positive connections you have had in the past.

Soulmates are often life partners, once you meet them you settle in for a long while. Not everyone stays with their soulmate for good, you might feel things have changed and you need to move on, if you do chances are the union ends well and you can still be friends afterward.

The union isn’t perfect, but it is usually one that feels close enough to keep both parties happy and content for a long time.

Twin Flame- These relationships are magical. They have the strong familiarity and coming home feeling that a soulmate has only stronger. If you have been with a soulmate before you will notice just how different, both offer a very strong bond but the twin union takes it to a new level.

Not so much intense as a karmic relationship, the twin flame union will feel extraordinary, but in a very good way. A karmic relationship leaves you spinning, confused, the highs are very high so you think it might be a twin, but the lows go way too low for it to be so. Twins don’t do the sharp up and down highs and lows patterns. There is more stability, more love. There are highs but they are more normalized and after time what develops is a very strong loving bond.

Deep, heart-opening love is characteristic of the twin flame union.

The twin union can bring in higher wisdom due to the heart connection. The bond will develop more over time, and both parties should be elevated by the union.

Twin flames are rare, we usually don’t incarnate together with our twin. Not all twins are romantic either, but when we do decide to incarnate with a romantic twin flame, it will be life-altering.

There you have it karmic, soulmate, and twin flame unions. No matter where you are on your love path, know that with a little reflection, and focusing on your heart, you can get guidance on what to do. You might need to leave a karmic union, or trust more in a soulmate union. Or maybe you have just met your twin flame and aren’t sure what to think! They can have that effect!

Your heart connects you with your soul and your guides, by connecting, getting quiet, and allowing for truth to enter, you will know what to do.

Don’t forget to love yourself, before we can attract a soulmate or twin flame union there should be ample self-love so that you can come to the union authentically. In fact, if self-love is often ignored, we end up with a pattern of karmic unions. So be sure to reflect and focus on your needs, and love yourself!


Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Writer, spiritual development teacher and travel enthusiast. Enjoying the journey!

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Jocelyn Joy Thomas
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