Intense Night

The night I almost got arrested

Intense Night
I couldn't believe what happened that night

Back in 2015, after I got the news about Sofia and Ellen, I spent some time with Peter at Wendy's to pick up some food for our friends and I told him about my feelings for Sofia, he told me his feelings for her too. We went back to our mutual friend's place but I didn't feel like being around everyone since I was devastated.

One of my friends, who we'll call Bruce, offered to drive me home because he wasn't feeling too good either since his ex had brought a guy over, who I also knew but I hadn't seen him since I was 19, and they were all over each other in front of Bruce and he was trying his best to not snap so we were getting each other out of sticky situations.

We went to the store to put gas in his car and I think I went in to buy some sour patch kids and an Arizona, I forgot. Either way, I went in to get something sweet. After Bruce put gas in his car, we were ready to head back home (we were living in the same city) so we were on the road talking about the shit that we were facing like the fact that it felt like no one cared how I felt about the news with Sofia and Ellen along with how no one was trying to comfort me and how he was trying to get back with his ex but she was always leading him on and she was hooking up with other guys or something like that.

We ended up taking the back roads to get home because it was the weekend and the police are practically crawling all over the main roads so they tend to look for almost any reason to pull someone over. Unfortunately, we couldn't catch a break that night because we ended up driving past a cop car and I already knew this would happen, the lights started flashing and Bruce was just getting more frustrated, so was I because it was my first time getting pulled over and it was late at night so I was tired plus I'm still stressed out over Sofia and Ellen so this happening wasn't helping.

The policeman approached the car, he flashed his light at us and asked Bruce for the usual. License and registration. Then, things got intense, for me at least. Bruce said that he had a license but it was expired or he didn't have it at the moment, either way, I got mad so the policeman shines the light at me and asks me if I have a license but I said I didn't so he said that we had to go to the side of the road and call someone so they can pick us up. We did that and Bruce tried to call his dad but his dad wasn't coming, my family was already asleep so I knew they weren't coming unless it was something major like I was in danger, at the hospital or something.

Bruce said screw it because we weren't sitting at the side of the road in a car in the middle of the night just to wait for nothing so he started to drive. I got paranoid and started looking around for a cop car because I thought they were going to pull us over again. As soon as we got into town where there was more light, I had Bruce drop me off at the nearest gas station and I walked home from there. I got home at about 1 AM and had to calm down while I was getting settled.

My mom got out of bed to see who came home, I showed myself even though the house was dark but she knew my voice so I told her that I was sorry I was late because I got pulled over and I got dropped off at a Chevron, then I walked from there. She was just glad that I was home and I couldn't blame her because at the time, I was worried about getting shot since Ferguson and everything like that was going on. I was freaked out for a bit before I went to sleep and that was the night I had.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II
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