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by Sara Aulds about a month ago in humanity

Coffee. Couch. Cozy.

In the Corner
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Some might think this is a little cliche, however, when you have the blend of a comfy couch, a well brewed cup of coffee and the world at your finger tips you might find it comforting knowing that you can just relax and take every day with a grain of salt.

I just recently moved out of my parents' house and into an apartment with one of my best friends. Although there are many things I have brought with me that are from home, there's only one things that makes it feel like home. My couch.

It's nothing special. It was given to us from our neighbor before they moved. An old IKEA as-is with upholstery missing from the bottom half of the chaise and corners frayed from their dog (and even more so frayed from our cats), but it still does it's job. I love this couch. It’s beat up and old, but when I cozy with with a book in the corner of the chaise it feels like I’m sitting at my parents house.

It also brings back the memory of when my boyfriend and I started talking about dating; we sat on that same couch. For the 15 months we’ve been together we’ve cuddled on that couch countless times because, for one, it’s comfy, and for two I think it gives us both memories of the early stages of our relationship.

Fast forward to now, I live with one of my best friends. She has a dog. A very active little black thing that pees when she’s excited. Guess where I have found multiple new stains... you guessed it: the couch. I’ve gotten to the point where I will take care of this couch for as long as I can. It has character and it’s been through a lot. It’s sentimental. To some it may look like a worthless piece of crap, but I’ve built memories with it, on it, around it. Now it’s one of my favorite places for my kitty to curl up and take a nap. My boyfriend and I still cozy up next to each other with hot chocolate and Christmas movies.

Although I talk about this couch as if it sits on a high pedestal, it’s merely something with personal value and worth. Something most people would take for granted that I take as a blessing. I didn’t have to buy a new couch for the apartment; I could have, but didn’t. I chose the scent and stains of my old habitat, the scent and stains of my new one; do I regret it? Not a bit. This couch came from my 15 year home and will now venture with me on my own. I hope to see it used in my future home with a husband and kids who enjoy to read, sitting in the same corner of the ciuch I would or curling up for a good movie and a cup of hot chocolate filled to the brim just waiting to add one more stain to the upholstery.

In the future I see the little ones choosing to hide in the storage area under the chaise during our daily games if hide and seek or reaching for the cat who likes to take refuge behind the tall back of the ciuch so the little arms can’t reach. Where ever I go, I hope this ciuch goes with me. The more memories of the homes I’ve lived and the looking forward to the rest of the future. Who knew that one little thing (well, big thing in this case) could make one feel at ease and at home.

Thank you all so much for reading! I encourage everyone to find a thing or a spot that makes you feel at home no matter what it is. Having the feeling of comfort is something everyone should have whether it’s a ciuch like me or a book or a coffee shop or a cup of tea... find your home.

Tips are much appreciated! Thank y’all!

My couch - in its well loved state

Sara Aulds
Sara Aulds
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Sara Aulds

I am a photographer and videographer from Cincinnati, Ohio. I write as a hobby and capture reality as a profession.

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