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In the past 2 years, the rural divorce more and more people, farmers also have farmers' difficulties, listen to farmers how to say

by Villa 2 months ago in divorce
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More and more people are getting divorced in rural areas

In the past 2 years, the rural divorce more and more people, farmers also have farmers' difficulties, listen to farmers how to say
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Today a cousin of my family divorced, and the two went their separate ways despite their 2 children, the marriage lasted only 6 years, their eldest daughter is only 5 years old, and the youngest son is less than 1 year old. The marriage had a crisis very early on, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, husband and wife, the relationship between life, and the relationship between the aunt and sister-in-law are not very well handled, and finally did not escape the fate of divorce, just suffering two still underage children.

In fact, in recent years, rural divorce is really common, and the divorce rate in rural areas is also rising, while the 80s and 90s account for nearly 70% of rural divorce, and divorce is also from the previous "dishonorable" into a common thing. A lot of young couples in a very short time of marriage due to various reasons caused by the marriage came to an end, and the occurrence of these things must be mixed with some factors of rural areas, but also its inevitable reasons.

[Rural matchmaking marriage, mutual lack of understanding and friction]

And a lot of life in the city free love is different, most marriages in rural areas are through matchmaking, for example, many rural young men and women out of the New Year home, are bound to face the family interrogation, "find someone, when to get married ah" and so on, which invariably add a lot of pressure and worry to many rural young men and women This inevitably adds a lot of pressure and worry to many young men and women in rural areas. Many people will face countless blind dates after returning home for the New Year. And these rural men and women under the pressure of parents, many will choose to get married in a very short period, due to the short acquaintance time, the lack of understanding, and friction between each other, there are differences in lifestyle, if the two can not be well tolerated, it is easy to go to the road to divorce.

[Gender imbalance, the stronger position of women in marriage]

Due to the influence of China's traditional thinking, the ratio of men to women is further imbalanced, according to incomplete statistics, there are now nearly 30 million more men than women in China, and in the next 20 years, this ratio will further increase. The fact that there are more men than women also causes women to have a greater say in marriage. This has caused the bride price in rural areas to increase and the requirements for a marriage to become higher and higher, and these will lay hidden dangers for later married life. Many rural families go into debt to get a daughter-in-law, and the debt carried by the family after marriage can easily become a trigger for divorce.

[Men go out to work, and men and women are estranged from each other]

In recent years, due to the decline in the price of agricultural products, the small amount of arable land per capita in China, and the increasing cost of living in rural areas, many young men in rural areas choose to go out to work, while women tend to stay in rural areas for family reasons, and many women stay in rural areas to take care of children, the elderly, and families. Many rural couples do not see each other several times a year, plus the pressure that each man and woman bear cannot share with the other, often resulting in the estrangement of the couple's feelings, and may even lead to cheating and other things happen, and ultimately towards the failure of the marriage.

The two generations living together, the generation gap leads to marital problems]

A very common phenomenon in rural areas now is that many young people are also living with their parents, parents to help look after the children. But this also has a problem is that the age and concept of the two generations due to the increase in problems, such as different concepts of education for children, different concepts of consumption, different living habits, etc., easy to cause conflicts between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and these conflicts once intensified will lead to an irreconcilable situation, and ultimately lead to the failure of the marriage.

Rural divorce rate the already facing a lot of problems in rural areas bringing a lot of negative impacts, many divorced male youths are difficult to find a daughter-in-law, which will also cause many families to return to poverty again, will cause many rural children's family incomplete, affecting the physical and mental health development of rural children and so on, so our whole society must take measures to curb the rise of rural divorce rate, to ensure the healthy and stable development of rural families.

First, advocate the correct concept of marriage, enhance the concept of marriage and family; family is the harbor of everyone's heart and body home, advocate mutual respect, respect for the elderly, love for the young, equality and civilized family concept is of paramount importance, change the family concept gradually missing in recent years. It is also very important to enhance the sense of responsibility of both men and women and the importance they attach to marriage.

Second, change the divorce process, increase the divorce reflection period; which has now begun in some places on a trial basis, change the previous divorce is only a single exchange of certificates process, increase the divorce of both sides of the reflection period, to give men and women enough time to think and calm time. Often many divorces are impulsive, increasing the period of reflection for both spouses to save the marriage.


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