Is he the one? - Part One

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From day one, I did feel mezmerized.

Is he the one? - Part One

Here I was sitting in the grass, minding my own business,

feelings and thoughts going threw me. I came to a point in my life where I was feeling comfortable and happy with myself. I knew what I wanted since I decided to focus on positive things, words are powerful and so are thoughts. I decided to focus on knowing I will achieve what I desire in a man. The perfect man does exist. What do I mean, you may ask yourself, right? Well let me explain quick, he might not be perfect in every aspect but in his flaws, he knows how to bring the right character out. He is the mirror of me, I believe I will attract alike if I feel I am perfect as I am.

Coming back to me sitting in the grass on a beautiful sunny day, he comes over. this tall, handsome, alpha man. You could sense his warm aura.

I slowly looked at every part of his features, his smile felt like it was filled with mercy, his eyes looked like it was filled with love.

He reached out his right hand to me as he kneeled facing me and I reached mine back, he kept holding on to my hand as he started saying;

Bilal; - Hi my name is Bilal, I hope you don't find me crazy saying this out of the blue, but if it didn't feel right I would never do it, is not part of my character and when you do give me the chance to show it to you, you will understand. I just wanted to ask you, will you marry me? and give me the chance and the time to make you answer me yes when YOU are ready?

Before I tell you my reply I had to mention what was going through me, it felt like an explosion of feelings and thoughts going threw me. I was shocked, impressed, happy, flattered, crazy, unreal in a beautiful way. In a way, I have wished for it and it was so surreal to have it happen to you.

Me;- Hi my name is Faith, - wow that is definitely a first. I don't know where to start but let me start with yes I will give you the chance.

Bilal;- May I sit next to you, now that we have broken the ice.

Me;- I smiled and said, yes, indeed you did.

And we both laughed. It was crazy I tell you. Here was this confident man approaching me with a serious question, as astonishing as the situation seems like, I was loving it. We got to know each other. Like I mentioned earlier I was at a point in my life I knew what I wanted in a man. I had my list to tick off.

Reason being, I have left 10-year of marriage life. It was very demanding from one side. I was blessed with 3 adorable children.

The ex is a great father, I am not going to deny him that. I haven't become a bitter ex-wife, not that it ever appealed to me. I knew I did my part and I know the decision I made was the right one for me. We do co-parent wonderfully.

Let go back to Bilal and I.

Bilal;- So what brings you out here today?

Me;- My ex took the kids on holiday for 2 weeks, and its the first time I'm actually, free and then I laughed as I looked at him and saw he started to laugh too.

Bilal;- Oh wow, I completely understand what you mean.

Me;- How do you mean? curiously.

Bilal;- I'm a single father of 3, 2 boys and a girl.

Me;- Smilingly said ok I guess you do. How old are they?

Bilal;- The oldest boy is 8, then it's my princess 6 and my little prince 2.

Me;- Okey, so how long have you been single?

Bilal;- Straight after our last one came, we got a divorce. The marriage was doomed to end anyways. I never wanted a divorce but it felt like it was a one-sided relationship. Nothing was ever good. It was a lot of insecurities and jealousy. I tried really to understand her in every way. I didn't want to give up so easily. Wow sorry, I diving in here with everything, don't get me wrong it feels so right, I don't want to stop. But like I said earlier, I want time with you.

Me;- In my head, I don't know what just happened, I couldn't agree with him more I didn't want him to stop. Did he had to be modest and pause,

I felt like he was talking about my marriage life he was watching it, LIVE. But I had to act cool and get of my head and answer the man. So I said No really it's okay, I don't mind as long as you don't.

Bilal;- Like I said it felt so right, but let us get back to me what about you?

Me;- Again in my head, he is not self-absorbed, consideration is noted. Got off my head, and replied, Well I have also 3 and amazingly just the same gender and age, I don't know what to say to that, destiny?

Bilal;- Absolutely destiny, I believe in it, I live for it and also signs.

Me;- Me too, how crazy is this, okay interesting. I got divorced 1 year ago.

Bilal;- Okay, how was it?

Me;- It was very challenging I was married for 10 years. It was rocky for a long time. I understand when you said that you don't believe in divorce, so did I. I mean I still do. So you do your best to make it happened so you don't get easily divorced. I was never the one to threaten with divorce when I got made. Only time I said and I meant it I followed it thru and it was the best thing I have done for myself.

To be continued


Ayan Ali Dualeh
Ayan Ali Dualeh
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