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Is first love a small thing? It's not.

by Denise 10 days ago in love
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The luckiest thing in life is that the person you secretly love is secretly in love with you

I can't remember how many times I've seen A Little Thing Called Love, but I can't help feeling pantothenic acid in the first hour and 36 minutes of the movie.

She loved him for three years, and finally saved enough courage to confess to him in person on the day of graduation, but found that he had become the boyfriend of other girls. She was at a loss to escape, but a foot fell into the pool, "plop," is the sound of her heart.

"Ugly duckling" small water liked to go up high school long A bright. He is handsome and good at football, so he is popular with many girls in school. The small water that looks flat, the achievement is flat thinks he is not the dish that is senior certainly, can turn this like into unrequited only so.

She would pretend to have to go to the bathroom in class to pass his classroom; She started wearing braces and trying to be white and pretty; She signed up for dance clubs, acted in plays, became a marching band director, and tried to advance her studies. Ryo is like the inspiration in Xiaoshui's life, which makes her willing to do anything that can make her better.

In 2003, I fell in love with a boy in my class. He often talks to me between classes, borrows stationery from me, and writes and draws in my English book. Other students said he liked me, and I thought he liked me. I began to pay attention to my dress, to walk his way home from school, to eat his favorite want snow cake.

The luckiest thing in life is that the person you secretly love is secretly in love with you.

Small water does not know so she secretly loves a bright upperclassman who also loves her all the time actually, the chocolate that he sends her receives all the time in the refrigerator loathe to eat; He snuck her an apple and a snuck bite; Like photography, although he said to other girls that he only shot the scene does not shoot people, but he took small water photos can fill a whole album. Be in small water so "ugly duckling" when, A bright elder had liked her, had had however because of with good brother "cannot like go up the same schoolgirl" the agreement chooses to yield finally.

But I wasn't as lucky as Xiao Shui. The guy I had a crush on suddenly stopped talking to me one day. On the opening day of the second year of junior high school, he did not show up at school and later learned from other students that he had transferred to another school. At the age of 12 or 13, I didn't dare to say that I liked him. No one knew how lost I felt at that time, and no one knew that I would decide to transfer schools because I wanted to see him.

I came to his school as I wished. We met on the playground, in the corridor, and even one day he stood at the door of my class. I want to come forward to say hello, more want to hear him say at the beginning the reason for ignoring me, but finally failed to have the courage.

Love a person, even if you know the other party is impossible, but still want to catch one in ten thousand possible to let him pay attention to yourself.

In the boring transfer time, hard study let me finally get the first grade. In the school commendation meeting, I stood under the national flag to accept the praise from the leaders. This is the first time I have achieved such excellent results since I was a student. I feel a small sense of accomplishment, but still miss him -- did he hear my name? Did he see me?

I didn't have a word with him until I graduated from junior high school. Then came the high school entrance examination, and I was successfully admitted to a local high school with a good score. However, he did not choose to continue his study after graduation from the third grade. I never saw him again, but I still missed him. With this miss, senior three is about to graduate one afternoon, I finally plucked up the courage to dial the rotten number in the heart of six years. On the first day that year, the head teacher asked each student to write down his family contact information on the form, with my eye disease and quick hand, down his telephone.

I thought after all these years, the chances of getting through were slim, but it happened to be him who answered. For a moment, my throat became a little hoarse. "Remember me? "Why did you suddenly ignore me?" "I always liked you!" In a flash, I finally said everything I had been trying to tell him for so long, but I was too nervous to hear a word he said. Sometimes I try to remember what he said that day, but I can't. It doesn't matter to me anymore. Now I understand, in fact, those years I was not looking for an answer that he suddenly ignored me, I want to do more, is to like his things to bravely tell him.

In the movie, Xiaoshui goes to the United States to study after a failed confession. Nine years later, she returned from the United States to Thailand, where she was already a well-known fashion designer and about to appear on a talk show. Ryo, a soccer superstar turned photographer, brought flowers to meet her.

After years of precipitation, although the two goodbyes have become mature adults, still in front of each other panic Zhang, like the appearance of a teenager. "Are you married, Senior?" "I've been waiting for her to come back from America!" The movie BGM sounded, little water happy tears, I hid in bed again SOB. Finally, wait for you, fortunately, I didn't give up, this is the best outcome of mutual love.

Now we are in an era of instant love, some people meet on the confession, confession of failure to leave; Someone today returns you Nong I nong, tomorrow on WeChat break up. Consciously hurt men and women, either Shout no longer believe in love or head into the crowd to find the next target. So the happy ending of the film also attracted some netizens to ridicule, they said that such an ending is too fairy tale, and is out of touch with the reality of the failure.

Schopenhauer said, there are two ways to relieve pain, one art, and the other death. So Jay Chou will miss the first love in the "Dandelion pact"; Jia Ling turned her guilt and yearning for her mother into Hello, Li Huanying. It is said that the Small Matter of First Love is also based on a true story, but in reality, the real man waited 17 years for the female protagonist, who got married and had a child after returning to Thailand from the US. Sorry? Sorry to hear that.

Since the reality is not complete, why should the story break? There are so many things we can't do anything about in our lives that we are constantly looking for an ideal place where we can place our true feelings. We try to arrange another self in the world in words, in music, in movies, and in television works, who is doing things for us that we cannot do, realizing our unfinished dreams.

Then I went to college and went to work in other cities after graduation. When I go back to my hometown for holidays, I occasionally hear his former classmates and me talk about him. It is said that he has been married, and it is said that he has a child. They talked and I listened. The change that comes with maturity is that you no longer have to search for the truth about everything as you did when you were a teenager. But I have to admit, it was like something touched me at the mention of his name.

Is first love a small thing? If so, why are you willing to be stuck in a long memory when you think about it? Some people say that the purpose of first love is to make us grow up, teach us love lessons, and make us a better version of ourselves until you meet the next shining person, who will spend the rest of your life with you.

Yeah! And then we'll probably get married to the one with the glitter, and then we'll live a happy, uneventful life. But occasionally datalogger a familiar street heard a song not listened to for a long time, and the fragmentary memories of the first love in my mind just let it flow. Later, I will miss the brave to follow him and tell him what I like.

Is first love a small thing? It's not.


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  • Denise (Author)4 days ago

    The luckiest thing in life is that the person you secretly love is secretly in love with you

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