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In love, once there are three feelings, please stop in time, it is not worth it

by zhaoyu 4 months ago in love
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Not all people are worth our heart out to love, not all love is worth holding on to. In love, we should have the courage to pursue the love we want, but at the same time, we should learn to cut our losses in time.

In love, once there are three feelings, please stop in time, it is not worth it
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Not all people are worth our hearts out to love, not all love is worth holding on to. In love, we should have the courage to pursue the love we want, but at the same time, we should learn to cut our losses in time.

Love is to give priority to my feelings, must not invest blindly, good to each other, which ignore the emotional experience of self, we choose and a person together, choose to enter a period of love, must be holding the manner which is better than a person, if two people together, is not a person, so it is better one's natural and unrestrained at ease.

Love also has good and bad, good love will help you become better, and will let you see the wider world, and bad love will take you down, and let your whole person become decadent.

When you meet a good lover, you become more confident, smile more often, and treat the world with a more youthful attitude. Otherwise, the whole person will be very sad, which can be seen by outsiders at a glance.

Do not love for the sake of love, in getting along at the same time, also need to pull out, appropriately ask yourself, this relationship is worth it?

If there are three feelings in a relationship that occurs frequently, cut your losses. It's not worth it.

If love him tired, then don't love

Love is the most important is to get along with comfortable, we are looking for a comfortable throughout his life, the relationship between two people together even if not to talk also won't feel embarrassed, you free and comfortable, close to each other, but also maintain enough self, with their own comfortable and acceptable way to love each other, it is a benign emotional state should have.

As soon as the words "tired" and "exhausted" appear in a relationship, you should be on your guard. This is not a good relationship and you need to make a choice.

Some people have been playing a role in love to please each other, do everything possible to please each other, to meet each other's preferences, not willing to give up self, the feelings of the other side too heavy, with compromise, sacrifice the way to feel close to each other, finally love to exhaust, not to get each other's treasure.

This is a risky way to get love, and it won't last. The other person doesn't care about your feelings from the beginning to the end. You're just playing a one-man show. Once you stop taking the initiative, the relationship is over.

Never stand a-tiptoe lover, you should get a response of love each other, you are close to him, he also in one thousand to arrive in your side, you care about each other's feelings, respect each other's ideas, you can show your most true appearance in front of the other, with the most comfortable way to get along with each other.

If you are in front of him, you need to lower your posture, you dare not expose your negative emotions, neither of you knows how to give in, often because of a little quarrel, if you love him too tired, then don't love him, leave.

An insecure relationship, don't worry about it

The sense of security is what every one of us longs for in love, especially for women, they tend to take the sense of security very seriously, because a person has given themselves enough sense of security to love each other, but also because of the lack of security, and choose to leave a person.

We both want to be in a secure relationship where you trust and respect each other's trust, where you are confident that your partner loves you as much as you do, and where you are never worried about gains or losses or sensitivity.

A lot of guys always blame a girl for being petty and jealous, but they rarely ask themselves why she is like this.

Who doesn't want to be graceful in love? Who would want to become a shrew who gets jealous and loses his temper at the drop of a hat? It's because you don't make her feel safe enough, which brings out her neurotic behavior.

Inside the movie I want to and how are you good meow in and bright Jiang the relationship, because of the lack of security made much neurotic behavior, she will follow him, in the home to install monitoring, call the female colleague, pretend to jump off a building to save him, this a series of actions are all originated from Jiang Liang Liang didn't cause the mishandling of heterosexual relationships.

If a person and the opposite sex are ambiguous, and can not give you a sense of security, the most should do is to stop loss in time, do not become their most hated appearance because of him.

If a close relationship, lets you become worried about gains and losses, obviously this is not a good relationship, timely withdrawal is the best way.

If you are becoming less confident and self-doubting, leave decisively

Zhu once said: If you look in the mirror and see that you become more and more beautiful as time goes by, you have found the right person.

It is easy to see whether a person loves the right person or not. If he loves the right person, his body will emit a light of confidence, his face is often filled with a smile, and his whole state will be sunny and open.

On the other hand, if you're in a relationship and you're in a state of low self-esteem and self-doubt, don't waste time. It's only going to cost you more in the long run.

There are always some people, who do not know where to come from confidence, on the side of the lover picky, often full of disgust, frequent cynicism, with words to hit each other, there will be a lot of people will care about each other's attitude, once the other person is full of disgust, will have self-doubt, feel that they are not good enough.

Habitually playing to please the party, once abandoned, will first go to their own body to find reasons, and not to measure this relationship, we all have to have such confidence, not you are not good, but he does not deserve it.

Once you're in a relationship where you're in a state of self-doubt and low self-esteem, you don't have to be introspective, you have to get rid of him. You'll find someone who appreciates you, praises you and loves you.

Two people together must be eager to have double happiness, eager to be better, if you are with a person, not a person happy, then it is better not to love.

In a relationship, if there are tired, worried about gains and losses, and self-doubt these three feelings, please believe that this is not a good relationship.

What you should do is not to humble please, not desperately to ask for a sense of security, but not self-denial, leave him, is the wise.


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