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Inspirational Stories of celebrities

by murp9085 2 months ago in celebrities
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An inspirational story may give us good enlightenment, let us benefit a lot, encounter setbacks to give up is a complete failure, so will never succeed

1. Celebrity Inspirational Stories: Newton

Newton was very attentive in his studies.

Once, a friend invited him to dinner. During the dinner, he remembered that he had a bottle of good wine at home, so he told his friend to wait and go home to get the wine. The friend waited and waited, but Newton did not come back, so he went to see what was going on. The original Newton on the way home, think of an experiment, after getting home, he plunged into the laboratory, do the experiment, take the wine to entertain friends' things forgotten.

Another time, he was hungry, boiled eggs to eat, but while thinking about the problem, while putting the eggs into the pot, such as the problem solved, want to eat eggs, opened the lid of the pot, picked up was their own pocket watch.

2. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Sun Jing

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Sun Jing, a statesman. When he was young, he was studious, often closed his door and kept reading by himself. Reading from morning to night every day is often forgetting to eat and sleep. Reading for a long time, tired, but also do not rest. After a long time, I was so tired that I fell asleep. He was afraid of affecting his study, so he came up with a special method. In ancient times, men had long hair. He found a rope, one end firmly tied to the beam. When he is tired of reading, he dozes off. Once his head is low, the rope will hold his hair, which will pull the scalp pain, immediately awake, and continue to study.

3. Inspirational Stories of celebrities: Su Qin

Su Qin was a native of Luoyang. Luoyang was the capital of the Emperor of Zhou. He wanted to make a difference, once asked to see the king of Zhou, but there was no way to introduce him. In anger, he sold his property and went to another country to find a way out. But he ran around for several years, but did not become an official. Then my money ran out and my clothes were worn out. I had to go home.

The family saw him in a miserable way in his sandals and in his ragged burden. His parents gave him a good scolding; His wife sat on her loom, knitting, without even looking at him; He begged his sister-in-law to cook for him to eat, sister-in-law ignored him turned away. Su Qin was greatly stimulated and determined to fight for his breath. From then on, he went on reading and studying the art of war until midnight every day. Sometimes, when he was tired and sleepy after reading at midnight, he would prick his thigh with an awl. Although it hurt very much, his spirit would come. He would go on reading. In this way, with more than a year's work, his knowledge is much richer than before.

4. Inspirational celebrity Stories: Ouyang Xiu

In his later years, Ouyang Xiu revised every day all the words he had written in his life. His wife told him not to change it, saying: Why torture yourself so? Are you afraid of being scolded by the teacher? Ouyang Xiu said with a smile: not afraid of Sir Scold, but afraid of posterity laugh.

5. Inspirational Stories of celebrities: Sima Guang

Sima Guang of the Song Dynasty was born in an official family. Since childhood wit, diligent and studious. Just over 20 years old was admitted to the Jinshi. He was an honest official. He often used his spare time to read books and determined to write a Tongzhi as a reference for people. In order to grasp the time to read, he specially made a log pillow. The pillow's wonderful use is that when the body is turned over, it will roll, and people can wake up, so they can continue to study knowledge, so it is called "police pillow". Whenever Sima Guang needs to rest, then pillow "police pillow", so the result of learning, finally achieved success, become a learned man.

6. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Confucius

Books in the Spring and Autumn Period were mainly written on bamboo slips with dozens of characters or eight or nine characters. A book should be made of many bamboo slips, which are arranged and connected by strong ropes and other things to make the book easy to read. Usually, with silk thread woven together called "silk woven", with hemp rope woven together called "rope woven", with cooked cowhide rope woven together called "Wei woven", among which cooked cowhide rope is the strongest. A book as thick as Zhouyi is, of course, made up of many bamboo slips woven together by ropes of cooked cowhine.

Confucius "in his old age," spent a lot of energy, repeatedly read the "Zhouyi" all many times, and notes a lot of content, I do not know how many times to open and roll back to read. It is generally believed that Confucius wore out the cowhid belt with the bamboo slips several times, and had to replace them with new ones for reuse. This is a metaphor for studying hard.

Even after reading so much, Confucius said, "If I had lived a few more years, I would have mastered the text and quality of Zhouyi."

7. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Li Bai

Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, did not like reading when he was young. One day, when the teacher was not in the room, he slipped out to play. He came to the foot of the river and saw an old woman grinding an iron pestle on a stone. Li Bai very FEEL suspicious, come forward to ask: "OLD woman, you grind iron pestle to do what?" The old woman said, "I am sharpening a needle." Li Bai was surprised and asked, "Oh! The iron pestle is so thick, how can it be ground into a needle?" The old woman said with a smile: "As long as you grind the iron pestle every day, it can be more and more fine, but also afraid of grinding needle?" After hearing this, Li Bai thought of himself and felt ashamed. He turned around and ran back to the library. From then on, he kept in mind the truth that "as long as kung fu is deep, the iron pestle is ground into a needle", and began to read, and finally became a great poet, and was called "the poet".

8. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Mozart

Mozart is widely regarded as a child prodigy of music. He showed his extraordinary talent and talent in music very early on. From Mozart's childhood, you can see a child's attitude towards music, the persistent pursuit of artistic career. Although not everyone is a genius, but for the majority of children, "child prodigy Mozart" is absolutely legendary, and worth learning a good example.

As a child, Mozart used to go to the piano, press the keys, listen, and try to play the music he had heard before. Mozart's father and a friend once came home together and found the four-year-old Mozart sitting at his desk writing. When his father asked him what he was doing, Mozart said he was writing a piano concerto.

The father took the staff paper and looked at it. Tears came out of his eyes. He said to his friend, "Look, what he wrote is correct and good!" Talent plus hard work and heart, this is the child prodigy Mozart!

9. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Mr. Inamori

Matsushita had just fallen into trouble in his career, and he was walking helplessly. The conversation of a brother and sister caught his attention.

My sister was ironing, and my brother wanted to read, but he couldn't turn on the light because there was only one plug. Will you turn on the light quickly so that I can read?" "Well, well, soon enough." 'It's been thirty minutes.' Matsushita suddenly think: only a wire, really too inconvenient, why don't you think of a plug can be used? He studied the problem carefully and soon came up with the construction of the dual-purpose plug.

After the test products came out, they were sold out quickly, and more and more people ordered them, simply exceeding supply. Panasonic's business was also on track from then on, and profits soared. Any problem is a great opportunity for creativity.

10. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Hans Christian Andersen

There was once a poor boy whose father was a shoemaker. After the death of his father, his mother had to take him to another marriage in order to live. One day, he had an opportunity to see the prince. He was full of hope and sang a song before the prince. Read the play. After the performance, the prince asked him what reward he would like to ask for. The poor boy boldly demanded, "I want to write poetry plays and act at the Royal Theatre." The King's son looked the boy over from head to foot, and said to him, "To be able to recite plays is not to be able to write them. That is not the same thing. I advise you to learn a useful trade." But when he got home, he broke his piggy bank, said goodbye to his mother and his stepfather, who never cared about him, and left to pursue his dreams. At this time, he was only 14 years old, but he believed that as long as he was willing to work hard, the name of Andersen will be handed down through the ages.

When he arrived in Copenhagen, he rang doorbells from house to house, almost all the doorbells of the dignitaries, but no one recognized him, and he walked down the street in rags, but still did not reduce his enthusiasm.

Finally, in 1835, he published fairy tales that caught the eyes of children and opened a new page for Hans Christian Andersen. His fairy tales were translated into many languages, and no other book, except the Bible, could compare with them. It had been 16 years since he had left home.

Do you have an ideal? How do you want to make your dream come true? The process of persistent efforts may be difficult and full of pain, but as long as we do not give up hope, we will eventually get sweet fruits. Andersen said, "As long as you are a swan's egg, it doesn't matter if you were hatched in a duck pen."

11. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Hillary Clinton

Smart mouth? Brave and wise? Aggressive? People always seem to have mixed opinions about Hillary Clinton, but one thing you can't deny is that she is definitely the world's leading female politician. Hillary Clinton is no less than her husband Clinton, she not only from a good performance, outstanding, but also showed strong leadership and social skills.

Hillary Clinton was born into a middle-class family in Chicago. When she was 4 years old, an incident developed little Hillary's strong will and decisiveness. At that time, there was a bully little girl in the community always bullied Hilary. Hilary was very afraid and tearfully complained to her mother. Her mother told Hillary that if she was bullied, she must fight back without fear. That's exactly what Hillary did. After that, Hillary's natural leadership skills became apparent, and she soon gathered a large group of children around her.

12. Celebrity Inspirational Stories: David Beckham

Has anyone counted how many people have looked at Beckham on the pitch? Every time the world star appeared on the court, countless screams rang out and camera shutters flashed. Beckham started playing football at the age of three, and although he still played more than he practiced, his father took pains to train him, and he gradually developed a love of the game.

In primary school, David and his father even made a regular 'bet' that he would earn 50p each time he hit the post from the edge of the penalty area without running for a shot. Beckham was happy to always win pocket money until he became an adult and realized what his father had done for him.

13. Inspirational Celebrity Stories: Nelson Mandela

Mr. Mandela, South Africa's first black president, won worldwide support and plaudits for his decades-long struggle against apartheid. As a result, some say, Mandela has become a symbol of The Times. Mr. Mandela's spirit of defiance, his quest for justice and ideals began in childhood.

Mandela was born in a small village and his father died when he was nine years old. As a child, Mandela often witnessed the local chief in the process of settling tribal disputes by the white government's laws, he gradually germinated the ideal of seeking justice and equality. As he grew older, he repeatedly led fellow students in protests against the university's white laws, and was even expelled for leading the student movement. In one "struggle" after another, Mandela gradually set his mind to seek true justice for every black person in South Africa.

14. Inspirational Celebrity Stories by Carly Fiorina

Hewlett-packard's former female chief Carly. Fiorina was once one of the brightest sights in male-dominated Silicon Valley. Canny and tenacious, Kari has twice topped the list of fortune's "most authoritative female entrepreneurs", attracting the world's attention. Kari was influenced by her mother from an early age, and she learned from her mother to be strong, knowledgeable and to love life, which she benefited throughout her life.

Carly was born in Texas to a family of European ancestry. His father was a federal judge, and his mother was an artist. In the heart of childhood Carly, her mother has always been her most revered person. Mother LOVES life, TEACH KARI the truth of being a man, make KARI's potential to get play. During her childhood, Kari traveled with her parents to many countries, which not only opened her eyes, but also cultivated the breadth and depth of her thinking, which influenced her to become a person with courage, courage, confidence and love of life.


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