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Idea Explorations #1

by Z-Man 3 months ago in humor

Digging Into The Dirt


I have decided to begin here with a simple distinction that can cause turmoil to erupt at any given instance. It comes down to a critical concept that doesn't appear as such until it is too late: saving.

And I don't mean explicitly saving "money", as you may assume. I mean saving digital work, and that frequently, before an unseen event causes it to be lost forever.

One caveat here, of course, is that new gems may be created with the loss of older ones. But it is, in a way, a petty gain.

Some examples I can attest to:

- Making sure to save here on Vocal regularly by clicking "Save changes". Because, if you accidently hit the browser reset button, or CTRL+R, you're screwed. It doesn't auto-save that frequently. The same goes for any work that is done on other platforms where you type in a field on a web page. You should get in the habit of writing in Word, for example, and copying and pasting your work to your ideal platform. That way, you have a source of copyright, too, that is outside of the behemoth you are writing for.

- In the very real and very possible [rare] instance that there is a power outage, or hard-drive failure. You should ALWAYS have a backup. Even if it costs you a hard investment at the time. That is why I need to get another drive for my film project and files, outside of my PC storage, old 2TB external drive, and 5 TB drive I have my data on currently. There is no telling when ANY of those may fail. NO TELLING WHAT-SO-EVER.


Leaving a "seasonal" destination yesterday, I was listening to music on the drive home and I came to "Up There" from The Unnamable once again. I had spent a good chunk of the day with my Mother, Aunt, cousin, a few of my sisters, and my sister's kids. I was playing music loud, as usual, to share its inspiration--at least, doing so under the impression of belief I was in my own way--and wound up looking up at the clouds, waiting for the light to change.

In those clouds--which could express any meaning whatsoever to the beholder--I saw a desperate scene unfolding.

I saw a monster, and I saw my loved ones, and I saw myself, sacrificing myself for them.

I saw, through the coloring of my emotions as I amalgamated the depths of my visual, emotional, and imaginative sights, the experience of the kids being older and we each being at the end--at least, what would become my end.

I felt we each were the same age--that is, lacking any weight of age.

I hope you catch my meaning without further elaboration, but the bottom line was, my experience was tinged by a feeling of finality. That feeling of hitting that final wall, and I would lose them forever, and them, I.

I see things in a very sad way.

But there is beauty in seeing such things through the perception, that I cannot help myself.

I love them dearly.

Those beings so near to my heart. To the gateway of me.


Now I come to this idea, which is third on the list, but the last to be headlined. Of course, this idea came in the midst of the creative process for this post, naturally. I had, of course, encountered this idea before in my travels--like those others listed here, and those written about before by my hand, and those lost in memory and simple distractions.

Suffice it to say, my point being in this section is this: that context shifts at the slightest pull.

But in the end, I believe that we each perceive what we perceive, regardless of how distinctly words are crafted to convey universal expression. In the end, no definition stands against the might of momentary sight. At least, how we interface and take in ideas operates too slowly for effectiveness.


On a final note--at least, as far as the post is presently planned to be processed--I leave you with an idea that you may consider for yourself and elaborate on from within:

What good are ideas you do not apply in this shared "physical" world?




Hello all! I am an aspiring vocalist, filmmaker + writer. I hope you gain something personal + inspiring from my work here. You are also welcome to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Ad-Libbing With The Zman.

Thank You!



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